8 Houseworks That Pregnant Women Should Avoid


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A pregnant woman needs to take all kinds of care. You will naturally know self care as the baby bump increases with size. You can’t take the risk on your health when you are carrying. A household chores are not so easy as it is for normal women. You also can’t avoid all the household work. So, it is important to know the work you need to avoid from doing at home and the doable works when you are pregnant.

Mothers don’t fail to do something that is good for their baby’s and their health. Just like you take your medicines and have a healthy diet, you must avoid certain tasks at home. A few are doable and you or your baby are not at risk.

Most of the works are safe to do but with extra care and precautions. It is better to list the household chores you must avoid during pregnancy.

Expectant Moms Should Avoid These Household Chores

It is required to be conscious about your health and fitness as you are pregnant. Anything that feels unsafe or uncomfortable for you is better not to do. Don’t force yourself to take any kind of stress. A few household chores can cause high physical stress. Know them all and avoid doing it.

1. Cleansing floor and bathrooms


Cleansing the floor and bathrooms is a no if you have to use chemical cleansers. If you can use chemical less cleansers then it is doable. Cleaning with chemical products can cause suffocation and breathlessness.

If you are cleaning the floors and bathrooms then don’t over stress or over bend. Until you take all the safety measures, you must not get ready to do these household chores.

2. Heavy washing clothes and utensils


It is safe to clean clothes and utensils but when you need to put in all your energy. If you generally use chemical detergents and soaps then avoid doing these chores. Until you use natural or organic cleansers, you must not do cleaning.

3. Lifting heavy things


If you are lifting something, then it must be light. Something that needs more of your energy is not to lift. Not only lifting heavy things but don’t try to drag or pull too.

The possible risk of lifting heavy objects is premature labour and low birth weight of the infant. Not only lightning the heavy loads but lifting things in the wrong direction is risky during pregnancy. So, you must give these heavy tasks to anyone at your home.

4. Over bending work


If you are finding any work that needs bending too much then avoid it. Picking things from the floor with your bump is not safe work. You can still do it the first trimester but not later.

Don’t go bend below your knees which is overbending. You can still bend above your knees. You need to take someone’s help to do picking things and set aside from the way. Also remember not to bend often as it will pressurize your back.

5. Climbing stools and ladders


The expectant mothers know the problem of climbing the stools and ladders. Climbing the heights is very unsafe for pregnant women. It becomes tough to balance the body weight on stools and ladders. You are not under a normal condition and you need to remember it. Handling your body with extra care is very important.

If at all you want the work to be done, then you must have someone to help you with climbing and all. Falling down from height leads to misscarriage or damage to the infant.

6. Painting with chemical pains


Painting your house is two ways risky when you are pregnant. Inhaling the painting fumes can affect the baby brain while growing. Oil based paints and acrylic paints generally contain harmful chemicals. It is even more sensitive during the first trimester.

7. Standing for long hours


While cooking, folding clothes and other works are done with long time standing.

You must avoid doing these works where you have to stand for longer hours. It is an extra stress to your base. It will cause feet swelling

8. Exposure to pesticides


Pesticides are part of everyday life in many ways. Foods that are exposed to pesticides, air and water, pet products and rodent poisons. You can totally avoid using pesticides as you need to disinfect your living space. But it is better not to directly work with any kind of pesticides. After cleaning or using pesticides in your house, you must stay away from the room for some time.

Inhaling the chemicals while breathing, ingesting through foods and absorbing through skin can affect you and your baby. Inhaling the chemicals can lead to various pregnancy complications.

How To Take Care Of Yourself While Doing Household Chores?

Indian women believe that managing household chores is the best physical activity during pregnancy. This belief is true but only when you are mindful while handling the work. You have seen the kind of works you are not supposed to do as an expectant mother.

Here you can see the ways to take care of yourself when you have to accomplish the work at home.

● Seek help from someone when you need

● Don’t take the unnecessary burden

● Immediately rest when you feel any pain or discomfort

● Don’t work continuously. Take a break for every few minutes for any kind of work

● Support your back even when you are sitting

● Maintain right and safe body postures as you are carrying

● Avoid sitting or standing for too long. Keep moving for every few minutes

What To Do Instead Of These Household Chores?

If you want to be active and fit physically and mentally, then you can do the physical activities which are safe. Household works are not that risky if you can take care of yourself as mentioned above. These workouts and physical activities are good for your all over fitness, health and well being during pregnancy.

1. Light stretching exercises

Stretching exercises are the best option to be physically fit. Body aches are common during pregnancy. If you are suffering with back pain. Then you must practice light back stretching exercises. This can effectively relieve your back pain.

2. Simple yoga

Yoga is the best physical activity for pregnant women. You can attend a prenatal yoga session which helps for healthy pregnancy and labour. Yoga is recommended for mental peace which you need a lot during pregnancy. It keeps your mind calm and wins over fighting any stress and fears. You can look for a nearby yoga class and attend a few sessions.

3. Very short distance walk

Swollen feet is a common problem in pregnant women. Even doctors suggest carrying women to walk for a while once in a day to avoid legs and feet swelling. Go for a 10 minutes walk. You can also do slow rounds indoors or in the open space of your house.

Don’t walk for more than 10 minutes as it is tiring and stressful for you. Also don’t raise the walking speed. Slow walking is better for pregnant women and brisk walking is not that safe.

4. Gardening

If gardening is your hobby, then you can continue it. It can continue to keep you at peace and calm. A colourful garden gives you a smile. You can do plantation and watering as well. But be careful with chemicals in the soil.

Avoid these houseworks and wait for your beautiful baby. We don’t suggest only sitting on the couch throughout the day. There are many activities to stay fit during pregnancy. The mild walking, physical activities and light pressure works are doable. Take proper care of yourself while doing any work and often seek help at home for your comfort and safety.

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