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Types of Makeup Brushes

Did you like the makeup look done by your makeup artist? But you felt it is too expensive? Then learn the makeup skills to do your makeover. You can also do professional makeup using the right tools and shades in the right procedure.

Makeup is an art and the tools to make the art easy. We are talking about the makeup brushes that you can use to set your makeup look. There are many tools which can do specified and perfect work of makeup.

Women get everything they need to set their look. All they need is to have a classy and flawless appearance. Here, you have some makeup brushes and their uses. Now, you must give a try to use these brushes and love your own makeup. You need to work too much of your skills. All you need is the follow the instructions and let the makeup sit on your nicely.

Flawless Makeup With The Right Tools

1. Foundation Brush


Foundation is the base of the makeup. So, how can you not use a foundation brush to set the base for your makeup? You can spread the foundation evenly on your face using a foundation brush. The brush let the product into the skin properly and a smooth finishing. The bristles can be of two types for a foundation brush which is of natural and synthetic.

How to use?

1. Dip the brush into the foundation liquid.
2. Apply foundation on your face starting from the center of your face and then spread it out.
3. Let the brush buff on your face in circular motions.
4. Finish applying the foundation using the brush evenly.

2. Powder Brush


The powder brush is used to set the makeup using compact powder or loose powder. You can use the product to do the finishing of the makeup as well. Sometimes you may powder or press your face with excess makeup, then you can use this super skilled brush to remove the excess makeup.

The touch of the brush is light but effective with the perfectly shaped and smooth bristles.

How to use?

1. Dip or take a powder on to the powder brush.
2. Spread the powder on your face, move the brush to neatly spread it out.
3. If you see any excess powder on your face, then dust it off with the powder brush.
4. You will be able to get the proper finishing by dusting the powder with the brush.

3. Concealer Brush


Concealer is an amazing product that covers all your blemishes and scars on the face. If you were doing the concealing work with your fingertips, then you must once use the brush. The small-sized soft and firm bristles blend the concealer perfectly on your skin. You can blend out the concealer on the specified area with the tip of the brush. You can also use the concealer brush to apply lipstick concealer.

How to use?

1. Dip the brush into the concealer product.
2. Apply on the desired area where you want to conceal.
3. Also, don’t forget to apply concealer under your eyes.
4. Then blend out the applied concealer with the brush.
5. But see that you don’t wipe off the total concealer.

4. Contour Brush


Contour powder gives your face shape. You can set a perfect outfit with contour powder without making your look messy. It will not even make your makeup or look unnatural. You need a contour brush to set the frame of your face nicely and to make it look effortlessly beautiful. You get chiseled look with the contour powder and brush.

How to use?

1. Dab the brush into contour powder and then tap the extra powder off the brush.
2. Gently take the brush on to your face on the areas like cheeks bones, jawline and hairline.
3. Then, start moving the contour brush back and forth.
4. Let the powder blend into your skin properly for a smooth finishing.

5. Blush Brush


For any special occasion, you want more shiny and pretty blush makeup. When you are need of blush, you are also in need of the right tool for blush. Blush brush comes with long and fluffy bristles which let your blush spread out evenly on the applied area.

Let your cheeks shine using the best blush product and a skilled brush. You look young with the application of blush.

How to use?

1. Dab the brush into blush powder and tap the excess.
2. Apply on your cheekbones and lower cheeks. Blend the brush properly on your skin.
(While applying the blush keep moving the brush in back and forth movement to blend it well)
3. Also, apply near your eyes.
4. Do not forget to apply blush around your mouth.

6. Blending Brush


You need to blend your powder and eye makeup to make it look flawless and smooth. The blending brush can soften the makeup. The clear and neat look of makeup is only possible when you know the trick of blending. To make your blending work easy, you must take the help of this tool.

How to use?

1. After you apply your makeup, keep blending it evenly.
2. Use the brush to blend your eyeshadow.
3. Keep moving the brush in a sweeping movement.

7. Highlighter Brush


You do makeup a glowing face and flawless complexion. Your makeup is incomplete without highlighter. You can also lift up your face by using a highlighter as part of your makeup look. Highlighting the cheekbones and brow bones can make you look young and beautiful with a shine.

How to use?

1. Swirl the brush in highlighter powder.
2. Remove the excess by tapping it off.
3. Apply on your cheekbones and brow bones.
4. Then blend with the highlighter brush.

8. Lip Brush


Lip brush allows you to line your lips perfectly. You can smoothly apply lip colours without scattering. You must use a lip brush and see the difference. The thin and soft bristles allow the lipstick to glide nicely on your lips. You can also eliminate smudges using the lips brush.

How to use?

1. Take enough amount of lipstick to cover your lips.
2. Apply the base coat of the lipstick.
3. Then, take enough amount of lipstick on to the brush.
4. Spread the lipstick and open your mouth slightly to cover your lip ends.
5. Blot your lips to set the finish the lip makeup.
6. If the lipstick is overloaded, then gently tap a tissue on your lips.

9. Eyeshadow Brush


Eyeshadow brush let your apply the smokey and flawless eye makeup. A bunch of firm bristles by spreading the eyeshadow powder uniformly. You can also do the multi colour eyeshadow makeup with eyeshadow brush.

How to use?

1. Take some eyeshadow powder on your eyelids.
2. Tap off the excess powder and apply on your eyes.
3. Keep brushing your lips with the brush.
4. Let your

10. Eyebrow Brush


Eyebrow brush sets your eyebrow hair organized and in place. You can make your eyebrows look well trimmed and shaped, using an eyebrow brush. The eyebrow brush comes with two sides where you have both, the brush to comb eyebrow hair and also apply eyebrow powder.

How to use?

1. Dip the tip of the brush in eyebrow (bristle side) powder.
2. Apply on your eyebrows and then scatter it.
3. Then gently comb your eyebrows with the other side of the brush.
4. Finish trimming and highlighting your eyebrows with the brush.

The brushes let you do your makeup easily and perfectly. You need not fix the appointment to get your makeup done by a makeup artist. Your saving money and time taking the help of makeup brushes to do your makeup.

Now start practicing makeover using the makeup brushes. It is really a smart choice!

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