18 Types of Bra – Every Type has It’s Purpose of Design


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Types of Bra

Lingerie and inner wears are playing a role of fashion, comfort and shaped figure for women. Previously, bras were worn to keep the breast in place. Now bras are coming in various styles. We must better call it various purposes than styles. Every style of bras has its own purpose. So, you must not pick a bra without knowing the purpose of the design and style. You want to know more about it? Then, go on..

You cannot go with the fancy name or fancy look of the bra. First comes your bust size, comfort. After that, your purpose of taking that particular bra must be your priority. The wide options, let you find the best and sometimes the worst product as well. That is why you are asked to have an idea about the product. For now, get some information on types of bras and their purposes.

Here are some of the bras which are available in the market. You will find the purpose and then you will be able to decide to fix on the style of the bra or not.

Different Types of Bras with their Purpose

1. Strapless bras

Types of Bra: Strapless Bras

Strapless style is trending these days. Though it is existing since years, it is more accepted in recent times. Modern girls and women love to wear cold shoulder and off shoulder tops. And they cannot show the bra straps which ruins the attractive look of the outfits. So, the straps should be hidden.

When I heard the name strapless, the only thought triggered my  mind was “Then what holds the breast if it strapless.” This is the common fear with strapless bras but many of the bras are doing a good job even being strapless.

I would advise, women to use strapless bras when they are wearing off shoulder tops. You can go stylish carefree. Anyways, you have convertible strapless bras in reputed brands.

2. Wireless Bras

Types of Bra: Wireless Bras

Bras are coming with wires which give the best support for women with heavy bust. But some of the women may not feel under wired bras is uncomfortable. Women with medium or small bust prefer wireless bras. On a humid day, wired bras may irritate you. It may also create rashes under the breast. So, when you don’t feel the need of wired bra, you can opt wireless bras. Some of the wired bras also hurt with stiff wire. That is the reason some of the women pick wireless bras.

You can choose a wireless bra without padding which can give your breast a good lift up and shape. Wireless bra come with great quality and fit which you can prefer for everyday wear.

3. Underwired Bras

Underwired Bras Type

Underwire bras are perfect for big size breast. It gives proper support through out the day. Women with small breast generally don’t prefer under wired bra. If you are looking for natural lift up and support for your breast, underwired bras can be a great choice.

The wire would be made of metal, plastic or resin. So, women can go for underwired bra for daily wear. But you need to check if the wire keeps you comfortable.

4. T-Shirt Bras

T-Shirt Bras Type

It was difficult to find a bra that goes invisible through a t-shirt or skin fit dresses. That a t-shirt bra came into existence. T-shirt bras are seamless and invisible through the T-shirts. T shirt bras are smoothly designed in rounded shape. You can see the cups well molded for a t-shirt bra. When a woman is wearing a skin fit t-shirt or blouse, she may need a t-shirt bra. It makes the breast look smooth from out. Even though, these bras are named as t-shirt bras, it can be used with any skin fit blouse.

These bras are good for everyday. So, a t-shirt bra is common style of bra which is a part of every woman’s wardrobe.

5. Sports Bras

Sports Bras Type

The sports bras are generally preferred by sports women or fitness freaks. It keeps the breast firm and in place compared to other bra types. This bra type reduces the breast movement during workout. It is also of light weight without any padded cup, underwire and straps. This way, the sports bra is gives full comfort during physical exercise.

Sports bras are also worn as top for trendy bottoms. The sports bras became a part of casual fashion wear for women.

6. Push Up Bras

Push Up Bras Types

Push up bras bring your breasts upwards. It also brings the breast close and together to create a cleavage naturally. Push bras are a best choice for women with smaller breast. The type of bras that every woman can wear to increase the volume. Women with bigger breast can avoid push bra. The bras cups are made with foam to lift up the breast.

Women prefer to the push bras for daily use or occasionally to get a shaped breast. It fits in with all variety of outfits.

7. Padded Bras

Padded Bras Type

Padded bras are designed to make the bust look firmer and fuller. The cups are padded to increase the appearance of the bust. In fact, all kind of the bras can be padded or non padded. Some of the bras come with semi padded or lightly padded.

8. Balconette Bras


Balconette bras cover the half part of the breast. It covers the nipples and mostly preferred to create a cleavage. But it doesn’t give you a full coverage but lift ups your top part of breast. The height of the cups is shorter compared to other types of the bras. The straps of the bras are wider which are closer to the armpits. This helps for a low cut neckline which also goes widely open. These bras are trending with various designs and patterns. The big brands like zivame, clovia, jockey, enamor have released the balconette bras. It is one of the new sexy type of bra that women are opting.

