Ways to Remove Dust From Face


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remove dust from face

Living in a city means facing all the dust wherever you go, especially if you travel with a two-wheeler. Dust particles are so tiny that, wrapping a scarf around your facial just won’t work. Our face and body is covered with dust at the end of the day, taking a bath helps for the body. But, the skin of our face is different from our body’s skin. Our face skin is more sensitive. This is why we need to take extra care of our face. You can follow these ways to remove dust from face.

How to remove dust from face at home

1Cleanse twice a day

Cleanse twice a day

Cleansing our face is very important, doing it twice a day would be enough. But, make sure you do, it twice only the days you have excess exposure to dust. Always keep in mind that cleansing your face more can be the reason of a dehydratedskin, so wash your face in limits. For cleansing, please know your skin type and use the products accordingly. Any usage of a wrong product may lead to damaged skin. You will not get the result you want.

2No Soap!

No Soap!

For a healthy face, my suggestion to you is to totally abandon the usage of soap for cleansing your face. Our body skin and facial skin is different, our body can take the strong formulation of a soap. Using a soap can be harsh on your skin and would damage your skin over time.

Our face needs a much more gentler formula for cleansing. In the above point, we saw how important knowing your skin type is. Yes! You should know if your skin is normal, oily or dry. When you buy a cleanser or a facewash make sure that you see the product details and get a facewash or cleanser accordingly. An absolutely no chemical but totally natural or ayurvedic facewash or cleanser according to your skin type would remove dust from face.

Today’s market offers you a wide range of choice. You have a top brands like Garnier to Lakme which are known to be the best cosmetic brands. You also have the ayurvedic and natural ingredient based brands like Himalaya and Patanjali. The only suggestion for picking up of a good cleanser is that, you should know your skin type. And understand which product offers you with best ingredients that suits your skin type.

3Use lukewarm water

Use lukewarm water

Once you have the perfect cleanser, the next thing you need to do is use slightly warm water to wash your face. You might not want to use hot water because, hot water would just make your skin dry and damage it over time. Similarly, you might not want to use cold water because, cold water would not dissolve into your skin and remove the dirt from the pores. If you use lukewarm water, it would give a fresh feeling to your sink. Rejuvenating your face, removing all the dust and dirt from it.

4Use a soft sponge

Use a soft sponge

Remember, that you always have to be very gentle while cleaning your face. While you are cleaning, you can use your fingers to rub your face. You can also use a very soft sponge to rub your face and clean away the dirt.

5The steps to clear face

The steps to clear face

Here’s how you should go about it. Have lukewarm water, patted on your face making, the surface of your face wet. Then pick your cleanser take a considerate amount of the formula on your palm. Gently rub your palms with each other, allowing the cleanser to form foam. Then slowly apply the cleansing foam on your face and rub it moving your hands in a circular way.

You can also soak a soft sponge in lukewarm water. Then put the cleanser on the sponge and use it to rub your face in a gentle and circular way. Using a sponge is good because it helps remove dust from face entirely.

Once you have started to rub your face with your fingers or using a soft sponge, make sure you don’t keep doing it for very long. You might think rubbing a lot or rubbing for a longer time will give you better results. But that’s not going to happen, because it will eventually damage your skin. So, after gently rubbing your face for some time, rinse your face with lukewarm water nicely. Make sure that you rinse it well without leaving any cleanser on the hairline.

No, you are not done yet. After cleaning your face fully and neatly, always blot the excess water from your face. Use a soft towel and try not to rub the towel on your face to remove excess water. After that, you can use a gentle water based toner or moisturizer to lock the surface moisture. Please ensure that the toner you use should also be an appropriate one according to your skin type.

Yes, now your face is cleansed and dust free. There are many other ways to remove dust from face, using the above method is the easier and do it yourself (DIY) way.

By- Roseleen Aind.

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