10 Amazing Hacks To Lose Weight In 10 Days


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Lose Weight

Are looking forward to wearing a backless choli for your friends coming wedding, but you want to tone down just a little? So, you finally decide you want to lose that baby fatyou have been meaning to shed for quiet sometime, But the little problem to this tale is the time constraints. Maybe the wedding is approaching soon, or you have to meet your long distance boyfriend or a job interview. 10 days is all you have. Are you worried? Well, don’t be 10 days is a lot we say. These 10 brilliant hacks to lose weight in 10 days will save your day and help you lose the little fat that is bothering you. Here is what you should do,

hacks to lose weight1. Include More fibre in diet-

One of the best ways to reduce your weight quickly is consuming and including more fibre in your diet. Fibre gives you the feeling of being full for a longer time as it takes a lot of time to digest. It does not contribute to your calories and is passed out of the system completely. Eating more fibre will keep you satiated for a longer time and prevent you from eating often. Here are some foods great in Fibre-

• Broccoli
• Brussels sprouts.
• Cabbage.
• Lentils
• Black Beans etc.

Include More fibre in diet2. Consume good fats-

Fats are not always bad, it is a common misconception that consuming anyting with fat will make you gain weight. Only the saturated fats that is present in fried and other junk foods is harmful. The good fats or the unsaturated fats help you reduce cholesterol. It is also good at reducing the risk of heart disease. Eating good fats in a proportioned amount have been great for toning your body. Here is a list of foods containing good fats-

• Avocado
• Sweet potato.
• Nuts
• Olive Oil.
• Dark chocolate.

3. Reduce carbohydrates drastically-

For a 10 day target of reducing your weight, the perfect way is to completely eradicate excess carbohydrates out of your diet. If you can, then restrict it to below avg. 230 gms. Carbohydrates are present in almost all foods in some quantities; hence it can be difficult to cut down. But, for best results, try to tone down the carb content. Carbohydrates contain lot of calories, and the unused calories can be easily converted to fat, thus, increasing your weight.

4. Consume Proteins-

Proteins are the building blocks for body muscles. Proteins are hard to digest and take time to completely be evicted from body, So they keep you satiated for a longer time. Consuming more proteins will benefit you more as it will keep you full and thus lead to lesser consumption of carbs, and it will help the body in losing visceral and stored fat and building up muscle mass.

Consume Proteins5. Replace Those Unhealthy snacks-

Some minute lifestyle changes can give you instant results in losing some weight in less time. Replace that evening snack with something healthier. Like your everyday office Samosa with an apple/Fruits or a cup of cappuccino with warm green tea. This will make sure that you consume lesser calories and create a deficit in your body, this deficit of calories will be met by your stored fats and you will lose weight. Here are some healthy snack options-

• Boiled eggs
• Apple
• Fruit salad
Fresh juice
• Dark chocolate
• Banana.

6. Portion Your Meals-

One of the best weight loss hacks is probably so simple you would hardly believe it to work, But it does. Eat small portions of meal and slowly. This may seem absurd. But our brain expands our hunger after seeing a lot of food on the platter. To prevent over eating, consume small portion of your favourite meal, and stuff yourself with salads. After a while if you are hungry still, consume another small portion of food. This helps in eliminating false sense of hunger, and make you eat only the necessary calories.

7. Eat at Home-

A very simple practice of eating at home can bring about a great change in your weight loss regimen. The sole reason why one should eat at home and not outside is because when you eat at home you can concentrate more on your weight loss goals and customise your meals according to your needs. You can reduce the oil to cook your vegetable from 3 spoons to a half a spoon. Replace fried stuff with steamed, Make healthier snacks in innovative ways and hence prevent all those extra calories that you would otherwise end up consuming, if you go out to eat.

Eat at Home8. Drink Plenty Water-

Drinking water is another great hack to lose weight. Consuming a glass of water before every meal for 10 days will make your stomach partially full and keep little space for food, thus making you eat lesser at one time. This is also great as water can keep you hydrated and make you less thirsty and hungry. Additionally, water can be a great way to wash out the toxins from your body and also give you a glowing skin on your awaited 11th day.

Drink Plenty Water9. Workout-

For ladies who dream of losing weight in 10 days, working out or including some kind of physical activity for each of the 10 days is extremely important. While all the above dietary and lifestyle changes will create a calories deficit, the workout will help burn more calories and thus, fasten up the process of losing weight. This is also a great way to keep your reduced weight in maintained form and also achieve a healthier body.

10. Carry little snacks-

One of the most simple and effective hack to lose weight is carrying a small pack of healthy snacks to work, while traveling or even to the market. Having something handy to eat while hunger strikes, will prevent you from giving up and eating something completely unhealthy and fattening. This is a great way to restrict your calories and maintain a healthy eating habit. For example, if you have an apple in your bag, you won’t resort to buying a bag of chips from the office cafeteria.

Carry little snacksTips-

To keep yourself on track follow these simple rules and you will achieve your target weight in 10 days.

• Don’t keep weighing yourself. Initially before losing weight your body tends to fluctuate on weighing scale. Let the scale not hinder your goal. Just use it once on the first day and then continue your weight loss program for 10 complete days before you use it again.
• Cut out all the unnecessary calories out from your diet, avoid the temptation to eat snacks in the middle. Instead eat fruits and drink more water.
• Eat from a smaller plate. This makes your small portion of food look bigger and makes your brain to think he is full sooner.
• Sleep More. Yes, it is known to work. It releases your stress levels and helps your body calm. Your body can work much harder after a good night’s sleep.
• And finally, Keep your confidence high and don’t give up. You may think of giving up when you see your favourite junk food, but in such times always think of some motivation factor, like the dress that you want to wear. Keep a picture of it on your phone as a wallpaper, to remind yourself of what you are going to achieve.

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