You can wear a balconette bra with low cut and deep neck tops.

9. Bralettes

Types of Bras: Bralettes

Bralettes are designed more for the shape of the breast than for support. These are good for fashionable and casual wear. Mostly recommended for smaller breast women. It is better, if women with bigger breast don’t for bralettes. These bras are non padded, wireless which are cannot hold or support bigger breast. Hence, it makes the breast look saggy.

The bralettes are stylish with various designs and styles. You can wear the bralettes inside a off shoulder top as it looks fashionable. The bralette looks pretty under a sheer top as well. You can try any of these styles with your trendy bralletes.

10. Minimizer Bras

Minimizer Bras

Minimizer bras are a wonderful option for women with bigger breast. If some women want to increase the volume of bust, some want reduce breast projection. So, here comes a minimizer bra for women with larger breast. The cups are designed in the way that reduces the breast by fitting within the given cup size. It helps in distributing the breast tissues evenly without bulging out bust. These bras also help you in preventing sagging breast.

You can choose a minimizer bra and find the difference of with and without it.

11. Demi Bras

Image source: c-and-a.com

Firstly, there is a difference between balconette and demi bra. It lifts up the cleavage but covers more than a balconette bra.

Whenever you out to show out your cleavage and upper part of breast, demi bra will let you do it perfectly. You can wear a demi bra with a lower cut t-shirt or a deep cut square neckline.

12. Lace Bras

Lace Bras

Lace bras are super stylish that every modern woman stocks up in her closet. Lace bras can give you a feminine look. Lace bras can be your choice, when you want to embrace your parts. It makes you look colour in and out. In fact, lingerie with lace fabric is trending.

Lace bras can be part of your party wear outfits. You can show off the beautiful lace straps when you are wearing a off shoulder top. It can also style your sheer tops and see through tops.

13. Printed Bras

Printed Bras

The printed bras look fashionable and colourful. You also get multi coloured printed bras. If you are choosing lingerie, then you can for printed which looks perfect. Many of the reputed brands are offering printed bras. If you picking printed bras, there is no need to compromising on fit, sizes, comfort.

If you are asking us, how to wear a printed bra then- wear it with sheer top to show off the lovely print. When you are wearing the bandeau tops, you can add some colour with your printed bra straps. Printed bras can be part of fashionable beach wear lingerie. Aren’t printed bras fashionable?

14. Front hook bra

Front Hook Bra

How tough it is to fix the bra buttons at back? It is everyday difficult task for women. And it is not less than any yoga pose. If you think it is tough to fix the hooks at the back, then this is for you. You will find it easy wearing the bra. Front hook bra is easy to wear and remove.

You also get the front hook bras with perfect fitting and in various cup sizes. If you want to try, choose a good brand of bra. The right front bra will not disappoint you in any way.

15. Halter Neck Bras

Bras with Halter Neck

Halter neck bra is modish and a must have for modern women. You can wear this type of bra when you are wearing some unique outfits.

You can choose a lace bra with halter neck for a backless blouse. The bra strap gives your whole outfit a unique look. It is good for casual and occasional wear as well.

The bra also holds your bust properly without sagging. You can choose a halter neck bra with fully padded or semi padded cups.

16. Bandeau Bras

Bandeau Bras Type

Bandeau bra is called as a tube bra. This is one of the voguish bras that modern girls go for. It is complete strapless bra and sometimes comes with slightly padded cups. It is mostly with stretchable fitting which an good option for small bust women.

These bras can also be worn with the see through tops. You can also wear the bandeau bra and add the blazer over it. This is just like bandeau top.

17. Plunge Bras

Plunge Bra

Plunge bras are meant to lift up and form a cleavage naturally. In order to form a cleavage, the breast comes together when you are wearing a plunge bra. It is different from the above mentioned bras. It comes with angled cups and these are not heavily padded. They give half coverage to the bust.

18. Corset Bras

Corset Bras

Corest bra is a well structure bra which gives you a coverage from bust to hips. The length of the bra can vary. Corset bras are also called as bustiers. The structure of the corset bra helps in shaping your body. It works like a slip for you. It comes with lace detailing and with back close.

You can wear the closet bras with beautiful gowns for a perfect shape.

If you are choosing bra, then you must also know the type and purpose. Now, you will be convinced with importance of bra type. Generally, women choose a wrong bra type and blame the brand, type, store. But no, it can be a wrong type for you or your purpose of wearing. Hope you will choose a right bra type taking the detailed information on every type of bra.

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