Things you will relate if you have a long distance best friend (LDBF)


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A Long distance relationship is hard. But what is even harder is long distance best friend relationship. Argh, yes! If your best friend lives in the USA, then the entire concept of long distance friendship makes a lot of sense to you. In college you might have never understood the whole concept of how friends fall apart if they are not together. This is because you guys spend most of the time together, laughing, giggling and enjoying every minute. Little did you know that education or life can take its own turn on your relationship and separate you guys.

I have my friend in the USA and every time I think of talking to her, I would have to calculate the time difference, whether it’s day or night and if she is free or busy. All this doesn’t happen if you live in the same country, right? If that one best friend of yours is so far away, and you are going through what I am experiencing, then you will easily relate to this article. Staying together with your best friend for years is not the same as living separately in 2 different time zones. Yes, you talk, you chat, you Skype, etc. But, Do you think the same old closeness will continue? Find out in this article. 🙂

Top Things about Long Distance Best Friend Relationship

1The time zone irritation

The time zone irritation

No matter how much you try, you will not be able to get a proper time to talk to her/him. For me at least, it’s exactly 12 hours difference since I stay in Singapore and she stays in the USA. So, if it’s 12 PM for me, it’s 12AM for her and vice versa.

If its like that for you, then you will know that you can’t talk to her/him in the mornings since her/his work timings will clash with your sleep timings. The only way to figure out is on the weekends that happen once or twice. Because, let’s face it, you have your own commitments on the weekends. It is a pain, but if you struggle enough to find time, then it could be possible to maintain the same rapport. Oh, by the way, I said ‘could’! So, don’t be very sure!

2Wi-Fi is your next blessing in disguise


If you have shifted to another country recently or if both of you are staying outside of your home country, you will start valuing free Wi-Fi, no matter from where you get it. Sitting in a cafe, spending time in the mall, etc., could become your routine when you want to chat with your friend. It becomes easier for you to video chat with her, if both of you have free Wi-Fi around you. By the way, both of you have free Wi-Fi outside your house is a once in a lifetime luck. So, utilize it whenever you have it.

3You keep making plans to talk

making plans

Plans never work out. At least they have never worked out for us. The whole point of planning to chat or video chat is to spend time together. But, inevitably, every time you plan, one of you might pass on the idea due to various reasons.

These reasons could be anything. When I say anything, I mean ANYTHING! ‘I am sleepy’, ‘I have to meet my professor’, ‘I have a bundle of clothes to wash’, ‘I am not in the mood’, ‘Can we catch up later’? These are the excuses you might end up giving each other if you plan. So, if you want to just talk to him/her, don’t wait for an approval. Just call and chat away!

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4Vacation plans are far from reality

Vacation plans

Oh, if everything goes really well and if God loves you too much, then you might end up meeting her/him after 6-8 months. Otherwise, vacation plans are a far away dream. You keep planning and thinking how to make it work and even before you realize, it’s already a year and you both are still sulking over the plan.

5One call can fix things

One call can fix things

If you are in a very bad situation and you want someone to understand, you will realize that no one, I mean absolutely no one, other than your best friend can understand your current state of mind. One phone call is enough to fix you and put back all your random thoughts into place. All you need to do is pick up the phone, dial and start cribbing. You will then understand that you can’t do anything without her/his help and that will bring you guys closer even if you are thousands of miles apart.

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6World gets brighter and clearer

World gets brighter

A ten minute conversation about life, love, career, guys or even grocery shopping, can change the way you look at life. Well, this is a very temporary feeling, but when you talk to your best friend, things will look clearer. You will feel that the ‘gyaan-session’ from her is all that you had to hear to feel good about yourself. Perspectives will change, decisions will be made and that’s one other time you will thank ‘Robert E. Kahn’ for inventing the idea of the Internet.

Having a best friend in another country or in a different time zone could be annoying, but don’t forget that the benefits of this relationship are still higher. Like I already said, if you guys can make it at least once a week or try to take serious efforts in keeping each other updated about your lives, long distance relationship or long distance best friend relationship could definitely last. It has lasted for almost 10 months for me and we are still strong! We still bitch, crib, shout, fight, cry, laugh and crack jokes on the phone whenever we find time. So girls, if you really miss that person, don’t hesitate to call him/her!

PS – I dedicate this article to my bestie Anita Raghuraman, who is 12 hours away in a Western country trying to catch up on life, love, career and even friendship. Thank you for staying strong girl!

-Pavithra Ravi

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