Products For At-Home Pedicure

Pedicure Products To Keep At Home

Do you take care of your feet as much as do with your hands? Have you ever noticed your feet, except washing them with soap once in a day? If you did then what are the products you use? And if you didn’t then it’s high time to take notice of your feet. The feet are considered one of the best part to relax your body. Therefore, there are many massages that start from your foot like acupuncture. Many nerves are attached with our foot that gives more relaxation and are connected to our brains. So, here are your some must have pedicure products to keep at home and take care of your feet like never before.

Some Products To Keep at home

1Foot cream for heels

Foot cream for heels

There are many products available in the market to cure your cracked heels. Read the instruction before using. You can massage the cream every night before sleeping and put on a socks and then feel the amazing soft heel every morning.

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2Foot file

Foot file

A foot filer or buffing heels can work wonders on your feet. It can tackle some of the biggest rough spots and calluses. There are many types of foot filers available in the market. With bad foot filers it can harm your feet by taking out too much skin or not being hard enough for dried skin. So while buying a foot filer your responsibility is to find something that is hard enough for dry skin and gentle to leave the fresh skin below.

3Foot brush and pumice stone

Foot brush and pumice stone

Pumice stone can help in removing dead skin and exfoliate your skin. Where as the brush can help with cleaning and most of the time it feels like mini massage. You can use these in between your professional manicures and give your feet a beautiful pedicure experience at home.

4Repair foot care cream

Repair foot care cream

These repair balms have natural alpha hydroxy acids that exfoliates the feet. Try massaging this cream into the bottom of your feet, including between your toes before bed and get smooth and soft feet in the morning. Or you can follow the instruction given.

5Foot Lotion

Foot Lotion

Try some easy dry foot lotion for your feet. This product can give you a glowing feet that can help in drying or improving your heels texture and giving a soft feel.

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6Smoothing scrub

Smoothing scrub

Smoothing scrub is one of the most important product to have after a nice pedicure. You can make it at home or there are many products available in the market. These scrubs can exfoliate your feet and the granules won’t even feel abrasive.

7Sponge bath

Sponge bath

Rubbing with a sponge can give you a soft, pretty scented feet. If you infuse this sponge with moisturizing soap it lathers when get wet and can scrub out the dead skin and smooth out calluses.

8Sea serum

Sea serum

Sea serum’s alpha hydroxy acid complex can break the bond between dead skin cells and tough calluses and can also prevent callus development over time. Giving a smooth feet.

9Pedicure socks

Pedicure socks

These socks are designed in a way to have a huge benefit in protecting pedicured feet to be fully moisturized or to protect fresh from smudging and denting. It allows the skin to fully absorb the moisturizer.

10Cuticle oil

Cuticle oil

By massaging cuticle oil on your nail beds and let it sit for a few minutes can help in loosening them before pushing them off.

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11Cuticle pusher

Cuticle pusher

Try using a cuticle pusher that is made of birchwood or orange wood and be gentle while pushing your cuticle as they are very delicate at that point of time.

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