How to make your boyfriend’s friends to like you


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Making friends

Does it always feel like you are that one person who is always that ‘chick’ in a group of your boyfriend’s friends? Well, don’t pull the attitude of ‘I don’t care about his friends, I want only him’. Did you know that most of the men do not like when their friends are neglected? That is why the other men in your life often end up hating you! They might not like you for the person that you would turn out. Are you thinking of how to impress those guys who are your boyfriends friends? Well, then read up these tips to find out.

Here are Some Ways to Make the Guys Adore You

1Consider them as your friends

Consider them

Have a normal conversation with the guys when they come to visit your boyfriend. Or try to create an atmosphere where you can sit and talk to them. Learn their likes and dislikes, firstly their names if you don’t know. Tell them how much your boyfriend has spoken about them. It is good to consider as your friends first. That is when your inhibitions can be removed and you can be cordial with them. Don’t pretend to agree with everything they talk, try and make arguments here and there to voice out your opinions also. Even if your boyfriend is not there at times, try to talk and share moments with them. Do not act aloof if your boyfriend isn’t around. If you fake it, guys will know and if you talk to them only when your boyfriend is around, it is a sure shot that the guys will tell your boy about this. You don’t want that.

2Be nice to your boyfriend

Be nice

This goes without saying. You will have to be nice to your boyfriend and treat him as a person. If you keep nagging him or if you try to act smart with your boyfriend, he is bound to tell his friends the same and that is not leading anywhere good. If you are going to cruel to your boyfriend and his friends, the friends are going to bath mouth about you and then, eventually, your guy will dump you. On the contrary, if your boyfriend goes around telling your friends about you, they would want to know what the bragging is all about and would want to hang around with you.

3Stuff them with food

Stuff them

There is a saying ‘The way to a man’s heart, is by reaching his stomach’. This holds good even if they are your boyfriend’s friends. Bake some fresh cookies or stock up chips or gummy bears when the boys come over to watch a football match. Try to give them food and that is an easy route to catch their attention. You can either make food for them or simply order without their knowledge and surprise them. You are handing out, fresh cookies or pizzas = getting them to adore you easily.

4Don’t be too much into your guy

Don’t be too much

When the guys are around you, you need to make sure that you have your hands with you. Do not be that clingy girlfriend who looks for him every time. Let him breath and take his space. Try to involve yourself in the game or keep yourself busy with other things. But do not be that needy girlfriend who wants to be around her boyfriend every time. His friends are not going to like it, neither is he going to. Don’t pester him about every little text he gets or whine if he wants to watch the game for a little while. Try to be involved- but keep your tongue in your own mouth while the guys are around.

5Talk good stuff

Talk good stuff

Never ever bad mouth about his friends to him. This is one way you can stay in the good light of his friends. It is pretty obvious how the guys work. They are pretty much open with their friends and they go about telling whatever you told him about his friends. If you bad mouth about that friend who did not lift up the toilet seat or another one who did not bother to clean the place before leaving, your guy is bound to be irritated and might not like your attitude. This will reflect on his friends also because eventually even they are going to know about it. The worse issues start when your guy knows his friends for longer years than you. That is when the real problems start and he may consider dumping you. So always be on the good light, girls!

6Include them in your outings

Include them

If you guys are hanging out together and suddenly you or your boyfriend feel the craving of having ice cream or hot chocolate. Your boyfriend is sweet enough to tell your friends to wait and take you down to buy you the ice cream? Try and include the friends. Invite them for the ice cream day out and make a great outing. This could be very small but that will make them like you. The only time you shouldn’t be doing something like this is when your boyfriend is planning something very special for only the two of you. That is, when you draw the line and leave them out of this.

7Be friendly, but not too friendly

Be friendly

Yes, when you and your boyfriend’s buddies are hanging around, make sure that you do not make any physical contact with them. Wrong move if you try to hug them or kiss them, even on their cheek. They will be confused and it becomes a problem if they start developing feelings for you. If you express too much interest in them, they may start wondering ‘what’s up’. Keep your gestures very simple, short and limited to a handshake, a smile or a brief hug.

Isn’t it quite simple to make them like you? Yes, it is! Always remember to treat them as your best friends, make simple adjustments here and there and never try to foul mouth about them to your boyfriends. However close you are to the boys around, try to give them, their time. When you give the boys their space, your guy will anyway come to check on what you are doing. Be a darling to them and they will soon start to adore you.

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-Pavithra Ravi