25 Honeymoon Dresses for Women – Dress Up for Lovely Moments


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Women love to doll up with outfits and accessories. Though all the additions are beautiful, she wants to wear something light and classy. One of the times women want to go casual but stylish, is honeymoon.

The honeymoon dresses for women must be of lightweight, comfortable but brimmed with fashion. The newlywed couple goes around the spot attractions and romantic places. More or less, outfits matter when you are travelling, chilling and partying. Let your liveliness tower along with unstoppable fashion, trends and your own style.

Are you confused what dresses to pack for your honeymoon? So, here we would love to give away some of the fashionable honeymoon dresses for women. You can make a fancy, classy appearance wearing these outfits. Your partner will admire you more!

Women Dresses for Honeymoon That Show Your Pretty Side

Summer Dresses for Honeymoon:

The dresses that is airy and keeps you going happily with your day can only be called as summer dresses. Just to have comfort, you cannot leave your fashion behind in your honeymoon. A list of summer dresses for a honeymoon can make your honeymoon romantic and special.

1. Embroidered Lace Dress

Embroidered Lace Dress for Honeymoon

The embroidery on the lace dresses can be elevated beautifully. The floral and classy designs can be part of the embroidery lace dress. If you want a decorative dress, then you can choose the one which is embroidered from top to bottom. Even the heavy embroidery don’t make you feel loaded or over decorated.

This dress can also be worn in winter or spring. It covers your bottom and keeps you comfortable.

2. Lace Maxi Dress

Honeymoon Outfits: Lace Maxi Dress

Lace maxi dresses are of lightweight which you would love to slip into. You can choose a lace maxi dress with bell sleeves. It is more like angelic wear.

This dress can be for casual wear when you are going around in your honeymoon. It is also a great outfit that can be worn for lunch.

3. Lace Bralette and Short Skirt

Honeymoon Dresses Ideas: Lace Bralette and Short Skirt

Bralette and skirt is the most fancy and romantic outfit. If you are open to wear the super modish outfits, then you can choose a lace bralette. Here bralette is the top and pair it up with a fashionable skirt.

It is a syncing dress for beach outing and you will make a sexy appearance. It is the most appealing outfit you can try wearing in your honeymoon. When you are visiting beaches, you are going to have the most pleasant and romantic time. So, this dress can add the essence of beautiful beach times. If you want to make your outfit chic, then pair it up with a skinny jeans instead of skirt.

4. Lace Midi Dress

Lace Midi Dress for HoneymoonYou may have many midi dresses in your closet. Now, you only need a lace midi dress to spice up your honeymoon. The midi dresses are always women’s favourite. This timeless dress look more beautiful when it is of lace fabric and design.

You can choose light coloured midi dress that syncs in with summer fashion.

5. Sleeveless Floral One Piece Dress

Sleeveless Floral One Piece Dress for Honeymoon

Obviously! Sleeveless dresses are reserved for summer. So, you can wear a sleeveless floral one piece dress. You look chic and stylish in a floral one piece dress.

Pick a dress with sober prints and colours as it is for summer. You can wear the floral sleeveless outfit for noon dining and noon parties. This can be a casual outfit for your honeymoon.

6. Off Shoulder Dresses

Src: 1, 2

You can choose an off shoulder outfit which make your appearance chic. Off shoulder dress or top anything would go well for honeymoon.

If you want trending outfit, then you can look for an off shoulder with ruffled neck. The another stylish variant off shoulder dress is, bell sleeves. T his way, off shoulder has plenty of lovely variations and one of the dress will become your favourite for your honeymoon.

7. Silky Skirt with High Slit

Src: 1, 2

Skirts are ever favourite for women. For honeymoon, make the casual skirt style a little more stylish and girly. Choose a silky skirt with a high slit. Your walk goes elegant with a silky high slit skirt.

A silky slit skirt makes you get some free style that is chic and girly. If you want to show off your beautiful shade, then get on a silky skirt with high slit and pair it with a lovely top or blouse.

8. Short Wrap Dress

Src: 1, 2

If you are heading abroad for you honeymoon, then you want some perfect western outfits and this can be one of them. For honeymoon, you must get out of the routine wear. So, pick a wrap dress which look trendy. You are going to make a lovely appearance with short wrap dress.

The dress looks fashionable and decent when you are checking out the attraction of your honeymoon destination.

9. Polka Dots Short Dress

Src: 1, 2

Are polka dots your favourite? Then you can put the polka dots short dress for your honeymoon. A short dress with polka dots makes you look funky and you can accessorize with some modish accessories.

A short dress with polka dots looks great for a lunch or a beach side walk during noon time.

10. Cold Shoulder Crop Top with Skirt

Src: 1, 2

Cold shoulder crop top is every young girl’s fave. You would a cold shoulder top lying in your wardrobe. Take it and team it up with a skirt. This is going to be a finest dress for your honeymoon. You look trendy with a crop top and skirt.

11. Ruffled Sleeves Top

Src: 1, 2

Imagine yourself in a rosey ruffled sleeveless top. It is a romantic dress that you must include in the set of your honeymoon dresses.

