How to make your Mehendi darker


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Mehendi Darker

Every tradition has its own perks. In that way, Indian culture and tradition brings out the color and beautiful custom of Mehendi. Any festival, party, marriage demands the girls to gather and wear Mehendi. In a few cultures, Mehendi is a separate function by itself before marriage. It sure is no news that Mehendi looks wonderfully amazing on the girl’s hands and legs. It brings out the feminine side of every girl.

Older people say , the darker the Mehendi, the better and longer it will stay. In some cultures, they also believe that the husband/lover would love the girl more depending on the darkness of the Mehendi. This sure is superstitious, but who wouldn’t love to have a dark orange design on her hands? We are going to tell you ways to keep your Mehendi darker and beautiful.

Top Ways To Keep Your Design Darker

1This vapour can do the magic


This could come as a super surprise to a lot of Indian women, but this is the best way to keep your Mehendi dark and intact. Yes, Vicks – the vapor rub, helps in keeping your Mehendi perfectly placed and dark. You just have to rub it on your hands once the Mehendi particles flake off. Generally, menthol helps in increasing the color. Vicks has menthol present in it, so sleep the night with vicks rubbed on your hands and wake up to a dark and beautiful design. You can then rock your Mehendi functionwith ease!

2The right mixture

The right mixture

This is the age old method to help you darken the design. You can sprinkle the mixture of sugar and lemon on your Mehendi when it’s half dry. Squeeze a lemon in a bowl and then add sugar to it. Keep mixing the mixture so the sugar particles dissolved entirely. You can use cotton to evenly spread the mixture. This lemon sugar mixture helps your Mehendi in sticking to your hands and that would not allow it to move. The more you apply the better color it gives you. You can also apply mustard oil once you are done with the lemon sugar mixture.

3The action Clove

The action Clove

Every eatable that is actually herbal wise good for your health will help you darken your Mehendi. Heat the clove on your stove. Keep your hands at a distance and now show your hands on the stove. The smoke from the clove will actually help your hand in darkening the Mehendi that you had applied. If you are handy toward clove oil, try using clove oil for your benefit.

4Wrap your hands

Wrap your hands

Cover is the best use when it comes to keeping the Mehendi warmed up. Wrap your hands using any kind of cover and sleep over the night. Wearing a loose glove or a sock will keep your hands warm and darken your Mehendi. For more nourishment, use oil and wrap it up.

5Other Mehendi Tips

Mehendi Tips

  • Always remember to apply Mehendi after you finish your dinner and other businesses like tying your hair up, visiting the restroom.
  • Make sure your hands are extremely neat without lotion or any other oil. This could disturb the color of your Mehendi.
  • Taking a bath before your Mehendi application is extremely useful so that you don’t have to rush for your next bath.
  • In spite of that, if you want to take a bath, always wear a glove or cover over your hands.
  • Wax and shave your hands/legs before the application of Mehendi. If you apply and then wax, the design will be easily lost.
  • Never blow-dry your hands or legs after applying Mehendi. The heavy blow from the blower will disturb the beautiful design.
  • Never sit under the sun while applying. Keep it cool and environmentally friendly.
  • Leave the mehendi for more than 6-7 hours for a better color appearance

Mehendi looks beautiful no matter what. Taking special care on the design and the way it is applied will make your Mehendi look beautiful and ready for your function. Obviously, every woman loves the smell and feel of Mehendi, so enjoy wearing it for your special occasion!

-Pavithra Ravi