9 Things you should know before you start dating an Aries


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Aries men are a great zodiac sign to date. They are independent, generous, always optimistic, and enthusiastic about everything and are one of the most courageous kind of guys. If you are looking at dating an Aries man, go ahead because they are always the fun bunch. But, the flip side is that, they are moody, short tempered, self-involved sometimes and very impatient with certain things. You got to know both the sides of a person and zodiac signs could be the easiest way to find out how your partner would turn out to be. Here are some things that are brutally honest and true about dating an Aries man. Give them a read, before you say a YES to the man!

A Few Things You Have To Know About An Aries Man

1They value the big picture

They value the big picture

Aries men are very professional when it comes to work. They have valued the bigger picture always and leave out the tiny details. They don’t really care about the tiny details because their focus is only on the outcome. Whether that is good or bad, they make sure they are perfect in what they do which makes them very smart and tactful. Projects, ideas, goals are all long term because short term goals don’t interest them as much. So, if you are dating an Aries man, remember that he is looking everything at a bigger picture aspect. The result is his focus, so move your steps accordingly.

2They love ‘hard work’

They love ‘hard work’

It is weird, but somehow, these men love hard work. They want things the hard way and they enjoy setting goals to achieve that. But, the catch is, they don’t always work hard! Things only that interest them will be their spotlight. Otherwise, they wouldn’t care to even take a second look at it. If the guy you are dating is totally stuck up always at the office or if he’s putting 200% in something, you don’t have to worry. This will last only till the work is done. Post the hard work phase, they are lovable. They might get totally cranky when it comes to working hard.

3They are aggressive


Aries men are very, very aggressive and are bad at taking advices. They are self-centered most of the times and never appreciate advices when not asked for. They are aggressive in a good way in what they do and make a point out of everything. When they want something, they go for it, however hard or easy it is to achieve it. They love to fall down, rise, set goals and achieve it. So, back off Missy! If he’s being all aggressive with you, you’ve got to step aside. But, it works great when he is aggressive on the bed. Doesn’t it?

4They ‘love love’ when it comes to ‘love’

They love

Aries men are commitment freaks and when they are true to someone, they value it very much. They are very genuine when it comes to love and don’t fake their emotions. They are analytical people who think a lot before falling in love, but once they love someone, they don’t let go very easily. They are passionate about everything they do and love falls as one of the major categories. So, lucky women, get to experience the immense love and the sexy moves they make on you when they try to woo you. The zodiac sign is a Ram (sheep) and it has horns that symbolize zest, passion and fertility. So, ladies! Get ready for some great love and passionate sex from your Aries man.

5They are impulsive


They are spontaneous when it comes to decisions. They are a mix of analytical and spontaneity where they weigh both the sides before going for it. They are very adventurous and impulsive, so your man may just whisk you for a weekend trip even without prior knowledge. Being unexpected makes them a great partner and you end up becoming the lucky lady by experiencing their immediate ‘Let’s go’ plans.

6They are an over-interested bunch

over-interested bunch

Aries men are interested about everything as travel, photography, music, dance and want to be a part of all of this at once. They would want to try everything at least once in life and it doesn’t bother them that they are called over-smart. Being over-smart is what they are and they like appreciations. That’s why they look at the bigger picture by completing everything at least once in a lifetime. This sure will bring in a lot of unexpected impromptu twists in your relationship with such kind of a man.

7They are assertive

They are assertive

Aries men are extremely assertive when they know it is correct. They wouldn’t bother who accepts or not, because they know it’s right and according to them that’s enough to prove their point. They do not argue with the elders as much as they would want to argue and be firm with their own age group. They won’t budge until they are proven wrong. So, girls, beware! If you have an argument, better make your point very clear and stick to it until they break down.

8They are impatient

They are impatient

Grocery queues, traffic lines, long waits are their enemies. They hate waiting and wouldn’t appreciate it at all. They are very impatient and want everything done yesterday. They are very quick, so expect everyone else to be like them, which is a major disadvantage with this zodiac. Nothing irritates them better than a good 5 minute wait. This could be one reason where arguments may crop for girls, but handling them with love and care, can make it better.

9They need a loo-ho-ooot of space

They need a loo-ho-ooot of space

You ought to give them their space. Aries men are extremely independent, which leads to exploring things alone for them. They erupt easily if they feel like a caged animal. They are attracted to independent women who have their life together and aren’t nagging. They need their freedom of space both physically and mentally and it indeed makes them better people. Giving them the breathing space is important for you to live a happy life with them. Dating an Aries man is no biggie if you give them their time and legroom.

All said and done, Aries men are great thinkers and dating them wouldn’t be a big problem if you know how to handle them. They are very passionate and they give utmost importance to trust. Give them your entire self and be true to them to get back exactly what you expect.

Oh, by the way, they are also, amazing kissers!

Happy Dating!

-Pavithra Ravi