Interesting Wooden Designs And Fashion Jewelry For Women


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Designs And Fashion Jewelry For Women

Of late, wooden jewellery has been extremely trendy, among the youngsters. It can give women, a good match with their laid-back outfits, which have the artistic prints as well as bright colors. Are you eco-friendly crazy? Do you want all your house hold items to be eco-friendly? Then here is a good news for you. Now you can even make your jewelries wooden. Yes, there are many wooden jewelries available in the market, that can go with any type of dresses or jeans you have and give you a beautiful look. So here, are some wooden designs and fashion jewelry for women, that you can buy and be environment friendly.

Designs And Fashion Jewelry For Women

1Colorful resin wooden jewelry

Colorful resin wooden jewelry

These wonderful wooden pendants is made from wood fragments and colored glow-in-the-dark resin. They are first smoothened with sandpaper and then applied varnish to give a lustre in it. These pendants can give a glow to your simple plain kurti or any other dresses. They are also available in many colors.

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2Beautiful wooden rings

Beautiful wooden rings

Wooden rings are available in many sizes as well as shapes and they can be decorated in many colors or designs as well. Usually you will only get polished wooden rings, but hey, everybody has their unique style. They can be worn with your favorite saree, or salwar.

3Tree leaf earring wooden earrings

Tree leaf earring wooden earrings

These leafs are nature inspired. They are carved so delicately, that you can wear anytime you are going out. Be it outdoor camping or for a long drive. You can even wear them, with jeans, shorts, dress or any type of western wears. How can be not more eco-friendly with this beautiful earrings.

4Wooden pendant

Wooden pendant

Another type of wooden pendant that are perfectly polished, as well as beautifully carved can be worn with your favorite western as well as Indian wear. It can give any of your attire a boost by just contemplating the look. These pendants are easy to make DIY at home, which also don’t need much effort.

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5Wooden jewelry set

Wooden jewelry set

What can be more beautiful than a wooden jewelry set? This trendy jewelry can be worn with traditional attires or ethnic wears and the best part is you can also get matching earrings and bangles, that can give glow on your overall look. Ethnicity can be followed at its best.

6World design earrings

World design earrings

Planning a tour? Then what can be better than this amazing sustainably harvested world map carved wooden jewelry? It can make any of your attire look fashionable as well as stylish. You can wear it with your favorite western dresses, and stun everybody.

7Plywood pendant

Plywood pendant

This tear drop pendant, is carved and then polished to give it a pendant look. It can look good on any of your western as well as Indian wear. Just try to be simple and authentic, not over do any makeup or your attire. Over do look may not go well with this beautiful pendant too well.

8Hand-carved wooden half bracelet

Hand-carved wooden half bracelet

You can wear this bracelet any wear, and with anything. It can go with your dinner party dress or with your saree. With its splash color, you can wear it with many types of combined sarees or dresses, and it won’t even look repetitive. Who wants to miss a gorgeous half bracelet like this.

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