What should women not do on a first date?


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Every single woman knows what a date is. You would have gone with that one person with whom you have tried everything since you have had crush on him. Well, going on a date can be a tricky business. You could have met him in a mall or in a coffee shop and it is driving you crazy to go out with the guy ever since. Well, a first date is always welcoming and beautiful, right? You get to a place that is fascinating, lovely and you like everything about the evening. But sometimes, women forget where they are and with whom they are. They start acting weird. This could be anything from being afraid of yourself, on how you are going to act with him or anything else too. It could even be your dress for that matter.

Let’s face it! Every woman by the time she turns into the date starts imaging the guy, his answers, what questions you want to ask him, how you want to impress him and a lot more follows. While your ultimate motive is to kiss him goodbye after the date, you should know that there are also things you shouldn’t be blurting out or signaling him. These can be serious stupid and you might not even know that you are signaling him certain things. So, we are going to tell you everything a woman shouldnt say on a first date.

Top Things a Woman Should Know About Her First Date

1Never talk too much about your ex

Never talk too much about your ex

Remember that a guy never really cares about your ex on the first date itself. It in fact is a little creepy that you are choosing to talk about your ex to the guy you are trying to impress. Please have a sense of what you are talking when you start off a sensitive topic. So, don’t talk too much about your ex or anything about your ex. I am sure the guy wouldn’t start talking about it in the first place because he wants to impress you and not put you off, totally! So, instead of wasting your night talking about a guy who isn’t even important in your life, talk about everything else that you love, you want to see and what you life. Starting your date on a wrong note is always like getting dressed and jumping into a pool of garbage.

2Detailed explanation doesn’t make it interesting

explanation doesn’t make it interesting

Remember to keep everything short and crisp. Of course that doesn’t mean that you should give only tit bits. You need to explain, but make sure it isn’t boring or long. Because if you give him a long story about everything you say, he will get bored by the time you finish it. Don’t tell him everything from the time you started brushing to finish dinner in the night. Keep everything crisp and give him less detail about your routine. Yes, he may want more, but you can save that for later because you don’t want to spill out everything on the first date itself, right?

3Always say good things about the food

good things about the food

If your date is picking a coffee shop and order coffees and French fries, always say that it is good. You need to step in his life before you go commenting about his food habits. Once you are comfortable with him on the fifth date or so, you can order for yourself and tell him what you like and what you don’t like. For starters, let him just make the choices and even if you don’t like it, just go with it for the while. You can very much refuse to more French fries or fatty stuff later in the relationship. If you are diet freak, this point suits you the most. Don’t freak out if he orders extra cheese, extra mayo! It is fine for the first date. Never comment openly about his food choices. It could be a sensitive topic for him.

4Never talk about money

Never talk about money

He needn’t know how much money you have, how well settled or not you are or anything related to monetary issues. Let’s face it! Money is a very touchy topic and definitely not a date related topic. So, stay clear of anything related to money. He definitely doesn’t want to know what you earn, monthly. You can be brief about your family background and where you work. But, you shouldn’t be telling him how much you spend for grocery every month (exaggeration). Likewise, I am sure the guy doesn’t want to talk about his salary or monitory status. So, don’t question on that!

5No wedding talks

No wedding talks

Well, the wedding is a bi-gggggg topic to talk on the first date itself. No guy wants to rush in so much. He will think that you are a freak if you talk about wedding stuff already on the first date. So, safe this for the later. Remember that the guy doesn’t really care about his marriage or his with you already. All he is probably thinking is how to impress you or whether he should kiss you or not. So, don’t freak him out by talking about all your wedding ideas. Nothing about kids, house plans, marriage plans, wedding dress, blab la bla should be on the table. Please take them off your mind if you have any! For god’s sake, don’t make the guy run away from you.

Remember that you need to give him a chance to talk. So, be considerate and understanding about that. Make sure you leave some space for the guy to talk and interact as well. Don’t hog all the attention and panic. Be cool and rock on.

-Pavithra Ravi

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