Gorgeous And Natural Look With False Eyelashes

False Eyelash for Natural Look

Yeah! You are right, false eyelashes can look natural. It is one of the best way to look beautiful at any point of the day. Everybody love that big, bold and beautiful eyelashes flaunting from our beautiful eyes, which makes it look more like anime eyes. Maybe your husband or you would be won’t notice your beautiful big eyes on your big day, but it can look good on you and forever in everybody’s memory.

We all suffer from the same old false eyelash problem of it not looking natural or falling of in the middle of the occasion and every time running to the washroom to fix them. We want it to stick to the eyes and look natural and authentic as our own. False eyelashes are also in rage because it adds fun and flair to any makeup. Here are a few beauty tips on making that False Eyelash for natural look and beautiful.

Tips On Natural Eyelashes

1Choose invisible band lashes

Choose invisible band lashes

One of the most bad or worse, part is seeing a thick black band across your lash line. By that it can easily be understood that you are wearing falsies. Instead, try choosing a clear or invisible band that can easily blend with your real lashes. These invisible band lashes can make your eyes look more beautiful and authentic. So while selecting lashes, try to get something with invisible bands and look more gorgeous.

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2Try wearing single or trio lashes

Try wearing single or trio lashes

If you think that strip lashes are hard to apply or that they look too much fake on your eyes, you can also try some single or trio lashes. Sometimes single lashes take some time to get used to because they are quite small and also can easily twist from out of place when glue is wet. Sometimes trio lashes can prove to be the easiest to work with because they lay flat against your real lashes.

To properly apply your trios, simply dip them in your favourite lash adhesive and gently press them up along your natural lash line after your have applied mascara. If you are unable to find a trio eyelashes, then you can try cutting your single Eyelashes into these trio lash pieces. An easier way to look gorgeous.

3Use dark glue

Use dark glue

You might know that a clear glue can hide any obvious sign of false lashes. But that is not quite right. Clear glue can expose your false lashes by leaving a white cast behind that accentuate glue clumps. Whereas dark glue can never leave white residue that amplifies your look by making lashes appear darker, larger, and thicker.

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4Apply false lashes to real lashes

Apply false lashes to real lashes

Remember to apply your faux lashes always onto your actual lashes and not to your eyelids. If you glue your false lashes on your eyelids then you might notice an empty space between your real lashes and false lashes and it will not only look false but also give an terrible false look.

5Use mascara to blend lashes

Use mascara to blend lashes

It is totally up to you when you apply mascara, that is before you apply false lashes or after you apply false lashes. For strip lashes, prefer applying mascara after adding the faux lashes to blend the natural and strip lashes together. For single or trio lashes, you can apply mascara first to see the little oomph, and therefore add the lashes. Also, it depends sometimes on your choice on how you want it or on what you are comfortable.

Tip: Blend one step further and try to swipe some black liquid liner, along the upper lash. It can hide any seams from lash base.

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