9 Brilliant Benefits of Besan For Skin- Nourish Your Skin


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Nature gave us many of the natural resources and factors to protect the sensitive beauty. The natural elements are the best options for skin treatments. Your skin is worth of your valuable time out of busy schedules.

Besan is contributing it’s goodness for all the beauty tips since ages. It is a preferred remedy for conditioning skin. This is also a traditional way to treat Indian skin and set a even beauty. It can create magic on face by giving instant glow, freshness and by removing the stuff settled on skin. Gram flour cant be a preferred food ingredient but can be a perfect one in beauty tips. But what are the factors that besan has in it.

Why besan for face: Besan has good contents that can nourish face to great extent. Besan is rich protien, fatty acids and vitamins, which are very much needed for skin wellness. Woman’s skin always need something sensitive but hard at removing the dirt. So, besan is good at doing these two jobs at same time. That means, it removes the dirt in a gentle way. There no side effects as it is completely natural. Using besan your skin can deal any season and climatic condition.

What a little goodness of besan for your skin?

  1. Besan and turmeric for Acne


Three of the ingredients are highly helpful skin treatment naturally. The combination of these three ingredients works good than applying separately. Mainly this face pack is to remove off the acne on face. As turmeric fights against bacteria, it will reduce acne and prevent your skin from occurring new acne on face. Besan can help to exfoliate the skin and give a acne free skin to a better extent.


1 tablespoon of besan

1/2 tablespoon of turmeric

Drops rose water

Steps to do

  1. Take a bowl to add all the ingredients(Besan, turmeric and rose water)
  2. Stir all the ingredients until a thick paste is formed.
  3. Apply the prepared face pack on clean face and leave it on for 20 minutes.
  4. Then, wash off your face with cold water.

How Often?

You can apply this pack continuously on daily basis.

2. Besan and Fenugreek for Hair Removal Pack


Besan is always a perfect agent to perform in removal of hair. But the combination with fenugreek is makes the work easier to exfoliate facial hair.





Steps to do

  1. Grab a bowl and star adding besan, fenugreek and water.
  2. Stir it well to make it a thick paste.
  3. Then pack your face with the prepared paste.
  4. You need to leave your face with pack and let it dry.
  5. Then scrub of the face pack gently.

How Often?

You need to apply this daily to notice the results.

  1. Besan and lemon juice for Tan removal

The presence of Vitamin C and citric acid in lemon can help to remove tan easily along with besan. As tan needfs to be removed with perfect and thick paste all these ingredients together make the tan remove effortlessly.


4 Teaspoons Besan

1 Teaspoon Lemon Juice

1 Teaspoon Yogurt

Pinch of Turmeric

Steps to do

  1. Take a bowl in hand and add besan and turmeric.
  2. Then add yogurt and squeeze out lemon juice into it.
  3. Mix the added ingredients thoroughly.
  4. Apply on the cleaned face.
  5. Allow to stay it for 20 minutes.
  6. Then rinse off with water by rubbing in circular motions.

How often?

Doing this on daily basis for a week will show the great results.

  1. Besan and Milk For Fairness


The blend of basen and milk is a natural and proven remedy for fairness. The fulfilled nutrients in milk aid to enhance overall beauty and nothing can be a better moisturizer than milk for skin. The other factor that makes milk an active ingredient in beauty tips is lactic acid, which is useful to reduce skin pigmentation.


  1 Tablespoon Besan

  1 Tablespoon Yogurt

  2 Tablespoon Milk

  Steps to do

  1. Firstly take a bowl to add besan, milk and then mix.
  2. Next add yogurt the milk mixed basen paste.
  3. Stir all the added ingredients finely.
  4. Start applying on clean face, all over.
  5. Leave the pack for 15 minutes.
  6. Wash out the pack from your face with col water, by rubbing in circular motions.

How often?

Keep applying this basen pack at least thrice a week.

  1. Besan and egg white for Anit-Aging


Aging affects skin and it goes through many problems like wrinkles and skin tightening. So, women need to escape from aging skin issues and egg white works the best at it. Egg helps to retain the elasticity of skin and make the wrinkles invisible gradually.




Egg White

Lemon Juice

 Steps to do

  1. Take a bowl and seperate egg white for use.
  2. Add lemon juice to egg white and blend the both.
  3. Pour in honey and then besan into the bowl.
  4. Now, stir all the added elements.
  5. Wash your face with warm water beofre applying the pack.
  6. The, cover your face with the made pack, just to open clogged pores (rub in circular motions while applying the pack)
  7. Let the pack settle on your face for few minutes.
  8. Wash off your face with warm water and pat dry it.
  9. Then, apply a oil-free moisturizer.

How often?

Keep using thrice a week.

  1. Besan and rose water for Oily Skin


Besan is a natural cleanser for oily skin. It absorbs skin and remove all the impurities which are causinh oily skin. There will be no more greasiness after using Besan for your face. The process of making this besan face is too simple with easy ingredients.


2 tablespoons besan

4 tablespoons rosewater

Steps to do

  1. Take both besan and rose water in a bowl.
  2. Mix them up to make fine paste.
  3. Apply face to neck all over.
  4. Leave it for 15-20 minutes.
  5. Wash off gently by rubbing your face in circular motions. (use cool water while washing off your face)

How often?

As it is for oily skin, you can use it daily.

7. Besan and Tomato for glowing skin


This can be a suitable face pack with tomato for all skin types. Tomato and lemon both have the bleaching properties. With the bleaching properties, your skin lightens. It also helps in fading the scars and dark spots.


1 tomato(ripe)

1 tablespoon besan

1 tablespoon lemon juice

Steps to do

  1. Extract tomato pulp into a bowl.
  2. Add basen and lemon juice into the bowl.
  3. Stir it well until you get a good paste.
  4. Allow the pack to absorb your skin for 20 minutes.
  5. Rinse off with water and pat dry. (Rub in circular motions while rinsing off the pack)

How often?

Use this pack twice a week

8. Basen and corn flour for daily use


Basen is good at exfoliating the dirt and dead skin cells. So, it works better with combination of oats and milk. It can also be used for daily use as a body scrub.

1 teaspoon of oats (grounded)

2 teaspoons of corn flour

1 teaspoon of milk

Steps to do

  1. Mix all the ingredients in a bowl.
  2. Take the paste into your hand.
  3. Spread all over your body and keep rubbing while applying.
  4. Rinse off the scrub with warm water.

How often?

It can be used daily as a body scrub.

  1. Besan and Fullers earth Removes Greasiness


Fullers earth is a great ingredient to purify skin and the blend with besan and rose water gives a complete natural treatment. Once you remove the face pack from your face, you will notice the difference that made by fullers earth. It make the skin feel soft and smooth.

Steps to do

  1. Grab a bowl to add besan and fullers earth.
  2. Add rose water drops into the mixed powder.
  3. Stir it finely and start applying on cleaned face.
  4. Let the the besan pack sit on your face for 10-15 minutes.
  5. Then rinse off with water.
  6. At last pat dry your face.

How Often?

You can use this face pack twice a week for good results.

Side Effects Of Besan

Basen has side effects but it is not for all people. Many of them are allergic of basen. Hence, to be on safe side, advise to patch test before applying it on face. It your skin is responding normal with basen, then you can happily apply on whole face for good results.

Make besan packs with simple ingredients and dreaming skin will be all yours. Besan fights against all the skin problems and keep you away from any beauty distractions. We must feel happy to have such multi purpose element and naturally made products for skin care. Use all the methods for your respective skin problem and enjoy the results.

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