9 Life Hacks For Room Decor


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Room Decor

Well, who doesn’t love a beautiful decorated home? All of us do right! Whenever we enter somebody’s home, all we first notice is; how beautifully they have maintained the house! Also, sometimes we try to copy their decor for your home. Sometimes you may succeed, sometimes may fail. But, trying a new home decor is never a bad thing. So, here are 9 life hacks for room decor, which you can try at home because why not? They are DIY. Awesome right!!

DIY Room Decor Hacks

1Chalk board to-do list frame

Chalk board to-do list frame

So the first life hack is to actually make your to-do list, wall art. I feel like it is very important to be motivated and actually use it and put it in your room. So, here are some tips on how to make it;

  • All you need to get some chalk board paper, and cut out a frame size piece or can just outline it with chalk to get the proper size.
  • Now just cut it out, put it into a frame that you are not using and all you need to do is write down on the other side of the frame
  • If you have a light frame, then just try to design it in any form you like. Some ideas are like, putting on some designer tapes

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2Gift bag, wall art & storage

Gift bag, wall art & storage

How exciting will it be, when you can grab everyday things from a gift bag? Even you can do the same thing. It is very simple,

  • Just write down on a blank note paper on your specific item like, magazines, markers, clips, etc.
  • Clip it on the note paper bag,
  • Pin nails on the walls, and hang it on the walls

That’s it, now go and get your own gift bags immediately.

3Ice cube tray for jewelry display

Ice cube tray for jewelry display

Another life hack is to store your jewelry in an ice cube tray, it sounds a little weird but it keeps it from getting tangled. But, it looks so pretty and it is also very easy.

Just put all your chains and earrings into every cube and place it anywhere you want.

4Hanger sunglasses display

Hanger sunglasses display

Just pin a nail into the wall, and hang the hanger onto it. Then display and organise the sunglasses into the hanger. It looks very organised, cute, and also a fun idea to store things.

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5Hanging basket

Hanging basket

Take some nails and a hammer, and hang two baskets on your bathroom wall. It is an amazing life hacks to keep your straightener or you blow drier. It can give you so much space on the counter. You can even decorate the basket with colorful ribbons, by making a bow.

6Suitcase storage display

Suitcase storage display

You can use your old suitcase as your storage. You can keep old magazines, or DVDs, or anything that you may like to be handy, whenever you need them.

7Decorating your drawer

Decorating your drawer

If you have drawers, which is very plain or have no decorations at all in it, then the idea is you can make it very decorative. Even you can change the decor according to the season.

Just get some different types of metallic coloured tapes and stick them to the drawer in according with your selected design. That’s it! That literally is done. Just do the decor at home, for an impressive home improvements.

8Jewelry corkboard

Jewelry corkboard

This is very easy to make. All you need is a corkboard, a piece of printed fabric (according to your choice), some ductapes, glue, nails, and some flower pattern jewels.

  • First, you have to attach the fabric to the corkboard with tape or even glue. Which ever you are comfortable with. Attach the fabric according to the shape of the corkboard.
  • Now nail some nails into the corkboard.
  • After that, glue some flower patterned jewels onto the each head of the nails. You can find this jewel in old necklace pendants, or something like the in the store and let them dry.
  • Now just nail the corkboard into the wall, and hang all your jewelry on it.

93D flower frames

Do you have a useless picture frame, lying around the house? If not, then you can get them in any store. All you need to do is;

  • Remove the picture from the picture frame.
  • If your frame is plain, then you can try painting them, to match the colour, or you can even stick some designer colourful tapes on them. When the painting is done, set it aside to dry, and start working on the middle.
  • Now take a wrapping paper of your choice and colour and cut them into the shape of a flower vase. Glue the vase into a frame shaped paper, or background.
  • Then glue some fake flowers, on top of it, which will give the appearance like it is coming out of the vase.
  • Now, just place the paper into the frame, and hang it on the wall. There it is, your own DIY 3D flower frames.

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