16 Bracelet Mehndi Designs – Hooks These Mehndi Bracelets On Your Wrists


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Bracelet Mehndi Designs
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You try many designs but you fix for one. This also happens with mehndi for your hands. The design that look attractive to your eyes also must look the same on your hands. Your mehndi designs must match the occasion and make you look fashionable.

Mehndi is one such option where you have less colours and more designs. The designs make the mehndi on your hands and foot the breathtaking part of your whole makeup. Many pretty designs make a fantastic design. We would say the mehndi design you choose says it all- fashionable or not.

The bracelet mehndi designs can be your new accessories. As you want to makeup your hands with beautiful designs, bracelet designs are her you. These designs are trending with traditional and stylish elements.

Fashionable Bracelet Mehndi Designs

1. Floral Bracelet Designs

Floral bracelet designs

Flowers are always the attractive element for your mehndi designs. The beautiful shapes of the flora make the mehndi design go fashionable. You can choose simple floral design to create a bracelet mehndi on your hands. It is all upto you if you want to keep it simple with delicate floral designs or add the heaviness with few more elements. You can also leaf design to the floral bracelet mehndi.

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2. Stylish Bracelet Design

Stylish bracelet design

Stylish bracelet mehndi design is more of delicacy. Something sleek and delicate is fashionable these days. It is also easy to do a stylish bracelet design. You can wear this mehndi design during festive times and family functions. Your hands will look well decorated with a stylish bracelet.

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3. Bracelet Design with a Delicate Chain

Bracelet design with a delicate chain
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Chains add the beauty to mehndi design. You can simply connect the chains with other designs. It look lovely when chains come into the picture. You can even have multiple chains connected. Chain design also make your bracelet design embellished and well filled.

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4. Sphere Bracelet Design

Sphere bracelet design

Sphere mehndi designs are simple but boring with the same design. So, give the bracelet style to your sphere mehndi design. It looks fashionable. Sphere shaped mehndi designs with elements like petals, dots look prettiest. You will fall in love with sphere shapes after turning it into a bracelet design.

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5. Dotted Bracelet Design

Dotted bracelet design

The simple dots can make your mehndi look pretty. The uneven dots that you place on your hands make the design attractive. We would love to give this style tip- Wrap your hand with a bracelet design and then add dots around it. This works to make your hand beautiful. Extremely beautiful. You can also try something like shown in thew above image.

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6. Lace Bracelet Design

Lace bracelet design
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Lace bracelet design is a delightful design that you can on your hands. A woman who wants to feel girly and pretty, must lace. The intricate design of lace gives a highly magnificent look. It is also a unique design which looks completely western and modish.

7. Mesh Bracelet Ddesign

Mesh bracelet design

I love mesh design as it is easy to make but still makes the hands look decorative. You also get to shade the design. Some of the design give you a grand look and mesh designs is one of those designs.

8. Brimful Bracelet Design

Brimful bracelet design

Brimful bracelet mehndi design can be for bridal look. For rituals like bridal shower, sangeeth and mehndi, you can do brimful bracelet mehndi designs. You can make mehndi the attractive part of your appearance with brimful bracelet mehndi design. This is perfect for brides as it looks more Indian. Bracelet mehndi designs can be best bridal mehndi designs. Look at the above image, to get convinced with it.

9. Multiple Bracelet Design

Multiple bracelet design

Mutlple bracelet mehndi designs are too stylish to handle. If you are believing this statement of mind, then look at the above image. Your wrist go stylish with a wrap of mehndi bracelet. The multiple bracelet design also looks funky as it is voguish than traditional.

10. Leaf Bracelet Design

Leaf bracelet design
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Leaf bracelet design is an elegant leaf wrap around the wrist. When you want a nicest and easy to do design, you would love it. You can make it traditional with pretty leaf design. You can also add some style to your leaf mehndi design by extending from wrist to fingers. It looks breathtaking when your back hand is covered with leaf bracelet design.

11. Colourful Bracelet Design

Colourful bracelet design

If you are done with the same maroon and black mehndi, then go for colourful mehndi. Add the colours to your mehndi. And the bracelet mehndi design with colour will looks just like a real bracelet. You can also add glitter colours or beads to your mehndi. Yes! It is a wonderful and creative idea that you must try!

12. Simple Wrap Design

Simple wrap design

It is a lovely design that comes around the wrist without any additional design. The bracelet is not extended but still looks pretty. It is one of the bracelet mehndi designs that you can choose for minimal decoration. You add beauty by doing the mehndi rings on your pretty fingers as shown in the image.

13. Embellished Bracelet Design

Embellished bracelet design

Embellished bracelet is not that tough to make as it sounds. You can get the embellished mehndi designs with small elements like dots, kundans and hangings. An easy tip to make the mehndi design embellished is to add more hangings and dots. You can look at the above image, where there are simple elements are joined to make it look embellished.

14. Extended Bracelet Design

Extended bracelet design

The extended bracelet mehndi designs are good for every special occasion. You must go for extended bracelet mehndi design as it beautiful adorns your elegant hands. And once you start the mehndi design, it is easy to extend it. All you need is a little creativity and skills of twisting your hand. Twist and turn your hand to get beautifully extended bracelet mehndi design.

You can also add Arabic designs while extending the bracelet. You have many Arabic mehndi designs to make your mehndi look alluring.

15. Bracelet Design with Petals

Bracelet design with petals

You can make a bracelet design simply with petals which look elegant. The natural shape of petals is beautiful. Isn’t it? Then why not your bracelet mehndi design. Most of the mehndi designs are created with petals. So, petals added to bracelet designs is a innovative and lovely idea.

16. Geometrical Bracelet Design

Geometrical bracelet design

Geometrical designs in mehndi is a new style. The design adds contemporary essence to your hands. The stunning look that you get with simple design must be your choice. When you a fancy look, you can got the effortless geometrical bracelet mehndi designs.

As mehndi designs are out of your creativity, you add beauty as you wish. An easy guide can help you in creating a lovely design. Here is that guide for bracelet mehndi designs. Let your hands glow up with the mehndi bracelets. You will get obsessed with your own designs and creativity. You will praise yourself for doing an attractive mehndi.

Now try these bracelet mehndi to praise yourself.