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Oils For House Cleaning

Taking the measures to keep the house clean are many. The daily cleaning and dusting off house make it look tidy. In fact, you never skip cleaning the house. The uncleaned house makes it unpleasant and clumsy.

In every time grocery shopping, the  is a must product. You choose the cleaning liquid looking at the description on the bottle. The liquid which can remove the dirt and bacteria is your need for choosing the product. So, you must pick an effective option to clean your house. This time, you must go for the essential oils to clean your house and every corner. You can also use the essential oils to reduce the anxiety.

The essential oils are a perfectionist in cleaning the house. You can choose the natural essential oils over market products. Not only cleaning the house but there are super benefits by choosing the essential oils for cleaning.

Versatile Essential Oils For House Cleaning

1. Lemon Essential Oil


You can use lemon essential oil for bathrooms. Greasy substances are common in the house. You find grease in the kitchen which can be removed easily with lemon. The citrus in lemon removes the greasiness and oil marks. The oil mixes well with other citrus fruit, rosemary, basil and vanilla. You will love the fragrance that lemon essential oil leaves in the cleaned area.

You can use the method can be used as a dusting spray.

How to use?

1. Take 10 drops of lemon essential oil.
2. Mix it with ½ cup of olive oil. Shake the oils to combine thoroughly.
3. Spray the oil on the area and let it sit for a few minutes.
4. Then clean off with a wipe or cloth.

2. Tea Tree Oil


Tea tree oil can remove germs and bacteria. Not only for cleaning but you can also keep your house bugs free with tea tree oil. The bacteria-killing properties in tea tree are also powerful in making the house bugs free. You can tea tree oil for it’s antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties. You can use tea tree oils as all-purpose kitchen and bathroom cleaning.

How to use?

1. Mix a few drops of tea tree oil with water.
2. Shake the diluted oil and spray on the greasy surface.
3. Leave it for a few minutes and wipe away with cleaning wipes.

3. Lavender Oil


Lavender oil contains deodorizing properties. And the lavender oil is a chemical-free way to clean your house. The oil smells sweet and pleasant. It works great for laundry as well by removing the odor from clothes. You can be used lavender oil as a specialist for kitchen and bathroom cleaning. The most natural and effective way to get rid of bacteria. Lavender oil has antibacterial properties.

You can make your floor sparkle with lavender oil mixing with other ingredients. Your floor also can become germs free.

How to use?

1. In a bucket of hot water mix cup of white vinegar.
2. Then add natural castile soap and 5-6 drops of lavender oil.
3. Mix all the ingredients clean the floor with the prepared solution.

4. Rosemary


Rosemary oil can keep let the house get rid of germs. Especially, in the kitchen and bathroom, there is a chance of germs multiplying with water. Then you can the help of rosemary essential oil which has antimicrobial properties. If you have to clean your wooden furniture to get back the spark, you can pick rosemary essential oil. The aroma of this oil makes your home peaceful. To clean rosemary water as stove scrub, then combine it with baking soda.

You can also take the help of rosemary essential oil to clean your refrigerator.

How to use?

1. In a half cup of water, mix 12 drops of rosemary oil.
2. Then add a quarter cup of white vinegar.
3. Mix all the added ingredients. Shake it well before using it.
4. Spray it on the surface or refrigerator to clean out the dirt and dust.

5. Peppermint Oil


Peppermint oil is useful in several ways at home. One of the best uses is cleaning as it has strong properties which can make cleaning smart. Peppermint oil is known to treat and soothe irritated and inflamed skin.

Peppermint essential oil can be used as a natural air freshener. You can also use the oil to get rid of mosquitos, insects and spiders from your house. Simply leave the peppermint oil cotton balls in the specific area like cupboards and corners. The oil is capable of giving your neat floor, fresh toilet. The other amazing benefit is its soothing fragrance can make your house smell fresh. The oil is best to use with the combination with lavender or tea tree oil for surface cleaning.

How to use?

1. Mix peppermint oil with baking soda.
2. Sprinkle the spray over the carpet and leave for 15-20 minutes.
3. Then vacuum the carpet to make it all clean.

6. Thyme Essential Oil


Thyme oil can protect your house from germs and bacteria. The oil is a great option to clean the surfaces as it has antimicrobial properties. You can use this essential oil by mixing with clove, cinnamon and basil oil. You can also make natural dish soap with thyme oil for cleaning utensils. You will have no threats and side effects of using thyme oil for house cleaning. It can be used in different ways and we have provided an effective way to use the oil.