Ruffles add the attraction to a dress. You can choose the dress which is sleeveless and ruffled in layers. If you are choosing to wear a lovely ruffled skirt, that also would sync with fashion.

12. Flared Cap Style Top with Jeans

Src: 1, 2

A top that beautifully flares out is awesome with skinny jeans. When it is all about pairing, do the right pairing. When you are going for shopping or coffee, you can wear such dresses.

You can choose a flared top that got floral prints. The plain flared tops are lovely too. Let the colour and design do the styling work!

13. Spaghetti Strap Dress

Src: 1, 2

You keep wearing long tops and kurtis for everyday casual look. So, honeymoon is meant to be crazy. Keep all your daily wear outfits and try a spaghetti dresses.

Spaghetti strap dresses are ultimate for night parties or dinner. If you are going for rocking concert, the you can wear a lovely spaghetti dress.

Winter Dresses for Honeymoon:

Every dress that is comfy and cozy calls you to wear it. But don’t compromise on your appearance based on the season and climatic conditions. Not at least during your honeymoon. Make it romantic with stunning winter dresses in your honeymoon. We have given you the fashionable pairings and ideas for your honeymoon during winters.

14. Oversized Sweater

Src: 1, 2

Women developed new love for over sized outfits. Over sized is a great fashionable choice in winter. The extreme winter chills let you want something comfy and warm. The cropped dresses and sleeveless will let you go freeze. So, you can wear a stunning over sized sweater with legwarmers. And there you get the fashionable look for honeymoon.

15. Colourful Printed Outfit

Src: 1, 2

Colourful printed dress is meant for winters. The colourful prints make you look girly and beautiful extremely. During hot summers, you stay away from anything bright and dark even though it is great on you. Then, in winters, you cannot miss the colourful dresses away, especially for honeymoon.

16. Frock Style Coat

Src: 1, 2

Any style of frock gives you a girly look that is going to stay on. Frock can be your winter dress but with coat style. You will love to wrap yourself in a frock style coat during winters.

Get wrapped in the coat first and in your partner’s arms. A befitting dress for honeymoon. Isn’t it?

17. Fur Coat

Src:1, 2

Wearing a fur coat, be a snow girl in your honeymoon. When you are going for the adventures like boating and trekking, you can wear the fur coat. This is going to make you look trendy. If you want to wear fur coat which looks bright on you, then ou can choose a shimmer one.

18. Lace Top with Full Sleeves


You can never go wrong when you have a lace top with full sleeves. You can pair the lace top with a jeans. A sleet dress with full sleeves is always a timeless style. You are going to appear chic and it will be a perfect womanly dress.

You can look at the above image, wear you have a red lace top along with a black jeans.

19. Velvet Dress

Src: 1, 2

Velvet outfits are lovely and must wear in your honeymoon. When you are wearing something new and unique, you feel special. Everything bright and shiny may not be beautiful. But a velvet dress is beautifully bright.

You may not find the better chance than winter and honeymoon to wear a stunning velvet dress. So, pick a velvet dress to feel all special in your honeymoon.

20. Long Shrug

Src: 1, 2

Long shrugs are a must wear for winters. As you would want to wear something casual and good looking, you can simply go with a shrug. Shrug over a tee is great for shopping, side walk and outings during your honeymoon. You can wear a long shrug that gives you a trendy look.

21. Comfy Crochet Outfit

Src: 1, 2

In winter you would want snug with your clothes be it anywhere. So, for your honeymoon, the clothes must also make you look stunning. A crochet outfit will be warm enough and let you look beautiful.

The intricate work of crochet makes you look extremely appealing. An appealing dress is a befitting one for honeymoon.

23. Two Piece Gown


You may get to go on a candle light dinner or a beautiful spot to have special moments. Then a two-piece gown will be your best friend as a honeymoon dress.

You can also set a two piece gown with your choice of top and gown. Such a bit heavy dress is a must wear for winter fashion. You can go with full sleeves that is perfect for winter fashion.

24. Long Flared Shirt Dress

Src: 1, 2

Long flared shirt dress makes you look elegant. If you want to make casual appearance, you can wear a long flared shirt dress. It is a trending style of shirt which is unique and slightly girly from other routine shirts.

If you feel wearing shirts is manly during honeymoon, give yourself a feminine look with shirt long shirt dress. You can also take the help of some girly accessories that highlight your lovely appearance.

25. Floral Jumpsuit

Src: 1, 2

The girlish dresses are fashionable and very much the honeymoon kind. The flowers add the beauty to dresses. Let your appearance be brighter with a vibrant coloured jumpsuit. Let your dress match your enthusiasm of the moment. It is a romantic dress for honeymoon. Jumpsuit also can be an attire for your honeymoon easy travelling.

A floral printed jumpsuit can also be for casual outfit that goes well with shopping, outings and beach time.

You may float in love with your partner during honeymoon. But there is something you must never forget as a woman- it is you style and clothing. Let your fashion sense talk along while you are adding the sweet lines for your beloved.

Celebrate your happiness with some fashion and style.

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