Tips you should remember while dating a shy man


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dating a shy man

Have you found the love of your life? Or at least, do you think he is? Let’s say that you have found your man, flirted with him to perfection and now you are dating him. Only when you date a person will you know entirely about the person. Is he a player, is he a shy person or is he outgoing. Guys are different at different times, but there is lying point that stands strong. If he is a shy man, then there are certain ways you can get him to open up. When a guy is shy and when he doesn’t want to open up, there are certain ways to make him do that without being a nagging person. A shy man is cute and very composed when it comes to dating. Yes, there will be super awkward situations, if you are a talkative person, you can easily break through him and get to know the cozy mushy him. Do you have a date with a guy like that, this evening and are you wondering how to break the silence?

Well, we have a few tips that are put together because we have been there, done that! So, here are some tips you should keep in mind when you date a shy man.

Top Tips to Break Through a Shy Man

1Start as friends

Start as friends

If you have started dating and still aren’t able to talk properly with him because he is shy, try talking like friends. In fact, shy people are very jovial and talk well when they find a good friend or with their long-term friends. It is hard to break through them, so maybe if you start off as friends instead of throwing your girl friend tantrums, they will open up to you. Actually, it would be easier if you don’t intimidate them and make them feel like they are a tad weirder than other men. Try to spend some quality time talking about what all you both like, try to make him feel confident and comfortable. That way, you will also get acquainted with him and vice versa. Don’t worry, once you start talking well and once he starts to open up to you, things will change and he will feel better about the relationship.

2Discuss everything

Discuss everything

Often, shy men don’t discuss everything unless you open up first. Talk about your school days, tell him how many people live in your house, talk about your friends, and tell him your day to day activity. When you keep talking, he will also start sharing relevant information. You should know that you can’t push him to open up the second day itself. So, take your time and discuss everything. If he opens up, start listening to him, so that you can later have something to talk to him about.

3Body language matters

Body language matters

If at any point of time, he doesn’t feel normal, or if he is anxious or if you think he isn’t comfortable, look for body language. The only downside with a shy man is that he will not talk up and tell you what he is feeling. So, you need to check for body language signs and you need to make sure to find out what he is feeling. Looking at his eyes mainly because if he is making conscious or anxious eye contact, it just means that he is uncomfortable! If he is fidgeting with his hands, it means that he is getting bored. If he opens his mouth and shuts it back, he wants to say something but isn’t telling you. Well, these are the important signs you should look for when you are dating a shy man.

4Get involved

Get involved

It is important that you get involved in the conversation because when he refers to something in the later stages, you should be able to know what he is talking about. If you are not listening to him, it will difficult for him to talk to you. It is important that you get involved in all his matters so that it will make you interested and you will also like to talk about his family or his friends.

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5Keep your secrets

Keep your secrets

If he confides something to you, however small or big it is, it is important to keep it within yourself. It is important that you give him that privacy. Even if you want to share with a few close friends, you could but tell them not to ask him or not to confide him with anything. Because shy guys are very sensitive when it comes to matters like this. They might not like it if you go around telling people about their secrets. The transparency is something that you should maintain with him, because he trusts you. If you breach that trust, he will never be able to tell you anything or share anything with you.

6Encourage him

Encourage him

It is important that you encourage him in doing certain things. Don’t keep texting your other friends when you are with him. If he wants to do something out of his character and if it sounds like fun to you, encourage him to try it. It is good to be an encouraging partner. If you do it with him, it is even better because you will feel the closeness that way.

-Pavithra Ravi