How to use?

1. Take a bowl of boiling water and dissolve castile soap in it.
2. Then add 30 drops of thyme oil to it.
3. Spray the liquid on the surface and leave it for 20-30 minutes.
4. Wipe off with cleaning wipes to see a neat surface.

7. Clove Essential Oil


Clove essential oil perfect in cleaning the surfaces, sink, showers. It is potent of antibacterial and antiviral properties. You can use the clove essential oil along with rosemary, lemon and lavender oils. The oil is a wonderful option during the flu season as it can disinfect your house. Clove essential oil is also capable of cleaning the bathroom.

The precaution is to use gloves while using clove oil for cleaning.

How to use?

1. In one liter of water, add around ¼ teaspoon of clove oil.
2. Spray the solution on the surface or any specified area.
3. Leave the oil for an hour and wipe off with a cloth.

8. Cinnamon Essential Oil


The oil can be your choice of cleaning refrigerators. As it has the strong antibiotic properties bacteria eliminate easily. Cinnamon oil is the best to purify the air at home. It can be all-purpose insect. The oil can also be used to spray the kitchen and bathroom cleaning. You can also trust the oil to clean without staining the floor or surfaces.

If you are looking for a chemical free option to clean your house, then you can opt cinnamon oil. The best combination with cinnamon oil is with peppermint oil and ylang ylang oil.

How to use?

1. Take a gallon of water and add 3-4 drops of cinnamon oil.
2. Shake the solution and spray it on the surface.
3. Let it sit for 20 minutes and then wipe off to clean.

9. Eucalyptus Essential Oil


The oil is anti fungal and antibiotic in nature. The great properties in the oil make the best of house cleaner. You can also stay away from inflammation and allergies due to dust and bacteria at home. Inhaling the eucalyptus essential oil is good for immune system as well. Hence, you can use the oil for daily cleaning of your house. You clean your house to make it toxin free, the oil is the best one to remove the toxins.

The natural and effective method that can shine the floor and furniture. You can also use it for kitchen and bathroom cleaning. Its powerful properties can also remove the stains on carpet.

To wash your dishes with natural method, you can add drops of eucalyptus oil to the dishwashing liquid and clean the dishes. The oil can clean the dishes with 100% germs free.

How to use?

1. Fill a bucket of hot water and add few drop of eucalyptus oil to the water.
2. Mix the oil with water and clean your floor.
3. You can also clean the wooden furniture and sink with little amount of water and oil.

10. Grapefruit Essential Oil


Grapefruit essential oil is the best for cleaning glass objects and containers. You can also use grapefruit oil for surface cleaning. It purifies the air when you clean the with it. As you use vinegar for cleaning, you can reduce the sour smell and make it pleasant with addition of this oil. You can opt this oil for its strong citrus effect that can remove dirt in your house. The other benefit you must consider is antibacterial which is basic from a cleaner.

How to use?

1. Fill in water in a spray bottle and add 3-5 drops of grapefruit oil.
2. Shake the bottle before using.
3. Spray the solution on the specific area or surface.
4. Let it sit for 20 minutes and then wipe it off with the cleaning wipe.
5. Fill water in a bucket and add the oil to mop the complete floor.

11. Pine Essential Oil


When you choose a method or product to clean your house, it also must be capable of purifying the air. With the usage of pine oil, you can reduce inflammation. Cleansing your house with this oil, you can keep your house away from yeast, bacteria, fungi. All the goodness in the oils is with the properties that are inculcated in the oil.

Use the pine essential oil for floor, carpet and bathroom. If you want to get back the spark on glass objects, you can use this oil. Detoxing your house is easy with pine essential oil.

How to use?

1. Add half cup of white vinegar with 15 drops of pine essential oil.
2. Stir the water to mix the oil and then mop your house.
3. Mix the 15-20 oil drops with enough amount of water in a spray bottle and the carpet stains.
4. You can also spray on the glass objects and bathroom tiles to remove the dirt.

Benefits of essential oils for cleaning

  • Eliminates bacteria and fungus
  • Citrus in oils can remove the grease
  • Pleasant fragrance

You can use the essential oils to gain all over benefits of cleaning your house. The powerful properties of the essential oils aim to remove the toxins from your house. The most natural but effective way to detox your house is opting essential oil. The organic oils are not only capable of cleaning the house but also can purify the air in your house.

We have mentioned the benefits of each essential oil for house cleaning. Hope it is easy for you to pick your favourite and best of among the above.

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