Nail Art Technique Using A Sponge For Beginners


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Nail Art Technique Using A Sponge For Beginners

Dab dab dab! That’s all there is to the sponge nail art technique. Once you’ve learned this technique, you’ll be able to use this little thing to create several looks with your favourite polishers. Today’s let’s learn about how to use a sponge to create a gradient ombre, and glitter coverage. So,here are some different nail art technique using a sponge for beginners.

Sponge Nail Art For Beginners

1Glitter coverage

Glitter coverage

Always remember to start with the base coat to protect your natural nails. Then, dab some of the polish on the sponge and press it on the nails. Wait a minute between the coats. In two coats you can get the full coverage and it can dry pretty quickly, as well.

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In this process, start off with a white base colour. Then wet the sponge, and squeeze out the excess water. Remember that the sponge must be damp and not too dripping. Ombre nails, are the transition of the colours in the same family.

Paint a stripe of colour on the sponge next to each other. Then, gently damp the sponge onto your nails. Always wait a few minutes before applying the second coat. Otherwise, the polish on the nails will lift off, or smear.



Even for this start off with white base colour. Generally, gradient nails consist of the transition in between two or more colours, on the same nail. Paint two strips of different colours onto your sponge, allowing them to overlap. Then, gently dab it onto the nails. Do not forget, to wait a few minutes between the coats.

You can use liquid latex, surrounding your nails, while applying nail polish. It can help in removing the excess of polish from outside of nails, and give a perfect nail polish.

Always make sure to clean up all the nail polish from your skin and cuticles, with a clean brush, that is dipped in a pure acetone. It can create a professional looking manicure. Then, float on a top coat to save your manicure and create a beautiful shine.

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