How to throw teddy bear picnic party for children


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Happy Teddy Day.!! We all know that today is Teddy day and what fun is it if you don’t throw a cute picnic party for your teddies at home? This special day is not only for lovers to show their love, but also parents can show-up their love and affection by presenting teddies to children. If you are a parent wanting to create different kinds of birthday party ideas for your little one, you should consider today to be the best day. Well, today is the teddy bear’s day and every girl child would love to play and be in a party covered with teddy photos, props and food.

If you are planning on inviting your daughter’s friends, then you should send in the invites at least 2 weeks in prior. There are a lot of things you can do with the teddy bear theme. You can buy foods shaped like a teddy, you can buy a picnic basket that has all the essentials for the picnic and you can also have a craft fun time. You can hire a teddy bear stuffed companion who can distribute all this on the picnic day. If it is your daughter’s birthday or if you just want to throw a party picnic for your daughter and her children, this could be the day and the theme. To give you details that are more elaborate on various things you can do on this day, we are going to give you some tips on how to throw a teddy bear party for your kids.

Top Tips to Know for Teddy Bear Party

1Start with the invites

Start with the invites

The first things come first, right? If you are planning for a teddy bear party, you should always make matching invites that will excite the kids and the parents to come to the party. Pick out a teddy bear card or you can make a teddy card and personalize it by making your child write everyone’s names on the invitation. That way it gets personalized and you will love the time you spend with your kid. If you want to make it a little more wonderful, you can buy small teddy bears and stick them on the invite card. You can write rhyming lines on the card that invite the children to the themed party. You can make it colorful, creative and artistic too.



To start off, you should always have a beautiful banner outside your house that reads out ‘Welcome to teddy bear party’. This way the grand opening will excite the children. You can gather all the teddies that you can find and spread it across the room or in the garden (wherever you are conducting the party). You can clip balloons on the picnic basket and hang teddies over them. The core idea of making a themed party is making your decorations resound the same. Make sure everything has a touch of teddy in it from handkerchiefs, napkins, food, sitting area, games, colors, decor etc. You can also have a photo-op by making children sit on a large teddy and take photos of their choice. That way the fun will linger around.

3Food ideas

Food ideas

Well, if it is a themed party, nothing better than food can give more meaning to the entire theme, right? You can try making the themed party more fun by adding food items that are similar to the theme. Call your food area – The stuffing! Every party will have food like Pizza, burgers etc, but when it is themed, make it customized. Children would love to eat bear sandwiches, bear ice creams, cupcakes etc. The special thing about bears is that they are cute, fluffy and so can your food be too. Make sure your custom makes it from a catering service who takes extra care for food. Since they are lightweight food, children can concentrate on playing more. For parents, you can have pizzas or samosas.

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How can we forget the games, that too when it is a teddy bear themed party, right? Children would love to play cuddly, cute and chirpy games. So, you need to make sure to come up with good ones that are enjoyable and fun for children. You can start off with a coloring book game where the children can be given colors and a teddy bear photo to color the teddy in whichever color they prefer to. You can conduct a game called musical bears. Well, you might have heard musical chairs, what is a musical bear? Have bears instead of chairs and that becomes your game! For girls, you can have a teddy dress up game and you can finish the gaming session with a bear tug-a-for.

If the parents are bored, you can have some games for them as well or have a combined game involving both the parent and the child. That way no one is bored at the party!

5Party favors

Party favors

Every picnic or party has to end with a party favor or return the gift. Since it is a bear themed party, you might have to take care of this in a special manner. Buy or make some gifts that are special and handmade. You can buy small teddy bears and stick it to a ‘thank you for coming’ card. Or you can buy teddy stickers or stationary like teddy pencil box, pencils etc. You can give away tasty gummy bear chews for kids or bookmarks covered with teddy fur. This way they are creative and cute too.

We hope these ideas have brought to the creative thinking side of you. So mommies, it is now time to give back something cute, creative and engaging to your children on this very special teddy bear day! Have fun and enjoy

Bear hugs!!

-Pavithra Ravi

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