12 Ways How To Wear The Trending Boyfriend Shirt


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boyfriend Shirt
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After the chic boyfriend jeans trend, the newest and most casually chic trend to have hit the fashion quarters is the boyfriend shirt trend. The classic white, a nice red plaid or just simply any shirt pulled out from your partners closet. This new style of dressing has simply made us love the comfortable and cool vibe it gives off.  But, as easily casual and chic it can make you look, it also has the complete potential to make you look really unkempt and messy.
So how to wear boyfriend shirts in order to make it look fab and not drab. Well, keep these simple styling tips in mind to wear boyfriend shirts and never go wrong with your impeccable sense of fashion. Here is how you can style a boyfriend shirt perfectly.

Different Ways To Wear The Boyfriend Shirt

1. Boyfriend shirt with jeans

Boyfriend shirt with jeans
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If love wearing your boyfriend’s clothes, this trend will extend your wardrobe so much more. You can style a Boyfriend shirt ways in which you want the comfort to stay maximum and the effort to zero. Well, choose this style. Pair it up with your favorite jeans and you are ready to go. Tuck in one side of the shirt inside the jeans to give your body more structure.

You can also keep it unbuttoned slightly and push it back to wear as an off shoulder or one shoulder top. Effortlessly chic style.

2. With leather bottoms

With leather bottoms
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Steal a nice white crisp pair of shirt from your boyfriend’s clothes and pair it up with these nice figure hugging leather bottoms. Be it a pair of skinny bottom pants or a nice tailored skirt, it will look absolutely amazing. The loose boyfriend shirt has a vibe of casualness to it. The loose ness will add volume to your petite figure. The skinny leather fit gives it a contrast that will make your look, a good mix of both. You can also choose to pair it up with a colourful boyfriend tee and a pair of boots to make it look more casual and badass.

3. As a shirt dress

As a shirt dress
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One of the most versatile type of dresses ever, a shirt dress can be paired up with any fashion jewellry, chokers or hats and it also can be worn to any place. Think about an office meeting, a day out, meeting family or even for a great picnic. It looks casual but yet so formal. Make use of the boyfriend shirt trend and wear a long and loose shirt of your boyfriend and tuck it under a bust belt. The center tightness will give the loose shirt a shape and the otherwise flowing shirt will add a casual vibe. Use bold colours when you want it to look formal. Go for light and pastels for a more casual picnic kind of a look.

4. With flared pants

With flared pants
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The flared pant trend is everywhere and how can we miss it here in the casual chic list. Wear a nice pair of printed or solid flared pant to go with your solid boyfriend shirt and you are ready for the runway, well not the fashion show ones , but iof life. Wear this super comfortable dress style to keep yourself at the “maximum comfort possible in stylish clothes” level and still manage to look uber smart and fashion forward. We suggest you can also knot up a boyfriend t shirt and tuck it inside a tribal printed pant for a more bohemian look. Wear a beaded headband and you will look literally gorgeous.

5. As a shrug

As a shrug
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Boyfriend shirt can also be used for very tasteful layering of normal and basic clothes. Use a nice Olive green shirt with chains and patches as a really serious looking jacket over your pretty little dresses and shorts. Well, pair it up with Vanessa Hudgen like Gladiators and you have yourself the best college look for summers and spring. Add a nice touch of mystery with dark tinted shades and open hair.This entire look is so well put together but yet it seems so effortless that we almost want to wear it right now.

6. Knot it up

Knot it up
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Your boyfriend’s clothes couldn’t have been anymore fun that they are in this century. Where men are out sporting the most unusual colours like orange and ink blue, we are absolutely having a blast with this change. Why you ask? Well, now you have so many other boyfriend shirts in colours to pair in contrast or match to your favorite dress. Just remember to knot it up at the waist to accentuate your best features. Put it on over a plain black slip dress or a nice sweater dress, it still look amazing. You may also use a boyfriend tee and knot it up over a leather skirt.

7. With a skirt

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The best Boyfriend shirt ways to look stylish is in a skirt. It gives you a touch of that tom boy side of yours and still keeps you looking absolutely feminine. Now pair your dull boyfriend shirt with a bright coloured skirt for a refreshing change and a little amount of subtle charm to it. This boyfriend style shirt is great even if you have a simple pencil skirt to pair with or at the same time will go perfectly well with a nice flared maxi skirt.

8. Beach cover up

Beach cover up
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This is not a full fledged outfit option, but there is something really sexy about wearing your boyfriend shirt with your skimpy bikini at the beach. Whether or not you are aiming for it, but it gives you that freshly out of the bed look. A feeling of really innocent beauty and a nice charm of that loose long boyfriend shirt trying to cover you up. We absolutely love instagram pictures where women are sporting this pretty out of the bed beach boyfriend shirt look. Especially that hat, messed up hair and a cute little tan hat. What beautiful picture. Want it for yourself? Well use this cover up next time you head to the beach.

9. As a Office shirt

As a Office shirt
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Well, it is a shirt after all right? Something that screams formal. So why not put it to that use too. Of all the Ways to Wear the Boyfriend Shirt, this is one of the most simple and classic looks for the season. A boyfriend shirt as an office wear shirt. We suggest you use a white one. Irton it flat and wear it with a pair of well tailored pants. You will absolutely love how this piece of garment from your man’s closet makes you look absolutely feminine. Don’t believe us? Well, Try it out yourself.

10. As a skirt

As a skirt
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For the bold and daring, this one is absolutely the definition of experimental fashion. Use a boyfriend t-shirt or even a boyfriend shirt, Use it to wrap it on around your waist and use the sleeves to make a perfect bow around the waist. This is not something we suggest you wear everyday and everywhere. This is slightly on the outrageous fashion lines. But there is still an amount of wearability to it since the shirt can also be wrapped around a nice piece of shorts as a skirt. This is exactly what we call basassn fashion.

11. With a pair of Shorts

With a pair of Shorts
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Use can also use your boyfriend shirts to pair it up over your denim shorts and this can be a perfect sunny afternoon dress. This will give your outfit a balance and beauty. This boyfriend shirt gives off a really nice casual vibe which will go perfect with a nice pair of denim rugged shorts. We think this has that nice girls day out to lunch feel that we are absolutely crushing over right now. Pair this up with nice knee high gladiators and it will look absolutely out of the world chic. What do you girls think?

12. Boyfriend Tee

Boyfriend Tee
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Well, this is not exactly the boyfriend shirt that we are talking about but it falls in the casual cool vibe of the boyfriend shirt. It you are one of those women who love to wear boyfriend shirts everyday, this can come as a great change in style while maintaining the amazing amount of comfort, Wear your boyfriend t shirts stolen from his closet. Or a tshirt of size that runs a little large for you. The options are infinite. It looks absolutely edgy we say.

Style yourself a perfectly casual looking chic look that will amp up your fashion quotient and make you stand out even in the most simple of clothes. Wear boyfriend shirts to college, brunch dates or even on a shopping outing with friends and never go wrong in the style department. Do try out these simple looks and let us know how well it worked for you.

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