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It is better if you can give your skin some care all the time. But it is the same giving your skin some extra care. The skin brands which are perfect for your skin will let you do the best for your skin.

Some of the skin care brands are meant to stand in the top. The label or reputation that is created for a particular skin care brand comes with the best contribution and customers trust. Some of the skin care brands in India are ruling from long and got to go the long way.

Here are some of the skin care brands in India which cover the products for all skin types. The brands have made the irreplaceable mark in the Indian beauty market. Which is your favourite skin care brand? Now, check out whether you are opting the best skin care brand or not.

Best Skin Care Products In India

1. Forest Essentials


One of the best treatments for skin care is ayurvedic. Believing in ayurvedic methods, forest essentials became the best skin care brand. Though the products are highly expensive, it is worth buying them. Forest essential products are made of pure and natural ingredients. You can smell the products and find the purity of the ingredients and natural methods.

The herbs, natural flowers and the essential oils give the soothing and gentle treatment. Some of the products from this skin care brand are life-changing. The royal packaging and the rich fragrances give the lustrous feeling for the users. If you feel, it is worth investing in great products for your skin, then you must definitely try the best products from forest essentials.

2. Biotique


Biotique is my favourite skincare brand after using many of the brands in the market. It is an Indian brand that is leading to the best products. The face washes, packs, and masks work at their best on skin. The anti-aging creams, day and night creams are also the top products. One of the best products I would suggest from Biotique is face moisturizer which is favourite for many.

Once I started using the moisturizer, I started trusting the product. You can pick any of the biotique product and it will not be an upsetting purchase. No product from biotique disappointed me so far.

Another best thing I love about biotique is, the products are paraben-free, fragrances free and preservatives free. All the products are dermatologist tested and not animal tested.

3. The Body Shop


Finding harmless products for fruitful skincare is a bit tough. Among hundreds of successful brands and nameless brands, “The Body Shop” skincare brand is running like a topmost one in India. You can pick the products for your whole body skin from head to toe, from this brand.

The facial oils, anti-aging creams, lip balms, and many other products are can come together for your total skincare. You can also get the bath and body products from The Body Shop. The body shop brand is growing with the help of super technology, customized formulations. It is truly a shop of skincare!

4. Khadi Naturals


Nothing can overtake natural and organic skincare. That is how Khadi Naturals has become the reputed skincare brand and deserves to be. You can blindly use the products from Khadi once you know that, you are not allergic to any of the ingredients particularly.

Sticking to the natural and organic method, still, Khadi naturals set the label of best skincare. And that is very impressive. The brand also comes up with customer needs and preferences. So, you can keep checking out for the Khadi Naturals products for your healthy and happy skin.

5. Clinique


No wonder this brand is set its mark as one of the topmost skincare brands. Your skincare regime goes high in budget-wise with this brand. But to keep your skincare effective, you can invest in good products. Go for the best selling and your skin suited products from Clinique brand.

The moisturizing lotions from the brand are super good. One of the best products that is well accepted from Clinique is cleansing blam. There are some other skincare products that can touch your skin with goodness and gentleness.

6. Himalaya Herbals


You are looking for affordable but the best skin care products? Then you have always had Himalaya herbals to stand for you. Himalaya herbals also stay updated with the effective formulas and also makes sure to cover all the skin types.

The brand also offers the acne treatment products. Many of the women love Himalaya herbals products because it is made of herbals ingredients and formulations. The face washes and face masks from this brand are well accepted in India. It is one of the most ruling Indian skincare brand.

You can get a clear review on Himalaya Neem Face Wash.

7. Neutrogena


Neutrogena broke into make skincare products. Whatever the products that the brand offers are best. From cleansing wipe to face wash and from serums to scrubs, everything is perfect for skincare.

Most of the products from Neutrogena are gentle on the skin and work effectively. You can also find a solution for acne, blackheads. The brand also provides the best skin to protect creams, hair conditioners, and shampoos. Overall, it deserves to be placed in the top of personal care.

8. Lotus Herbals


If you are in search of natural made skincare products, you can look up to Lotus Herbals. The brand keeps developing the products with the new technology along with the natural and herbals ingredients.

There are many best selling products from lotus herbals which brought the reputation for the whole brand. Some of the best skincare products from Lotus herbals are whitening and brightening creams, sunscreen lotions. You can also try the day and night creams. It also offers anti-aging solutions that are proven successful.



VLCC is known for its best skincare formulas and solutions. It is an Indian brand that gained trust all over the country. VLCC offers the most affordable products with harmless formulations.

The face scrubs and face masks from VLCC are fully in demand for the reasonable price and the quality. The formulations of VLCC are unique and the specialists in repairing many skin conditions. If you are a woman, who wants to keep your skincare regime with affordable but efficient products, then go with this brand.

10. Patanjali


Patanjali is an Indian skincare brand that is known for affordable and best products. Most of the products keep your skin in safe hands. The gentle acne treatment is possible with Patanjali products.

Every woman who wants skin care with natural and ayurvedic methods must opt for Patanjali products. The brand stays dear to you with the soothing effect. To experience the best with Patanjali brand, you can start with aloe vera gel which is moisturizing and hydrating products for the skin. Then, you can try body lotions, face scrub, and anti-aging cream which are leading as the top Patanjali products in India.

11. Vaadi Herbals


Vaadi herbals are one of the wonderful brands. You can let skincare be soothing, happy, and easy with vaadi herbals. Even the pricey products are leading as the best products for the unbeatable quality and work on skin.

The soap bars and lip balms come with an enjoyable fragrance. You can experience the gentle treatment for acne, skin whitening.

12. The Face shop


This is not a trending skincare brand. But I would say, the brand is underrated. Some of the face shop skincare products are capable of doing the best for the skin. The moisturizing cream, cleansing lotions, and hydrating creams have made it the best brand.

The better skincare is very much possible with The Face Shop skincare products. You can try the best selling skincare products which are suitable for your skin. The products are available in online stores and reputed offline stores as well. I would say it is worth recommending this brand for our readers.

13. Nivea


How can we forget this ruling skincare brand for decades? Some of the Nivea skincare products are in demand for long and really got in a long way. The amazing skincare products that Nivea offers quite affordable and available in India.

Nivea body lotions and shower gels are known for giving the best skincare experience. The sobering fragrances and safe use for daily skin care regime are simple with Nivea products. I stock up some of the Nivea products which are travel friendly and all the ways best for my routine skincare.

14. Pond’s


Do Pond’s need any introduction? Pond’s cold cream is the symbol of winter skincare. Not only for winter skincare but for every day and every time. Newly, Pond’s face wash is trending in the market. The night and day creams are all time favourite for many women. The whitening creams are also efficient.

Some of the Pond’s products I love are body lotion, cold cream, and scrub. As Pond’s is always there in support of skincare, I hope it will stay the same.

You must neglect your skincare when you a handful of brands and best products. All the skincare brands in India are coming up the customer needs and with widening options.

I hope you got the helping options and information from here about skincare brands in India.

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