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Do you know that most mothers nowadays spend a lot of money planning their kid’s birthday party? Yes, this isn’t an easy job as it used to be. When I was a kid, my mother used to decorate the house, buy me a cake and invite a couple of friends. We eat the cake, snacks and play amongst each other. 20 years later, I am realizing that it is not as it used to be! You need to go beyond your budget and your strength to make your child happy and excited about his/her birthday. You have to buy party favors, get gifts for the other children, decorate, buy food and so much more to the list. But I wouldn’t advice you to break your bank just for a birthday party.

You can make your own party favors for kids also return gifts in some ways. Yes, party favors are one of the areas where parents end up spending a lot of money. So, to put an end to this, I have come up with a list of things you can do to give your kid’s friends on his/her birthday.

Here are Some Really Cool Party Favors for Kids

1Temporary tattoos

Temporary tattoos

In every country around the world, you can’t get a tattoo done until you are a certain age. But temporary tattoos are not like that. You can very much buy a bunch of temporary tattoos from a local shop. You can even have it reflect the theme of your party. Once the party is over and when the kids are leaving, stick the temporary tattoos wherever they want you to. It is fun, kids love it and it is one of the coolest party favor. It isn’t costly, it doesn’t affect the children’s skin and these tattoos are children friendly.

2Playing deck cards

Playing deck cards

Every child knows how to play at least one kind of card game nowadays. Even if they don’t know to play the actual cards, you can get them UNO card game where they can play and learn. If not, you can get their favorite character cards where their favorite Disney or cartoon characters are printed with some information on it. It is really good, informative and you will not have to spend a lot when it comes to card games.



I know this is very cliche, but if your books are interesting and valuable, kids are going to like it definitely. It is better than toys or candies because the toys break and candies aren’t really healthy for their teeth. So, try to get interesting story books or coloring books for the kids. If you get them coloring books, they will definitely be interested and love you for thinking wise. I am sure even the parents of these kids will enjoy something that is educational and entertaining.

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4Bubble game

Bubble game

Ah, even I love this game. This is one of the most cheapest and the nicest games that you can give as party favors. Yes, bubbles are really fun to play with and the kids, elders and everybody will enjoy this. All you have to do is just buy a small bottle and pour some water + soap mixture into it and prepare a blower. If you aren’t able to do it at home, go to the nearby store and buy it. It can’t be more than Rs.20. So, you are going to have fun and give them one of the cheapest gifts. That’s two in one for you.

-Pavithra Ravi

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