Make A Perfect Night With These Amazing Mehndi Party Ideas


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Mehndi Party Ideas

When it comes to wedding, Mehndi comes first in our mind. With planning of the wedding we also want to plan our mehndi accordingly. We all want that unique mehndi function that everyone who comes can remember.

Celebrating Mehndi party with many brilliant, colourful and vibrant way is what we all want, which were also part of many traditional Indian or South East Asian wedding. Mehndi is also known as Henna and are generally applied to the bride’s hand and feet. It is a temporary form of skin decoration that is done before wedding ceremonies. It is meant to serve the symbol of good luck to the bride.

Here are some ingenious mehndi party ideas or inspiration that can sure spark up your Mehndi function night among the guests.

Tips On Mehndi Function Ideas

1A Bright, Glamorous Stage

A Bright, Glamorous Stage

Bright colours are best for pretty stage for mehndiartist and photos. So try some bright or neon colours under the rainbow. You can try draping in bright colours like orange, green, pink and blue fabrics. It can create a beautiful backdrop. Try hanging multi coloured lanterns on the stage or can try grouping few small ones on the tables.

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2Fun Seating for Guests

Fun Seating for Guests

Guests love those places where then can seat properly and enjoy. So you can try some fun seating arrangements for your guests so that they can be comfortable for their mingling and enjoyment. Lounge seating with a lots of plush pillows can be perfect for your mehndi party. Also, if your event is outside, then try adding a lot of colours with umbrellas that can match the decor.

3Simple Table Décor

Simple Table Décor

You can try keeping table décor simple with small mehndi-inspired lanterns and votives. You can include gold elephant tea light holders that guests can take home. Also try including henna motifs throughout your decor. Place signs with pretty henna designs on the tables as a centrepiece or a small table near the stage.

4Cute Favors

Cute Favors

You can get creative in giving out favours to your guests. Like stick bindis on a foil wrapped chocolates and place them in a cute peacock favour box as a sweet gift or you can also try imitation or flower Jhumkas for guests. Some other favour ideas are fabric Kadas, haath phool, hand mirror, embroidered clutches, etc.

5Delectable Snacks & Drinks

Delectable Snacks & Drinks

Who doesn’t love snacks? And your guests will love to have some snacks and drinks for the mehndi function. You can serve savory snacks like traditional chaat, which are usually find or served in the streets. You can also set up a station where guests can choose from their delicious selection. Guests might also need some refreshing drinks that can go with their drinks. You can try setting a chai or tea bar so that guests can prepare there own hot cup of tea.

6Pretty Desserts

Pretty Desserts

You can try some Mehndi inspired cookies for the guests. These cookies can be in the shape of paisley, square and hand shapes with intricate mehndi designs on them. Mehndi designs can also serve as tasty desserts that can also be served as a complementary party decor. These coloured paisley cookies are almost pretty to eat. There is also a party tip: try including few extra cookies in the bag for guests to take home.

With the help of some of these ideas you can impress you guests for your wedding and they will remember your wedding forever in their lifetime.

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