4 Benefits Of Henna For Beautiful Hair


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Benefits Of Henna

Henna, is very popularly known as ‘Mehandi’ and is a hair coloring product for many hundreds of years. It is also a symbol of modern fashion to women and men lately. There are many types of benefits for using henna to get a healthy hair and it is also one of the natural remedies for the hair growth.The problem to color your hair with chemical products is that there is a possibility of getting skin problems. Henna usage for coloring hair, has been indulged in from many decades, as ancients kings, as well as the queens, use to mix up with the most powerful herbs for coloring hair.Henna is one of the best natural herbal powder, may notbe useful for deep coloring, but can help in preventing dandruff as well as scalp itching. It can act as a very good conditioner for the hair and help in growing the hair. So here, are some benefits of henna for a perfecthair.

Benefits Of Henna For Healthy Hair

1Healthy hair

Healthy hair

Try to apply henna pack, every twice in a month to make your hair healthy, voluminous and glossy. It might help in bringing back the lost health of the hair and also repair the damaged locks. One of the benefits of henna is that it can restore the acid and the alkaline balance of your scalp without even affecting the natural balance of the hair. Steep the henna for a minimum of two hours in an amla-brewed water and applyon the hair including the scalp to get the best results.

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2Conditions hair

Conditions hair

Henna is one of the best conditioner for the hair. It can cover every hair shaft and can also build a protective layer, which can safeguard the hair strands from severe damage. Regular use and benefits of henna is that it can make the hair thick as well as strong by locking all the essential moisture in your hair. This hair pack can add natural shine as well as the gloss to the mane and make it two times more stronger.

3Covers greys

Covers greys

If you want colored hair locks without even affecting the health of the hair like any other chemical dyes, then henna is the answer. Another benefits of henna is thatit has no amino acid or chemicals, which can take off the moisture from the hair and leaves it dull and damaged. Boil some water with one teaspoon of black tea, two tablespoons of dried amla and two cloves. Then, strain the water and add the henna to make a thick paste. Leave the mixture overnight or even for at least of two hours and apply on the hair.

4Treats dandruff

Treats dandruff

Henna is also popularly known to cure dandruff. Soak at least of one to two teaspoons of fenugreek seeds overnight in some amount of water and grind them well in morning. Then, heat some mustard oil and add a few henna leaves. Let it cool down and add fenugreek paste in the oil. You can also strain the oil mixture and get rid of the coarse particle after this apply it on the scalp, an hour before the shampoo.

How to apply:

hennaApplication of henna can be a little difficult, but it is most effective and beneficial. Mix some yogurt, lemon, coffee (for color), hibiscus powder, amla powder, fenugreek powder with henna powder and hot water. Leave the mixture overnight. Divide your hair into four sections and apply it properly root by root. With a coloring brush. After three to four hours wash your hair with shampoo, and later conditioner.

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