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Changes to House

There are so many ideas out there in the real world if you want to decorate and organize your house. But when we think about decorating and organizing, immediately we think of it as a costly affair. Yes, it is true that home décor is pretty costly and you might have to spend. But not when you are making certain changes at home itself. There are some innovate and creative changes you can do to change the way your house looks. You just have to use your mind, your creativity and a little bit of your head also. The tools that you have at home are enough to make your house prettier and look organized.

So, today we are going to tell you how to make some creative changes to your house in low budget and make it look classy and elegant. Here are some suggestions to change the way your house looks.

Top Creative Changes You Can Do at Your House

1Light fixtures

Light fixtures

You can always start with the lighting of your house because that is the first thing every person looks for as soon as they enter your house. You should know that a good lighting will make your home warm, spacious and beautiful. That is why most of the times; the owners expect their light fixtures to be perfect. When you are changing the way you house looks, you can’t afford to waste a lot of money on lighting itself. So, you can enhance your lighting at your place and make it look creative and beautiful. There are so many DIY lighting sites online that teach you how to make lights using the bulbs and lighting instruments at home itself. You don’t really have to buy anything extra for this. Just look around your house, you will find something interesting. Color, paint, make origami, scrap tin cans, bottles etc can be used for lighting purposes. All you need to do is put on the thinking cap and open your creative eye!

2Shelve units

Shelve units

At some point of time in your life, you would be needing a lot of space where you keep your things. Yes, it could be very easy at first, later you have to find places for everything. If your house doesn’t have shelve units, don’t worry at all because you can make your own shelf unit. All you would need is a couple of wood blocks, some pipes and decorating items. In fact, if you do it all by yourself, you can match the color of your wall of the shelf unit you are making. That will make it easier for you to visualize also. There are lots of DIY projects online for shelf units that you can search for and check out. If you have a shelf unit, you will have a lot of space in your living room, kitchen and even your bathroom. It will in fact make your life easier.

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3Storage bins

Storage bins

Big dustbins can be placed in the corner of the house in one or two places. But if you have a child, things will get lost, they will be thrown everywhere and you wouldn’t know what to find where. If you are a working mom from home, you would find it extremely annoying if your items are clustered and cluttered in one table. You can definitely minimize the clutter space and make it an organized place if you have storage bins that can be kept near your shelf unit. This wouldn’t cost you much at all because you have to just buy a couple of tiny bins and sticker that holds on to the wall. Stick the bins where ever you want and throw whatever you want in the bin. That way, your things won’t be lost and you can use it as an organized way to keep your little things like earrings, keys, etc.

4Magnetic kitchen rack

Magnetic kitchen rack

The Kitchen can be messy at times and you may find it very difficult to keep it neat and organized even if you have tried many times. Yes, the kitchen is where you might want to reach and get everything every day. If you are looking for an easy way to organize your kitchen, then you should think of magnetic kitchen rack which will not only be helpful, but will let you keep your kitchen neat and clean. Using magnets in this process will help you achieve the desired goal. Call your plumber or use the most rigid magnet from the tools and keep it in a place where your children can’t reach. These magnets can hold knives, scissors and steal ladles. That way all your necessary kitchen items will be reachable. However, be very careful with the magnets and use only magnets that are strong and rigid. If you are in doubt, please ask for help from someone who knows how to create a magnetic holder.

5Indoor garden

Indoor garden

Most of the times, too much sunlight or too less sunlight can make your flowers dry off and wear off. You can definitely add more color and beauty to your home if you can arrange a place for indoor gardening. Use all the used tin cans, old pots and make use of these to make a small portable garden inside your house. Old tin cans and pots can be very useful in recreating an indoor garden. Throw in whatever seed you want and let it grow for a while. Once the flowers bloom, place it where ever you want and decorate your house. Gardening inside house can be very interesting and it can be one of the best pastimes. All you would need is to be creative and caring towards the plants.

-Pavithra Ravi

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