Best Yoga For Weight Loss And Toning For Abs Part 2

Yoga For Weight Loss and toning

Abs are one of the most beautiful part in your body. We all dream of having that perfect body where you can see as well as feel those abs and what can be best than yoga that you can do on the comfort of your home? Getting abs is one of the latest trend in the fashion now-a-days. You are considered fit if you have abs and it can make every women jealous. So here, are some best yoga for weight loss and toning for the abs that can really make you fit .

Best Yoga For Weight Loss And Toning

1Firefly Pose or Tittibhasana

Firefly Pose


(a) It can help to stretch your inner groins and the back torso
(b) It can help to strengthen your arms and wrists
(c) It can help to tone the belly
(d) It can help to improve the sense of balance


(a) First squat your feet, in a little less than the shoulder distance. Then tilt the pelvis forward and bring the trunk between the legs. Keeping the trunk low, straighten the legs enough to lift the pelvis to the knees height.
(b) Now bring the left upper arm and the shoulder as far as possible underneath the back side of the left thigh which is just above your knee and place the left hand onto the floor and at the outside edge of the foot, fingers pointing forward. Then repeat these actions onto the other side.
(c) Try to lift yourself off from the floor by carefully shifting to the center of the gravity. Then press the hands in the floor and slowly begin to rock the weight back, off from the feet and on the hands. Keep the inner thighs as high as possible on your arms.

Best Yoga For Weight Loss And Toning For Abs

(d) While inhaling, try to stretch the legs out to your sides as straight as possible, keeping the pelvis high to make the legs parallel from the floor.
(e) Now press through the base of your toes, but try to pull the toes back towards the torso and spread them. The inner edges of the feet must be angled slightly forward, the outer edges slightly back.
(f) Now try to straighten the arms as much as possible. Hollow the chest as you widen the shoulder blades; this can help to round the upper back, which can lift the torso high.
(g) Without even tensing the neck, lift your head and try to gaze forward. Remember to breathe slowly and hold this pose for 15 seconds or even longer, then release the feet to the floor while exhaling.

Beginner’s Tip

You can also approximate this pose by just sitting onto the floor, the legs spread to a ninety-degree angle, elevating each of your heel onto the block, and pressing the palms in the floor between the legs.

Contraindications and Cautions

Try to avoid this asana if you have injuries in your:

(a) Shoulder
(b) Elbow
(c) Wrist
(d) Lower back

2Lord of the Dance Pose or Natarajasana

Lord of the Dance Pose


(a) It can help to strengthen the legs, hips, ankles as well as the chest.
(b) It can help to reduce the weight.
(c) It can help to stretch the thighs, groin and the abdominal organs.
(d) It can help to improve the posture and the balance.
(e) It can help to improve the digestive system.
(f) It is also good to improve concentration.
(g) It can release stress and calm the mind.


(a) Try to stand in a Tadasana or mountain pose. while inhaling, shift the weight on the right foot, and lift the left heel towards the left buttock as you try to bend your knee. Now try to press the head of the right thigh bone back deep in the hip joint, and pull the knee cap to keep the leg standing straight as well as strong.
(b) There are two types that you might try with your arms and hands. In either case, try to keep the torso relatively upright. The first is just to reach back with the left hand and grasp outside of the left foot or the ankle. To avoid the compression in the lower back, actively lift the pubis towards the navel, and at the same time, press the tailbone towards the floor.

Easy-To-Do Yoga Poses For Weight Loss

(c) Then begin with lifting the left foot up, away from the floor, and back, away from the torso. Try to extend your left thigh behind you and parallel from the floor. Stretch the right arm forward, in front of the torso, parallel from the floor.
(d) The second option with your hands is to sweep the right hand behind your back and catch the inner left foot. Then try to sweep the left hand back and again grab outside of your left foot. This variation can challenge the balance even more. Try to raise your thigh as described in the 3rd step. This second variation can increase to lift the chest and stretch the shoulders.
(e) Try to stay on this pose for 20 to 30 seconds. Releasing the grasp from the foot, and place the left foot back on the floor. Repeat the same length of time onto the other side.

Beginner’s Tip

When beginning, lift the leg, try to cramp in the back of your thigh. Be sure that you keep the ankle of your raised foot flexed; which is, draw on the top of the foot towards your shin.

Contraindications and Cautions

(a) Those people who are suffering from low blood pressure, must try to avoid practicing this Natarajasana.
(b) In the beginning you can take the support of your friend or instructor to maintain the proper balance.
(c) Doctors advice is must before you practice any of the exercise.
(d) Always practice under the expert guidance.

Types Of Yoga For Beginners

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