How to Make Lipstick Last Longer?


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Lipstick Last Longer

The colour you selected for the day is gorgeous which suits your skin tone. You take few minutes to blend the shade on your lips. But it takes few seconds to fade away. A small sip of cool drink or a big bite of some yummy food take away the lipstick. Then, you run for the touch up. How long would you be conscious of protecting your lipstick?

If you are looking for the ways to make the lipstick last longer, then you need to follow the process. Lipstick application is an art which is also simple. Let the lipstick stay on your lips with the same shade and texture.

Next time, you are applying lipstick, prepare to stay on. Let the shade, texture lasts longer. Your lips also must stay with moisture which avoid drying out. The improper application of lipstick causes smudges. So, let your lips be smudge free for longer time by following some simple tricks of applying lipstick.

5 Steps to Apply Lipstick-For Longer stay

1. Exfoliate and Moisturize your Lips


You may have dry and flaking lips, which goes with exfoliation. Your dried lips may not support lipstick to stay on for longer hours. You get the actual texture of lips post exfoliating. But after exfoliating your lips, they need moisture. So, you need to moisturize your lips with a daily use lip balm and leave your lips with moisturizer for few minutes. This way, you can apply the lipstick well on the clear and soft lips.

2. Apply Concealer

Apply Concealer: Stay Lipstick Lasts Longer

Apply little concealer around your lips which also helps lipstick last longer. Concealer can cover the dark spots and dark pigmentation on lips, if any. Concealer helps in avoiding smudges on the lips. The lip swatch stays for long and true when you apply concealer. But you should not apply too much of concealer. If you use excess concealer, the lipstick application looks unnatural and caked. Just tap your lips with a good concealer which can stay on your lips and also make lipstick stay on.

3. Apply Lip Liner

Apply Lip Liner for Lipstick Lasts Longer

Sometimes, while applying lipstick, you go out of your natural lip line. The lipstick out spread makes your lips spoils the lip shape. The right application of lipstick is possible with a lip liner on your natural lip line. It can also lasts longer with the a line drawn with a lip liner around your lips. Your lips look filled and perfect with a lip liner.

We suggest you to choose a lip liner darker than your natural lip colour. Always go with the lip liner with natural lip colour but not the lipstick colour you use.

4. Apply Lipstick

Apply Lipstick Longer Lasts

Choose a lipstick colour that suits your skin tone. Apply lipstick on your upper lip using a brush. Also cover the corners of the lips. When you use the brush to apply the lipstick, it covers the lips evenly and smoothly. You need to apply thin layers of lipstick to not make to heavy. Your lips must look flawless but not loaded. If you miss to fill the corners of your lips, this makes a huge difference. So, you need to fill your lips with full swatch. Then, come to lower lip and cover with the lipstick using the brush. Let the lipstick stay within the lip line.

5. Blot your Lips

Blot your lips

Blotting your lips is a crucial step in lipstick application. When blotting your lips, you make the lipstick spread evenly on your lips. You can blot your lips until you find the lipstick covered on fully.This is the last step of lipstick application which can keep your lipstick last longer. If your feel the your lips are overly loaded with lipstick, you can place a dry tissue paper on your lips and gently tap it once. The extra lipstick will be absorbed by the tissue. Blotting also helps in making the lipstick stay longer.

Once the whole process of applying lipstick is completed, you can look at your lips. They look perfect and read to go. Your photo shoot sessions and any special occasions need the long lasting lipstick.Then, you need not be conscious of lipstick getting erased or smudged. The lip colour stays longer following all the steps.

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