Home Remedies to Cure Cold Overnight


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Home Remedies to Cure Cold

Cold and flu, may be one among a very short list of maladies, for which mankind has not yet found a proven solution, or many among us think so. Over the counter treatments could, only as much bring temporary relief from the symptoms. The bug survives in our system, throughout its lifespan.

More often than not, home remedies come in more handy than pharmaceutical ones, as the former tends to gradually remove the symptoms, unlike the latter, in which case the symptoms are completely gotten rid of, only for them to return with a vengeance.

Read on ahead and get to know these home remedies to cure cold overnight. You might as well read about magic. These natural remedies for cold, albeit straight forward and simple, sure are magical.

Natural Remedies for Cold

1Hygiene and Rest

Hygiene and Rest

A lot of times, our ignorance to our hygiene, leads to culturing of the flu virus. We should be equipped with clean supplies of napkins, and must make sure that we stay as far away from the dust, as it is possible.

Giving our system enough rest, means that our immune system gets enough time to recover, and thus may be enough to fight off the initial symptoms of the virus.



Gargling with lukewarm salt solution, or some anti inflammatory concentrate, not only moistens the throat, but also kills the germs that might be colonizing the region.

Gargling with tea, that contains tannin, may bring about contraction of the membrane, thus providing immediate relief. A more concentrated gargle, using honey and apple cider vinegar, is a popular remedy in folklore. Honey although, should not be given to children below the age of one year.

3Hot Drinks and Shower

Hot Drinks and Shower

Hot drinks are sure to relieve you of nasal congestion and as well prevents the dehydration of the mucus membrane. The painful inflammations are soothed and relief brought about.

A hot shower provides much needed moisture to the nasal passages, and clears the facial cavities, we know by sinuses. The steam relaxes the tension in the muscles and membranes, thus providing relief.

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4Hot and Cold Packs

Hot and Cold Packs

A marked change in temperatures, brings about relief in case of any inflammations. Compress packs are available over the counter. One may, however make one themselves, by dampening a piece of cloth either in boiling water, or ice.

5Keep you Head at an Elevation while Sleeping

Elevation while Sleeping

Keeping your head at an elevation, while sleeping, helps in drainage of the facial cavities, and the nasal passages. Sleeping with a second pillow can work wonders beyond imagination.

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