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Fashion tips

Are you obese? Do you want to look thinner without going to the gym? There are many ways you can look appealing without doing any kind of crash diet or exercise. Usually, healthy women feel that they cannot wear fashionable clothes. You are wrong! You have all the rights to look sexy. So, here are some of the fashion tips you can follow to look slimmer. These tips are going to help you if you have got a C-section done or after pregnancy.

Fashion Tips



Wear a palazzo pant with a broad belt. When you wear a palazzo, wear a broad belt just above your waist, where your bulge actually starts. It is going to hide fat in that area perfectly and you will look slimmer.

2Broad Belt Skirt

Broad Belt Skirt

Wear a skirt. Opt for a skirt which has layers or has a fabric which is not body hugging. The fabric needs to be flowy. It should not adhere to your skin like cotton fabric.

3Black Color

Black Color

Always opt for black colour clothes. You can also go for big prints. Big prints are kind of busy patterns. They hide your fat and it doesn’t show up as much as it shows with solid colours.



Walking in a right posture is very important. If you do not walk in a right posture, it can make you look dull or sometimes lazy as well. If you walk in a right posture, it gives your body a slimmer appearance and also gives a confident look as well.

5High Waist Clothes

High Waist Clothes

When buying clothes, choose that kind of dresses which are tight from the waist and flowy as it helps you look slim. You can wear a crop top with a high waist skirt.

6Peplum Tops

Peplum Tops

One style of clothing which you surely have to opt for is wearing peplum tops or dresses. Peplum helps to hide belly fat. They are just amazing because they have this extra layer and a flair design at the waist. Choose a dark colour or big print peplum tops to look slimmer.



Do you have extra fat on your arms? Then here is the solution. You can wear a shrug or blazer on top of any dress. A shrug helps to cover up the extra fat and gives an illusion of thin arms. You can also do layering in another wear. When you are wearing a kurta or a salwar suit, wear two or three layers below your salwar. It will give the appearance that you don’t have that bulge.

8Body Shaper

Body Shaper

Body shapers come in different sizes, different shapes and patterns. The most used one is the skin colour body shaper. This you can wear under any top or dress. Some people think body shapers are very uncomfortable and they will just squeeze you and you cannot wear them for a longer period. But the truth is if you buy a body shaper from a good brand it will help you a lot. Always keep in mind that the fabric should be very stretchable and breathable material.



The most important thing you need to follow is wearing undergarments according to your body shape and size rather than wearing a smaller size. Your undergarments should be well fitted. If you don’t wear them according to your size, it will make you look fatter.This is the most important out of all fashion tips.

10Body Hugging Clothes

Body Hugging Clothes

Avoid wearing body hugging clothes or clothes which are little tight on you. Wear clothes which are either fitting you or a little bit loose. It will help to give an appearance of the slim body, especially if you are wearing salwar suits. Anarkalis are the best option as they are flowy and will not highlight your curves.



When wearing accessories, you need to be careful. Accessories help to create the illusion that you are thinner. You can wear long necklaces, bright coloured bracelets and long earrings to draw the attention from your curves.

If you follow these fashion tips, you will surely look slimmer.


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