15 Wonderful Minimalist Tattoo For You


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minimalist tattoo

Tattoo fascinates many of us. It is just not a style statement which is trending these days, but it also reflects a few of the elements of your personality. If we talk about an extrovert, he or she will probably go for large, colorful tattoos. But, if we talk about introverts, they opt for minimalistic kind of tattoos. In this article, we have accumulated a handful minimalist tattoo for the tattoo lovers.

Minimalist Tattoo Ideas



Get inked with the word ‘Timshel’. This word is a quote in itself, which means ‘thou mayest’. It is for reminding people that they always have a choice. The word is originated out of John Steinbeck’s novel East of Eden.

2Music Notes

Music Notes

The music lover can go for inking them with a music note. To make it special or a unique tattoo, you can ink yourself with the note which is close to your heart or that music note which is copyrighted by you.

3Arm Bands

Arm Bands

It is a stylish tattoo. You can have a thin or thick arm bands depending upon your preference.



Dots give an illusion of natural beauty marks like moles. You can create a symbol, a word, or a number arranging few dots in a pattern.

5Basic Wave

Basic Wave

If you like sea waves, then you go for basic sea waves. This shows that you love peace. This tiny tattoo looks adorable.

6Alchemy symbols

Alchemy symbols

These symbol tattoos are for those who feels a connection with the mother earth. Alchemy symbols depict earthly elements. Each triangle has its significance.

7Egyptian Hieroglyphs

Egyptian Hieroglyphs

These Egyptian hieroglyphs share a personal meaning to every symbol. These Egyptian hieroglyphs are those symbols that were once used ancient Egyptians.

8Outline of A Country or A State

Outline of A Country or A State

You can ink yourself with a map of your country, state, or anything which is close to your heart.

9Roman Numerals

Roman Numerals

Roman numerals can also be inked as a minimalist tattoo. It gives clean and organized feel to your tattoo. You can ink yourself with the birthdate of your loved ones in Roman numeric form.



From a thin engagement ring to a thick replica of an engagement band. Ring tattoos can be inked in several forms. Thin and bold ink depicts about the personality. They also have a significant meaning to your tattoo.

11Paper Plane

Paper Plane

If you love traveling then this is the best tattoo for you. It is creative enough to present your personality as a fun-loving person.

12Heart Pulse

Heart Pulse

You can get inked with heart pulses. This heartbeat tattoo signifies a lot about your personality.

13Needle & Thread

Needle & Thread

This is a brilliant minimalist tattoo which signifies the love of a fashion lover to the basics of fashion.



The people who get tempted with astronomy and constellations can have this tattoo. This type of minimalistic tattoos offers infinite possibilities for your tattoo.

15Cat Paws

Cat Paws

Cat lovers can have these tattoos which represent their love for the cats.

That sums up our list of the minimalist tattoo.

Tiru Dehariya