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Herbal Method

You could be in a group of people where you are probably the healthiest of all. Unfortunately for the Indians, it is always about losing the right amount of weight and making sure to lose weight according to their height and mainly for the society so that you don’t get kicked out of the game. Well, there are some easy ways to reduce your weight if you are vigorously looking for solutions for the same. Naturally decreasing weight will let you be hale and healthy. It is not just about the diet or the food that you should or should not be eating. It is the right kind of methods you choose to lose your weight. Herbal method reduction is one such method. So, keeping in mind the best interest of everyone who wants to reduce weight, we have listed down a number of herbal methods that you can choose to reduce your weight. It is better to use such herbal methods for weight loss.

Practice the Right herbal Weight Loss methods

1Green Tea for Weight Loss

Green Tea for Weight Loss

To start off with, everybody knows what green tea can do to your body. It helps your body to reduce the fat by burning it. Since green tea does not have antioxidants in it and has a lot of thermogenic properties, it is extremely good for your health. Thermogenesis will help you process the heat generated inside your body organs, which will consume the fat oxidants. This way your body will burn more fat faster than usual. If you drink green tea at regular intervals, it will let you not eat instantly as it has EGCG, which will keep your stomach full. Green tea will not just help you with weight loss, but will also decrease your cholesterol levels drastically.



Flaxseed is also called as also in Hindi. This seed has an outer coating that will make you feel fuller than normal when you consume it. This seed will curb the need to keep eating. Since it is rich in omega 3 fatty acids, it will protect your heart from any kind of failure and will reduce the levels of cholesterol too. You can just crush these flaxseeds and add it in anything you eat like cereal, chapathi flour, oats, soups so that they blend well with your regular intake. There is no change in taste so you don’t have to worry about how it will taste.



Cinnamon is one of the most important yet easy way out to reduce weight. Adding cinnamon on your toast or bread, will give you a definite Christmas feel. The herb will help activate insulin receptors that are present in the carbohydrates. Cinnamon helps your body in regulating more blood sugar levels, which removes the bad cholesterol from your body and inserts good cholesterol. You can easily sprinkle the cinnamon powder on to your coffee, bread, tea or breakfast and add a new flavor to it. You don’t have to reduce weight by cutting the taste at all. You get the taste you want and still keep reducing naturally. Isn’t that good news?



When you eat more of hot things, they will help you lose more weight. This also means that eating spicy food will let your fat burn, which is a weird way, but an effective way to reduce weight. Black pepper is nothing different from what is mentioned above. The piperine that consists in pepper will help in digesting your food in a better way, which also helps your body from growing fat. If you add more pepper, your food gets more spicy. If your food gets spicier, you tend to eat less. When you eat less, the obvious fat is restrained from forming. Pepper can be made into a powder and added in any food you eat like your salads, pizzas, burgers or even your normal curries you make as your side dish. Adding pepper in omelets will let you mobilize your body.



Studies have proved that turmeric provides a lot of health benefits and it helps you fight cancer easily. Not just cancer, turmeric also helps you in losing your weight. This herbal method of losing weight will help you mobilize your fat metabolism and reduces the risk of diabetes both in elderly and young people. You can definitely add turmeric to your regular diet regime and even drink it mixing with pepper and milk. That way, you stay double healthy. Every night, if you can drink turmeric, pepper milk, your healthy habits will improve and will keep you away from bad breath. Add turmeric in any veggie, rice or curry that you make for better health benefits.

-Pavithra Ravi

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