Sanskrit Shloka Tattoos For Women

Sanskrit Shloka Tattoos For Women

Tattoos also have a spiritual angle. Besides its being fashion statement, they are also being worn for many religious and spiritual purposes. It is believed that wearing holy symbol or even message brings good luck and keep away the evil powers as well as negative energy. Hinduism is in itself a great religious philosophy. It has a very old as well as strong roots and has got a lot of followers that is spread through out the length and breadth of the world. Sanskrit, in Hinduism is the language that is mostly used in the scriptures as well as the holy books were written. Therefore, Sanskrit shloka’s becomes quite a popular tattoos for women, who want to reflect their own self. Sanskrit shloka tattoos are a common rage among the people because of the mystical Hindu religion. Sanskrit shloka tattoos are made up of the verses and also the words are inked in the Devanagari script. Many of the words include the words of wisdom and knowledge that are being conveyed through these tattoos. They are also related with diverse areas of life. Here are some of the Sanskrit shloka tattoos for women which are very beautiful as well as inspirational. Take a look in them and get ready to soak into these pearls of wisdom in the mind as well as soul.

Shloka Tattoos For Women

1Om tattoo

Om tattoo

Om tattoo is one of the most common tattoos when it comes to Sanskrit shloka tattoos. It can be done in many styles as well as form. In a way Sanskrit tattoos are also known to be spiritual tattoo because it can help you to connect with your soul. You can wear this tattoo any where you want, that is, behind the neck, wrist, biceps, or anywhere. There are also many forms to wear this tattoo. Some people also make it in the face of Ganesh, many different types. Om is basically a scared sound as well as spiritual icon of not only Hinduism but also Jainism, Buddhism and Sikhism.

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2“Asha” Tattoo

“Asha” Tattoo

“Asha” or hope is the basic tattoo that mostly people get. It can lead you to the path of enlightenment or eternal light. Wrist is the best option but you can also get them on your back or biceps or even on your foot. It is one of the simplest tattoos to have made. So, never lose hope on your self and lead the life on.

3“Karma” Tattoo

“Karma” Tattoo

What goes around comes around is one of the famous phrases. And so does this tattoo, “Karm” or “Karma” basically depicts your inner belief and never losing hope. Work hard untill you get success can also be depicted with this tattoo. You can wear it on your back, neck, wrist, bicep or many more places. You can also use different types of font too. Choose wisely.

4“Swatantrata” Tattoo

“Swatantrata” Tattoo

Basically “swatantrata” means freedom, so inking down your mental state is not a very bad thing. You can wear them on the neck, near the neck, wrist, finger, or any where you want. Select the font size as well as design cautiously. This can look sexy as well as add more value to your dignity. Let the world know of what you are thinking.

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5“Peace” Tattoo

“Peace” Tattoo

“Shanti” translated to “Peace” is another common and popular tattoo among the youths. This tattoo will show that how much of a peace lover you are. You can wear this tattoo on your neck, down your neck, back, wrist. Just don’t forget to repeat it at least of three times just like the image and rock the look of your new tattoo.

6‘I Am A Warrior’ Sanskrit Tattoo

‘I Am A Warrior’ Sanskrit Tattoo

This image of tattoo generally translates to ‘I am a warrior’ and it can really help you to shown what a fighter you are and also that you are also a survivor. You can wear this tattoo on the back of your hand, on your calve muscles, on your back as well. Never be afraid to show who you are. With this tattoo express your views as much as you want.

7“Family” tattoo

Loving our family comes naturally to us. The tattoo ‘Kutumb’ means ‘Family’ and if you want to express the view on how much you love your family then this the best one for you. As the tattoo is small you can wear them anywhere like, your fingers, back, neck, foot. Just remember to flaunt it perfectly.

8“Know about your inner self” tattoo

“Know about your inner self” tattoo

This Sanskrit word generally translates to “Know about your inner self”. it can really give you an inner vision of knowing what ever you are doing and how you can really focus on improving your inner soul. Remember that this word unconsciously is related with your soul. It is also a best tattoo for minimalist and their way of expressing self.

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