14 Love Passionate Nail Art Designs For Valentine’s Day


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What all do you see for when it is Valentine’s day? Is it all love? Love is in the air anyways and you see it everywhere on this special day. So, newly look for fashionable ideas to connect with the theme of love. How about nail art ideas for this Valentine’s day?

Adore your nails and adorn them with stylish designs. The designs that are chic and exclusive for Valentine’s day. Seeing colour loaded nails in front of your eyes for Valentine’s day is outdated. The designs must do the talking of love.

Here are the designs that you must try for Valentine’s day nail art. Get ready to love your nails dearly with the below stylish nail art designs.

Valentine’s Day Nail Art Designs – Lovey-Dovey Nails

The nail art designs for Valentine’s day are fairly into love theme. You can exhibit your love with these romantic designs.

You can match them with your Valentine’s day special outfits. I am sure that you will complete with the tough of nail art designs that are mentioned here. Have a quick look to try your favourite ones.



XOXO symbolizes kisses and hugs! Love is exhibited with warms hugs and sweet kisses. As xoxo is symbolizing the close connection with the person you are celebrating Valentine’s day, you can show off this nail art.

This is a design that fits in the theme of love. This is a simplest design to do on your nails and that too in less time. The idea is pretty good as it also looks fancy.

Just give base coat for your nails and draw xoxo symbols with a contrast colour. Check out the design from the above image, how adorable the nails look with.

2. Partial Heart


Make the partial heart on side by nails and it connects when you keep your nails together. This is a beautiful idea. The innovative fashion ideas are a must try. So, are you trying this nail art?

Go with the trail with a nude base coat and draw the pink or red partial heart symbol of your nails. You can also fill the glitter powder in the design. If you want to be less decorate then it is classy and if you want glittering nails- then you get bright chic nails.

3. Heart Symbol Outline


Do you want a graceful and easiest nail art design? Here you have a design that is delicate and just finely glides on your nails. A heart symbol outline is cute and makes your nails look sassy.

You can casually try out this nail art design for this Valentine’s day. You will love to stay with this uncomplicated but pretty art.

4. Heart Dots


The tiny heart symbols which are of dot size. On your beautiful nails lift up the tiny heart symbols. Your nails get the delightful loo with the heart dots. You can create the dot hearts with glitter gel or a plain gel on nude or white base coat.

You can give one dot heart on each nail. If you want to fill your nails with hearts, then create multiple dot sized hearts.

As you will find it simple to do, you will totally love this fashionable nail art. The easiest way is to use a dotted nail brush to do nail art perfectly.

5. Express Out


Do you want to say something with your nail art? Not a big deal!

You can write it on your nails which is cool and lovely. You can find the nail stickers which let you say “I love you”, “Love”, You and Me and many more.

If you want to do it for yourself using the nail tools and nail colours, then too it is an idea that works great. Write it in stylish font to make your nails look ultimately fashionable. Why don’t you check out how it look to write love bytes on nails? Thats an adorable nail art idea for Valentine’s day.

6. Heart Bouquet


Get that love bunch on your nails with the multiple heart symbols. Create multi heart symbols to fill your nails. Your nails will look like love filled with this design.

The heart bouquet nail art is a captivating. Bunch of flowers is a casual idea and nothing is so special. So, it is like you are replace flowers with hearts to make a bouquet.

It is a casual and lovely nail art for Valentine’s day. If you want to make it unique- then add glitters and rhinestones. You can also make multi colour heart bouquet. If you are going on an evening date on Valentine’s day, then you must try this creative Valentine’s day nail art.

7. Kiss Symbol


How do you symbolize kiss? Obviously with lips print! So, get the lip prints on your nails. It is another befitting nail art for Valentine’s day.

You can just keep it with mono colour lip prints on your nails. If you want to make the nail art colourful, then just use multiple colours. That is simply realistic when you are doing this nail art design with multiple colours. The lip prints of your kisses with different colour lipsticks. The creativity in fashion is growing with sense and you must try this to believe it.

This is a self explanatory nail art of love. You may not get an occasion or right time to wear this nail art other than the day of love- Valentine’s day.

8. Heartbeat


Heartbeat goes up and down with emotions and feelings. Everyone knows this. So, we need not explain why heartbeat nail art for Valentine’s day. You must also know that heartbeat is not just about love only-the symbol looks fashionable. Don’t you think so?

This design is a must try for Valentine’s day as it is fun to do and also stylish. Scribbling the line in zig zag direction makes it a lovely nail art design. If you want to make it more apt with the theme of love, then you can connect with a heart symbol.

These cute ideas to show your love are fashionable and how can you just miss out on them without a try. Isn’t it?

9. Cute Teddy


Getting a teddy as a gift on Valentine’s day is sweet. Not just sweet but extremely sweet! Something is equally sweet and that is- teddy nail art.

Let the cutest teddy have some space on your spacious nails. You get nail sticker which make this nail art fun for you. If you want to try handmade teddy nail art, then get ready with the tools and paints.

Be a little creative which design adorable teddy out of your creativity. Let your nail look born pretty with this creative nail art.

10. Cupid


Cupid is the god of love! If you want the little cupid to decorate your nails, then it is a fantastic idea. We love the characters in tales. When you want to do next experiment with nail art for Valentine’s day, you must pick this cupid art.

The cute little cupid makes your nails look dreamy. It is cool to get this art only on one nail. You can choose a bright bold colour to elevate the nail art. Have a glance at the above cupid nail art.

11. Love Arrow


Hitting the love arrows at someone is pure and precious. Then what the nail art with love arrows. If you want to do any simple design that is not intricate and complicated, then go for this.

Drawing a line with arrow points and heart at end is enough to call it a perfect nail art for Valentine’s day.

You take less time to do this love arrow nail art and the design takes even more less time to look pretty.

12. Love Couple


When you are passionate to try something unique and not just easy, you must go for such nail art ideas. It is not all about style or designs. You can just go with what you feel in real and this one such nail arts that you must try to be real.

Couple under one umbrella, watching the moon and stars. You have such beautiful moments in your life with your partner? Then, let those moments become an art on your nails.

Being in love is seen in various ways. You show out with your creativity and use your nails for it. A romantic couple design on one of your nails and the love elements on other nails. You will get the clear idea about this art from above image.

13. Love Birds


The colours and intricate designs that look alluring are for casual days but not for Valentine’s day. Even your fashion and appearance must show the love filled in heart. Now, if you have decided to give your nails a love themed makeover, here is one the designs that matches- it is love birds.

This is a sweet and romantic art for your nails on Valentine’s day. Did you ever though to be romantic with designs? If you haven’t then, think of it and don’t miss to try. The right time for to go with such art for your nails.

14. Heart Balloons


Heart balloons is a beautiful idea to decorate a room or space? Don’t you think it also works for nail art? It does!

Heart balloons design on nails is a pretty idea. Your nails look attractive with this simple designs. If you want to know how simple it is to make this design- just draw the vertical lines unevenly on your nails. Then attached heart shaped balloons with your red nail polish.

Now, you are not just in love but you are fashionably in love. You are making fashion expressive. All these nail art designs for Valentine’s day are connected to love. So, do this nail art designs to go chic and showing off your love.

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