Reasons why you shouldn’t date a person just like you


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An ideal life can be where you might want to date a person who is just exactly like you and understands you mean everything. But, let me tell you that dating a person just like you can be a lot more than you think. It is one of the few reasons why you might not be able to take the relationship to the next level. You might not be able to think about the future. A lot of us would want to date a person who thinks and who has the same interests as us. We would love to have the same values, interests and everything which is a great thing, but when it comes to dating someone and when it comes to having a relationship with someone, you need to know that there are a few essential differences that the couple has to have in general.

Things like food, style sense, interests, hobbies etc., can be similar, but as time goes, you will start wondering why there is no major difference in your relationship. You might probably start getting bored of the relationship. But, when you date someone who is probably a split image opposite of who you are, he will show you what the difference is and what you have been missing all this while. When you date someone just like you, you might be able to connect in the first few months. But, after some time both of you start thinking alike and doing things alike, then there is no room for fun, frolic and adventure because everything is already black and white for you. There is no color at all. So, we are going to list down a number of reasons why you should not date a person just like you and what are the disadvantages if you do so.

Top Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Date Someone Like You

1You are not learning anything new

You are not learning

If your date is just like you and you feel that you are very much similar to him, then probably you are not going to move your ass and do something different in life. You are going to sit there comfortably and not move from your comfort zone at all, because both of you know that you are comfortable doing what you’re doing.

In a relationship, I personally don’t think that you just sit around and not do anything. The other person should be able to push you and make you do something interesting, even if you are not up for it. Your relationship may become very stagnant and boring if you date a person just like you. But, of course, if you date a person who isn’t like you, then you have the advantage of exploring his likes. He will show you what you have been missing and would be open to new experiences, new friends and you will explore all the unopened areas.

2You are dating yourself

You are dating yourself

Isn’t it awkward and weird to know that you are actually dating yourself? Well, if you date someone who’s just like you, then it’s almost like you’re dating yourself. You might agree on everything, you might probably sound similar to each other, but there is no room for growth in your relationship. Let me tell you that arguments and fights are most important for a relationship to grow and for you to learn from your mistakes. But, if you have a partner who’s going to accept everything you say, then where is the magic and emotional connect? You should be able to leave yourself open to a lot of these emotional connections and arguments with your partner. Only then, you as a person and he is your lover can grow in your relationship.

So ladies, this is another disadvantage of dating a person just like you and it’s just weird that you are probably dating yourself.

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3You will know negatives about you

You will know negatives

I wouldn’t completely say that this is a bad thing. This is also beneficial for you as a person to understand, but when you date someone who’s like you there’s been a certain type of characters that match both of you. You might probably not like those characters in him, but you would only then realize that you are exactly the same too. You will start to learn how annoying you can get looking at the split image of you in the form of your partner.

The important thing is that you should have the freedom to be the way you are and let the other person tell you what he doesn’t like in you. These have to be explored by the other person and learning a UT yourself in a relationship is just down right shameful.

4Unhealthy competition

Unhealthy competition

You could date a person who has the same career choice as you do and is exactly the same. So, there is a lot of room for unhealthy competition, both interest and career wise. You could land on a big break and he could be irritated that he didn’t get there yet. Salaries may differ, opinions may collide and you might start wondering why there is a sense of competition always. Competition is good, but in this case, it becomes negative competition. Instead date someone who has their own things to do and you have your own things. That way everyone is benefited!

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5Breakup might be easy

Breakup might be easy

You don’t want the relationship to be easy. Yes, nobody wants to break up just so easily. You should be able to struggle for each other rather than finding it easy to break up. When you date a person just like you, your breakup also becomes easier. There is constantly degrading in your expectations and slowly your life gets easier when broken up.

-Pavithra Ravi

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