Rose Tattoo Ideas For Women


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Tattoo Ideas For Women

From the teenagers to the grandparents, rose is considered as one of the most popular and famous tattoo designs to get. But with such a hugerange of tattoos, each one of the tattoo is incredibly unique. The rose tattoo ideas for women have so many types of meanings and is also very rich with symbolism. The rose flower is considered as an epitome of beauty, the irresistible source of fragrance, the love symbol and with all the hidden catch – the thorn also ensures that this beauty is not without any pain.

Roses are by far considered as one of the most popular tattoo designs for both the men and women. They are very beautiful, versatile, timeless as well as symbolic. So here, are some rose tattoo ideas for women that you can try out if planning to give the tattoo a try.

Tattoo Ideas For Women

1Shoulder rose tattoo

Shoulder rose tattoo

Rose tattoos can be special and when it is done on to the shoulders then nothing can look more sexier than this. Just a single rose outlined can be done on the front side of the shoulder and it can have a beautiful effect on your whole body.

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2Side shoulder tattoo

Side shoulder tattoo

If you want a big tattoo and not something on the back, then you can try this side shoulder rose tattoo. The benefit is that you can hide it when ever you want and reveal whenever you want. It is just made of the outlines of the roses and black shades. It is one of the most beautiful way to show off the feistiness in you.

3Yellow rose tattoo

Yellow rose tattoo

Color tattoos has always been in trend, and this amazing yellow rose tattoo can really reflect the colorful nature in you. Color tattoos are the most amazing ways to express your feeling. You can wear this tattoo on your wrist or shoulders or anywhere you feel sexy.

4Grayscale arm rose tattoos

Grayscale arm rose tattoos

This amazing arm rose tattoo, is made in gray. It is just the depiction of a single rose and leaves and according to my opinion this looks perfect on the back of your arm. Show off whenever you want it. It can never go wrong with any attire and always add to your style quotient.

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5Near the neck

Near the neck

Near the neck small tattoos have always been in fashion and this beautiful single black rose near the neck tattoo can add a major style goal to your fashion. Remember that when ever you just want to add a tattoo near the neck then it must be small and simple. It is also best for people who are minimalist.

6Rose and tendrils

Rose and tendrils

Do you want the whole rose on your arm? Then this is one of the best tattoo to fulfill your long desire. It looks just like an animated rose with perfectly blown petal. You can get this one in any part you want. But like the image your arm may look much better.

7Blue rose tattoo

Blue rose tattoo

This one is my favourite, blue rose is my favourite color in the rose and getting a tattoo on this rose color is just a dream come true. A small, simple as well as beautiful tattoo is all that is needed. You can get this one done on your wrist, or on your shoulder. Just remember that you must make it look sexy.

83D red rose tattoo

3D red rose tattoo

Now who doesn’t love 3D art? You do right? Then how about engaging that art in your body? A beautiful red rose drawn perfectly in a 3D format in your shoulders. Nothing can look best than this. It is just the image coming out from your body itself. You can wear a off shoulder dress, or a spaghetti top or dress to show off the amazing mark on your body.

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