What different zodiac sign women expect from love


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Zodiac Signs

Knowing your astrological signs on what you expect from love is important not just for you, but also for the guy who is dating you.

If you are a girl who is confused about yourself and fight about what your boyfriend says about you, then you must chill now. You need to know what you expect from your boyfriend. Well, every zodiac sign expects something different when it comes to love. Love is an integral part of anybody’s life. You cannot necessarily classify love based on many things. But, there is one thing that helps you do that. A lot of men who are in love sometimes going through hard times when they can’t figure out what the girls want from them. These zodiac sign information, gives you a gamut of ideas on what your girl wants according to her sign.

So, guys! If you are reading this article, this will help you find out what she expects from you when it comes to love. And girls, if you are reading this, you get to see if all the points are right and if there is something to add on to this, let us know what they are. If you know these simple things, your relationship becomes easier and comfortable. So, here you go, these are some of the different Women zodiac signsand what they actually expect from love.

Top Zodiac Signs Women And Their Love Expectations



A Pisces girl is basically very sensitive when it comes to love and loved ones. She would love to live in the fantasy land even though her present life sucks. She is a dreamer, so her thoughts always wander on how beautiful her life could be, rather than facing the present. If you are with a Pisces girl, try to enrich, love and encourage all her activities and endeavors, no matter how small or big they are. If you do that, she will believe in you and respect you for the person that you are. Pisces girls, you are lovable and you love your men like no one else can. Be like that!



Aries women are strong, aggressive and very enthusiastic when it comes to love and life. They like to experiment everything and they are never bored of learning new things. The only thing they failis when they forget things very quickly. So, if you are dating an Aries girl, you should remember to do two things. Remind her everything that she shouldn’t forget and of course, meet  her aggressiveness and eagerness in finding out things. She would want you to be spontaneous. Aries girls, you are independent and very confident with the person you are!

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Virgo girls are generally very independent in nature and they tend to be cynical sometimes in most important situations. But otherwise, they are very empathetic and loving when it comes to loving their own people. A Virgo girl may also be very creative in her work, so impressing her with surprises, creative gifts make her happy. She is a clean slate when it comes to thinking and decisions. If you are dating a Virgo girl, try to impress her with surprises and give her lots of attention and you will get rewarded accordingly for the same.



Libran women are tricky because they don’t always put out what they want in life. They have something in mind and say something else. Only people who are extremely close to them understand the inside meaning of a statement they say. Libran girls are very loving and dedicated to love. They don’t take life and love for granted. So, fooling around with a Libran girl may not work out. She will talk more about the future and she will focus on what to be done next in life. This is a very good thing about a Libran woman.  If you invest in learning about your Libran girl, she is just worth all the pain you undergo.

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Scorpions are extremely dramatic in nature and love to show love in an intense manner. They love to do big things and of course are one of the most lovable sun signs. The only thing with a scorpion girl is that she would like to be in control whenever possible because she likes to decide for herself. That is one way how you get to know deeper about the girl. If you are dating a scorpion girl, you just have to try and speak to her in an intense level. She will open up only to people she knows well.



Sagittarius girls are super active, excited and love to explore things around her. She will be adventurous and you cannot tie her down. If you are dating a Sagittarius girl, you need to match up to her adventure love and spontaneity. They won’t appreciate planned work when it comes to enjoyment. They are very high spirited women and love to see the excitement in everything they come across. Take her on a trek date or a sky diving date and she will love you endlessly.

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-Pavithra Ravi

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