Reasons On Why You Do Not Have Orgasms

Do Not Have Orgasms

There are a lot of debates going on, on how a woman is very different as well as abnormal when she does not have orgasms or you can say does not reach the climax. Every one knows that orgasms are natural, healthy and just heavenly. But some of the time they can also be rare. Some studies show that only 25% of women actually and easily reach to the climax. For other 75% position and even mood can lower their chances of hitting the big O. But, also remember that there are many lesser known facts on why you do not have orgasms, so here are a few.

Surprising Causes On Why You Do Not Have Orgasms

1Sitting in a chair all day

Sitting in a chair all day

You can think you are not doing any type of major damage by just sitting in a chair all day long at work. But remember that spending too much time in your chair can also shorten the muscles of your pelvic floor. In regards to orgasms, it means that the tightness of the muscles can also stand in the way of climax. You must always make it a point to get up and do some stretches throughout your day at work.

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2You’re on anti-depressants

You're on anti-depressants

It also seems unfair that medicines that are needed to keep you on an even, can play a part of your orgasm. Unfortunately enough, anti-depressants can also mess up on what is going on in the pleasure department of your brain, which makes it extremely hard to reach, not impossible, for both the men and women to reach climax. You must talk to your doctor about trying any other brand of anti-depressants.



When you have a lot things on your itinerary and not enough of time in a day to do them, it becomes the least of your concerns in having an orgasm during sex. In fact, sex itself, feels like a chore. Taking some time to put your stresses on hold, and try more on being in the moment, and then relaxing can really help you unwind and maybe also achieve orgasm.

4Wear high heels too often

Wear high heels too often

Wearing stilettos for any amount of time has a detrimental effect on the pelvis floor and the pelvis. Psoas muscles, which connect with your muscles and the nerves can too lead to complexity in your pelvic floor, genitalia and the related organs. These psoas muscles are sticky as well as tense due to the prolonged high heel stress and becomes unable to transmit the arousal message, which is necessary for orgasm.In other words, if they are not in good shape then the climaxing is less likely to happen.

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5Not drinking enough water

Not drinking enough water

Drinking water and any other type of hydrating fluids can help in orgasms, because your body needs water and also work more properly with it. Alcohol can look like the key to more orgasms, but it can actually be the kiss of death, when it comes to having an orgasm. This means you should really kick your drinking habit.

6Too distracted

Too distracted

Here I am not only talking about distractions, which comes from stress, but also those distractions which comes with any type of personal insecurities. If you are concerned about your way of look, skills, smell, or even sometimes noises that have come while having sex. Then you are never going to relax enough or sometimes even have an orgasm. Try to get over all of your hang-ups and then just go with it. In the heat of the moment, he is not going to care about the stretch marks you have.

7Not sure on how to “work it”

Not sure on how to

This point has nothing to do with technique in bed, but everything about how well you know about your body and how it work. One of the most important aspect that any woman wants to attain the ecstasy of orgasm is, just to explore her own body and discover on what she likes the most, on what she feels good, and on how to have orgasms. No matter how much time it takes, experimenting with your body and then finding what can get you off is just one of the best ways to have an orgasm.

8Oxytocin levels are too low

Oxytocin levels are too low

The “love” or “feel-good” hormone, that is oxytocin, goes hand-in-hand during orgasms. If the body is not producing enough oxytocin, then it becomes hard to climax. Oxytocin levels are very much likely become low if you are anxious or not up.

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9Forgetting to Pee

Forgetting to Pee

It is easy to overlook some little things like, your bladder for that moment. But when your man try to stimulate your G-spot during sex. It can make you feel like you have to pee. The G-spot is surrounded by a gland called Skene, which is then connected to your bladder. So when there is contact with the G-spot, you will feel like you have to go to the washroom. Then you clench up, let go of the climax.

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