6 Best kinds of travelers you should travel with


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travelers you should travel

Do you think you are one of those kinds of people who can make a great company while traveling? Well, traveling can be one of the most amazing experiences if you enjoy taking trips. While Solo trips are amazingly fun, there are also trips that you should take with a lot of people. It teaches you how to be independent and you learn so much about other cultures and traditions. Travel also depends on the company you are with. The company can actually break or make a trip. Check out some of the best kinds of Group Travel with people you should consider traveling with. Also, check if you are any one of these! If not, try to be one!

Top Kinds Of Best People To Travel With

1The local friends

The local friends

If you are going to another country and have a local friend who is up for showing around, then he is your best company. They are like your tour guide. This kind of a person will take you anywhere you want. Do you want to try the local markets? Easy! Want to go wine shopping? Well, easier! They will be ready to show you around the city and will not fuss about anything. When you travel, you sure need a person who can give you a history of every place. If a person like this accompanies you, then your trip sure is going to be great!

2The Yolo-er

The Yolo-er

Well, you get to experience the unexpected with this kind of a company. He is going to make your experience lovable, adventurous and definitely worth it. Skiing, jet hiking, under water diving and whatnot! Their motive will be weird, bizarre and totally depending on their mood. They will make sure that your trip is filled with unforgettable memories. They will embrace the different you and make a pepped up and energetic environment. Let’s face it, if you wanted to sleep, you could have done that at home. So, traveling with these people would turn out to be amazing!

3The Obsessive Compulsive Planner

Compulsive Planner

While you are excited about not knowing what you are going to do next, you should also have an OCP in your group. OCP people are very well organized and great when it comes to picking out dates and scheduling tickets. They will book your rafting tickets, pack lunches and won’t leave you hungry. The amazing advantage is that you don’t have to do everything with them around. But the disadvantage could be their obsession about time alone! You sure can let that go if they are ready to do everything else. Let’s at least give them that benefit!

4The Photographer

The Photographer

Oh, these people are a huge advantage for the group since they will go beyond normal limits to get the picture, captured perfectly. Whether you are expecting a great display picture or a picture during a sun-set, you can be assured of their time, clarity and photography sense! They are always with their cameras and keep a great company when you want a series of crazy photos. Your memories are perfectly captured having them around you. Though sometimes it is a pain when they click hundred pictures to get one picture perfect moment, when you head back home, you will thank them for that one awesome picture!

5The explorer

The explorer

While everyone wants to explore during a trip, an explorer would go deep into details to find out the history or story behind everything. They bring out information on culture, tradition and definitely different artistic values of a place, which is worth knowing when you travel to another place. They may get a little overboard when it comes to exploring, but once you test their water, you will find that it is 100% worth it.

6The small spender

The small spender

Traveling doesn’t always mean that it should be expensive. Small spenders are people who find out the cheapest places in the big city and get great deals when it comes to local expedition. They know how to exactly save money and still have maximum fun. You end up spending more than necessary when it comes to rooms, travel and transport. But when you have them in your group, you can save a lot and still enjoy the trip. They also have budget plans ready, which makes it easier for you.

End of the day, a trip is a great way to enjoy, explore and experience the small moments that might get lost in the big things. It is important to remember that with a group of amazing people and company of the wise, crazy ones, you can make your trip an impressive one. Which of the above ones are you? Let us know!

Happy traveling!

-Pavithra Ravi

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