Hair Care Tips Using Jasmine

Hair Care Tips Using Jasmine

When we speak about jasmine, all that can think of is about the white splendor of flowers as well as the exotic smell which is associated with it. The fragrance of jasmine is calming as well as soothing and can provide an instant relief from type of stress. In ancient days, women used the jasmine extracted oil from the petals of the flowers that can enhance the skin and the hair – it was an art! Now that has slowly losing out to the bottled chemical products. There are many benefits of jasmine oil for the hair as well as skin. So here, are some hair care tips using jasmine or jasmine oil, on why you must use jasmine.

Hair Care Tips

1Conditions the hair

Conditions the hair

If you want your hair to be conditioned in a natural way, then take a last rinse of jasmine. First, soak some jasmine flowers into the hot water bowl for a few hours. Then let the water to cool down in room temperature. Soon after you wash off the hair, simply take a last rinse with the water. Remember to not wash it off with the water again. This acts as a mild conditioner. If you are having frizzy hair, then you can add at least a few drops of jasmine oil in it.

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2Keeps scalp healthy

Keeps scalp healthy

Jasmine also has antimicrobial properties which can make it a great oil to keep the scalp free from any type of infections. You can add almond or even coconut oil and massage the scalp with it. Wash off the hair with herbal shampoo after few hours. Be sure you use it at least once in every week for better results.

3Stronger, longer, and radiant locks

Stronger, longer, and radiant locks

The wonderful extract of jasmine leaves can help to strengthen the hair roots, making the hair tensile as well as prevent it from turning brittle. It also ensures that the strands grow longer as well as thicker. The extract of fresh jasmine infused with coconut hair oil can also give longer, as well as fuller hair. Along with its maintaining natural color or even sheen, this extract can also ensure that you have thicker locks.

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4Anti-lice agent

Anti-lice agent

Do lice as well as bugs make the scalp itchy and irritating? Then you can add handful of jasmine flowers to the carrier oil, that is, coconut, almond or any other type of your choice and then apply it regularly on the scalp and hair to shield the hair from the attacks of head lice.

5Keep scalp moisturized

Keep scalp moisturized

Jasmine extracts are used along with the coconut oil, almond oil, or even jojoba oil, it is also known to lock in the moisture into the scalp, keeping the scalp hydrated as well as prevent from hair fall and dandruff.

6Treats scalp infections

Treats scalp infections

When monsoon are near, then comes the bacterial-fungal infections which can attack the scalp. So, if you are looking for any easy remedy, then the jasmine can help.

Just crush jasmine flowers and steep them in coconut oil. Now apply this on the infected scalp to treat the infection. The antiseptic as well as anti-microbial actions on both of the ingredients can work together, thereby ensuring the infection subsides at a very faster pace.

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7Other benefits of jasmine

benefits of jasmine
  • Jasmine can help to make your skin really soft while leaving you with the wonderful smell, which is out of the world. You can also add some drops of jasmine oil to the body lotion for daily use.
  • You can also add two drops of jasmine oil into two teaspoon of almond oil and then rub it over the elbows and knees. It helps to get relieve from dry skin as well as stretch marks. It can help to tone the skin and increase the elasticity of your skin.
  • Now add some drops of jasmine oil to the bath water to make it a fragrant bath which can also leave the skin soft as well as supple.
  • Jasmine also has many antiseptic properties, which can help to keep skin infections at bay.
  • It can also help to regulate the amount of oil, which is produced by the oily skin.
  • You can also a mix few drops of jasmine oil into one teaspoon of virgin coconut oil and then massage on your sensitive skin with it for proper moisturization that do not cause the breakout.
  • Jasmine oil aromatherapy massage, for your skin can help you to relax as well as make the skin glow.

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