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There are so many people who love food and just live to taste different kinds of food around the world. Well, if you are one among that person, there could be so many times in your life where you would have felt guilty about so many things especially when it comes to food. Yes, guilt is something that creeps in when you feel like you are indulging a lot into food and eating while you are not doing anything to lose your weight. A lot of people feel that they eat and then put on weight, but never try to reduce. If you think like that, guess what? You will never ever be able to eat again. You have to create a happy self within you who can eat whatever you want and be happy with yourself and your body.

Are you a foodie who constantly thinks only about food, pizzas and ice creams and are fine with being in your own comfortable self? Well, there is nothing to be ashamed of the fact that you eat. There are so many people who don’t eat and are anorexic.

At least you are not one of those! Be happy about whatever you eat and you won’t find the guilt creeping in. Or, if you want to reduce and still eat, there are still ways you can do that. But, this article is mainly going to talk about how to not feel guilty while eating or after eating. If your job is all about eating and consuming a lot of food with your clients, with your subordinates or if your day to day work is to taste food, then what feel guilty for what you are being paid for? Anyway, we are listing down 4 important tips on how to eat without feeling guilty or simply can state as how to not feel guilty at all while eating or after eating.

Top Ways Not to Feel Guilty About Eating

1A smile goes a long way

A smile goes a long way

You should understand that optimism is a powerful source for everything and mainly for experiences that are very painful. There are times where you end up eating too much when you are emotionally attached to something or something has happened that was not supposed to happen. It is fine that you are feeling like that. All you have to do is to realize that these things happen when you are undergoing a tough time in life. Just put a smile on your face and carry on with that.

If you understand that you are feeling low and that is what is making you overeat, you will also understand that others will accept you for the way and for the person you are. You don’t have to feel ashamed or hide and eat. Many people relate painful experiences with many other things like exercise, movie marathon, crying over it. Like that, you are just redirecting your energy into eating. You will be fine and you know that. So, every time you think that you are guilty about eating, put a smile on your face and just say ‘Chuck it’ and push that popcorn inside.

2Love yourself

Love yourself

A lot of people in general think that falling in love and being in love with the best person is the first and the best thing in the world. But, you know what, the relationship you have with your food is the best thing in the world and that tops the love part. But, after that comes knowing how to love yourself. When you know how to love yourself, you will earn some confidence that is unbreakable and unshakable.

You will feel happy about all your decisions and you will get to become that person who loves what you do. So, why be the boring person who keeps doubting about yourself when you can be the person who loves yourself and does what you like.

If you still feel guilty, you can definitely list 10 things that are good to eat and are healthy and make that as your primary meal or snack. That way you won’t feel guilty and also you are eating healthy food. So, there is that satisfaction too! All you might need is some channelizing of your thoughts into the right direction.

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3Be proactive

Be proactive

Yes, being proactive is a way of you telling yourself that you need to come out of your comfort zone and start developing your relationship with food. When you eat cheese, burgers and pizzas, there is a kind of happiness that doesn’t even involve an orgasm. But, if you are proactive, you will know that you are going to do this only once or twice and after that you will start eating something that is healthy and something that will keep you guilt free.

So, when you have a good relationship with your food, you also need to be super proactive to kick off the guilt within you. If you find it difficult, take help from people you care and people who care about you. Keep a journal and write down everything you have eaten. If you want to be guilt free, these are some ways you can keep yourself controlled.

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4Talk to your food

Talk to your food

This may sound silly, but trust me, when you talk to your food, your food will react to you the way you want it to react. Tell your food how you feel and how you want it to be guilt free. Enjoy everything you eat and end of the day, just don’t over think. When you over think, you will never understand why you are being stressed. So, just eat whatever you want and maybe just practice the above points to feel guilt free.

Eating is fun, eating is everything and food gives you happiness. So, don’t feel distressed for the happiness that you are obtaining from something!

-Pavithra Ravi

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