Biotin Benefits : Benefits of Biotin That Can Change Your Life


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Benefits Of Biotin

Biotin is actually a name given to vitamin H also called as Vit. B7. It is one of the essential nutrients required by our body for cell regeneration and growth. It provides the fuel to our cells. Biotin is water soluble and it is essential for growth. It is also known to have great benefits for the growth of hair, skin, and nails.

But, it cannot be naturally synthesized by our body. Its requirement is supposed to be fulfilled by dietary biotin rich food like bread, egg yolk, pork, cow milk and some fruits and veges also. Eating Biotin supplements is extremely safe as they are water soluble and do not stay in your system for long. They give some great results for health, hair, and skincare and here are ways you can incorporate this great supplement in your diet for life changing benefits.

Biotin Benefits for health and beauty-

Regulates Metabolism-

Biotin helps break down fat, carbohydrate, and proteins in your body. It is known to help digest the food almost immediately thus preventing it from converting into fat. Biotin supplements can improve your metabolism and is usually prescribed by doctors for people with the low metabolic rate.

Weight Loss-

As Biotin helps improve your metabolic rate, there is less deposition of fats. This can help in weight reduction and people with obesity should definitely consume Biotin to aid their process of losing weight.

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One of the most important benefits of biotin is that it helps in fighting Bacterial and viral infections. It is thus, great in improving your immune response towards such infections. Deficiency in Biotin can lead to a lesser rate of cell proliferation. This can cause a weakened immune response making you more vulnerable to infections. Since biotin supplements are extremely safe and water soluble it can be consumed without worry.

Reduces Inflammation and Infections-

Biotin is known as a great enzyme that has anti inflammatory properties. For any skin inflammation, Biotin supplements can naturally reduce skin inflammation and cure any skin infections caused due to inflamed skin.

Prevents Birth defects-

Biotin is a very essentially required by a growing foetus inside the mother’s womb, Deficiency of biotin during pregnancy is very common. But taking biotin supplements as prescribed by a certified medical practitioner can lead to preventing any birth defects in the child as cell generation and growth is improved.Prevents Birth defects

Increases Growth of Hair and Nails-

Benefits of Biotin for hair includes supplementing hair growth with proper hair nourishment and reducing hair fall. Biotin over a period of time will give you longer hair as it will subsequently reduce scalp problems and hair fall. It is also seen to improve the growth of nails. Although direct co relation hasn’t been established, hair and nails, have shown greater growth with Biotin Supplements.

Healthy glowing skin-

Since it improves cell regeneration and growth, it has great biotin benefits for the skin. Skin improves with a greater rate of skin cell renewal and shows reduced signs of aging. Lesser wrinkles and sagging skin. Biotin is the best way to improve the skins natural glow in a simple way. A lot of oils used for body and skin massages have biotin in them. It makes the skin texture smooth and improves the skin’s glow.

Improves Hair texture-

Biotin supports the growth of hair follicles making it healthy and nourished. This can lead to healthy bouncy hair with improved hair texture. Instead of opting for intrusive unnatural ways, it’s better to include biotin in your diet to make your hair grow and improve naturally.


  1. Biotin is a natural and water soluble substance, It does not usually have any side effects.
  2. Always consult a doctor before consuming Biotin supplements. Do not start taking them on your own.
  3. Biotin overdose can lead to rashes on your skin and high blood sugar levels. Consult a doctor if you notice these signs of overdose.
  4. Biotin is usually flushed out of your system naturally with help of water. But it is always better to take the right amount of supplement with proper care and prescription.

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