Spiritual Tattoo Ideas For Girls


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Tattoo Ideas For Girls

Tattoos are becoming the most common form of expressing views and ideas on own thoughts. It is a way of expressing inner self. One of the most amazing thing about tattoos is that it can be done on anything and everything. There are millions and billions of different tattoo ideas for girls available in the market.

But, some types of tattoos like this spiritual tattoos take a very peaceful and different place in our soul. We get spiritual tattoos because when we feel more connected with our soul, get more attracted towards the self portrait of the spirituality. Even now-a-days, Hollywood celebrities like Angelina Jolie, gets a tattoo on Sanskrit shlokas. So here, are some spiritual tattoo ideas for girls that you can wear if you are feeling more connected with your soul.

Tattoo Ideas For Girls

1Dream catcher

Dream catcher

These dream catcher tattoos are some of the most common as well as popular tattoos. Dream catcher is basically a native American handmade willow hoop, that is being woven on a net or web. It can also include sacred items like certain types of feather or beads. Apart from the wall hanging it can be an amazing design for tattoos. Just like the image you can do it on the whole of your back or even as a simple style in the neck.

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2Buddha Tattoo

Buddha Tattoo

Buddha is basically famous for spiritual connectivity as well as inner soul connection and this amazing Buddha sitting on the lotus can be your soul connecting tattoo. As you can see this delicate as well as intricate art can be done on your hand, on the biceps, on your tricep, even on the back depends upon where you want to show.

3Mandala Tattoo

Mandala Tattoo

Mandala is basically a ritual and spiritual symbol in Hinduism and Buddhism, that is used to represent the universe. Mandalas are employed as focusing the attention of the practitioners and adepts as a spiritual guidance tool. It can give aid to meditation and trance induction. It can look a little difficult on pinning down the long mandala through your spinal cord. But, if you are so scared of that then you can wear a single mandala design on the biceps or on the tummy. It can help you to understand your, own spiritual ability and guidance.

4Om neck tattoo

Om neck tattoo

Om tattoos are also considered as one of the most popular tattoos in the world. It is basically a sound and spiritual icon in Hinduism. It is also a mantra in many religion like Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism and Sikhism. The sign basically refers to connecting with the soul and the universe, that is ‘Atman’ and ‘Brahman’. Then what more can be more amazing and beautiful than this tattoo to connect spiritually.

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5Hamsa Eye Tattoo

Hamsa Eye Tattoo

Another popular spiritual tattoo is the Hamsa eye tattoo. It is basically a arm shaped amulet that is very popular throughout the Middle-East and North Africa and is most commonly used as a wall-hanging and jewelry. It generally depicts the open right hand and used as a sign that provides the defense against the evil eye. You can get a big scale tattoo on your back or a small minimalist tattoo on your neck. A beautiful way to protect yourself as well as connect with yourself.

6Angel wings on wrist

Angel wings on wrist

Angel tattoos or the angel wing tattoos can take place in the world to tattooing any time. There are various ways, as well as types of angel tattoos that can be done on your body. But I liked this one more as it can depict the simplicity and minimalism. Just two wings on your both the wrist. You can also get the wings and a ring on your biceps or back. It can make you more religious.

7Sanskrit shloka tattoo

Sanskrit shloka tattoo

This type is not only done by common people, but even celebrities can be seen donning these Sanskrit shlokas on their body. Like ‘Anuugacchatu Pravaha’ tattooed on Katy Perry’s and Russell Brand’s right bicep, which means ‘go with the flow’. You can get whatever you want and let the world know that even you know some parts of Gita, and how true you are to yourself.

8Abstract Ganesha face tattoo

Abstract Ganesha face tattoo

Ganesha face tattoo is among the common tattoos done all over the world. But here I am talking about something more in a abstract way. Many people just go and paint the face of Lord Ganesha, but in this one you can see that the Om and the Ganesha’s face merge together and creates a beautiful masterpiece all together.

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