10 Fashion Photography Tips For 2017


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Fashion Photography Tips

Well, who doesn’t love fashion photography? All the people I know do! But, do you know that you can make fashion photography as your career? First thing is that, fashion photography doesn’t need any qualification, though you must be really confident as well as must know about the tricks of fashion photography. Although if you have a photography degree, then do not worry, you have not wasted your four years. The degree can come to your advantage. So here, are some fashion photography tips for beginners for an amazing 2017.

Fashion Photography Tips For 2017

1Organize a lot of test shoots

Organize a lot of test shoots

One of the fashion photography tips, is that you must remember that your many first fashion shoots are all your “tests shoots”. Tests shoots are one of the great way to improve technique, test your creative ideas or the equipment, build up a styling team, that you can work well with and also develop a portfolio.

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2Creating a mood board

Creating a mood board

Another fashion photography tips, is to build a mood board.A mood board is one of the powerful tool to organize as well as direct the shoot. These mood boards consist of many inspirational images, that is collected from various different sources that can help the model as well as the styling team to understand the looks, poses, backgrounds or even the locations for the shoots. You can collect many images on the Pinterest and make a detailed mood board for your every shoot.

3Building the styling team

Building the styling team

Try to connect with many other creative professionals who are also trying to get into the fashion industry and are also willing to contribute their skills in exchange for the images. Makeup as well as hair styling schools is a very great place where you can meet talented as well as trained artists. You need a makeup artist and many makeup artists are proficient at basic hair styling. Eventually, you will start adding a hair stylist, nail technician, wardrobe stylist, photography assistant and many more.

4Cast a model

Cast a model

“New faces” or “development models” are some of the newest models, who are signed to an agency; these models seek the test shoots to build up their book and gain some experience. Some reputable agencies also typically ask to see samples of your work before they book any model. An agency can also request a meeting in person before the first shoot with the model. Before you approach an agency,you can shoot the most photogenic friends or even cast models directly through some industry websites to build your portfolio.

5Prepare each look

Prepare each look

Try to shoot at least one to three looks for a test. For every look you need to assemble the clothes and the accessories, inspired from the mood board. Try to seek out for local designers or even the boutiques that can allow to borrow clothing and the accessories for the shoot in exchange for a credit or even images. Fashion photography is basically a subset for commercial photography, the purpose is to sell the photographed items. Always be thoughtful about how to select as well as photograph these items. You may eventually work with a talented stylist who can handle the task, but as a photographer, you can still have a final word on your overall look.

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6At the shoot

At the shoot

Try to have your styling team to arrive early for the set up and also to discuss the plan of the day. Once when the model arrives, he or she is put in the station of hair and makeup. Which can take long hours from 30 minutes to an hour, so that this is a good time to set up the lights and the backdrop. Finally, as because fashion shoots are quite physically taxing, try to provide some healthy snacks and drinks at long shoots to keep everyone energized. Great music can also pump up the energy and keep the good mood flowing on the set.

7Back Up

Back Up

Always back up the files. Fashion shoots too have lots of downtime during the hair as well as makeup changes, so use the quiet time to review your work and back up the files.

8Review and edit

Review and edit

Each shoot can generate several hundreds to over thousands of photos. You must review your work and select the best images for the process. In fashion industry, quality counts over the quantity. You need two to three selected great images for every look, and you can probably spend many hours carefully selecting as well as processing the chosen images. Styling team as well as the model’s agency may also request some specific photos for the portfolios.

9Share the finished photos with the world

Share the finished photos with the world

In fashion photography, marketing is everything. Always share the best work on the website as well as the social media, and also remember to credit the team members. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are some of the popular social media website and photo sharing sites for all the fashion photographers. Marketing the portfolio can build the brand and earn recognition in this competitive industry.

10Rinse and repeat

Always try to evaluate the work with a very critical eye and do not be afraid to ask for the feedback from the team members.

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