Simple and Efficient Dance Forms for Weight loss

Dance Forms for Weight loss

Dances have evolved through the ages, as more contemporary forms have defined their own distinctive structure and form while staying steadfast in their determination to stick to the traditional.

You may choose to narrate a story through a dance, or you may choose to express an earthen emotion. You may be driven by spirituality, or it may be pure passion. The dance form you embrace may be about elaborate movements of the body, or it may be about complex rhythm patterns, backed up challenging arrangements of beats. In the times we live in, dance may just be a social pass time, a form of entertainment, a form of offering, or even exercising.

We would like to stick to exercising for this particular publication. Read on about these simple and efficient dance forms for weight loss. Shake a leg and make your move.

Amazing Forms of Dances for Loosing Weight



As the name suggests, this form of dance is all about your natural grace, without having to worry too much on specific steps, and the required movement to carry them out. It can be performed with a wide array of music genres, provided the dancer feels the rhythm and beats of the composition. Although it may be performed in any tempo, faster beats are usually preferred, as it enhances your cardio capacity and thus brings about weight loss.

2Hip Hop

Hip Hop

This is a city born dance form that has evolved parallel to the form of music that goes by the same name. It consists of a rapid sequence of movements which works out the entire body. There is no strict literature that needs to be followed in order to be a practitioner of this dance form. Hence the beginners may find it to be particularly interesting, even as the masters keep raising the bars.

3Belly Dancing

Belly Dancing

Belly dancing is an exotic dance form which brings about isometric contractions in the abdominal region. It is excellent for the posture, as the lower body is strengthened.

Moreover, it reinforces your back and as a result of having low impact levels of your body, even women with depleting bone density may go ahead and practice.



This highly elaborate dance form hails from Latin America, and in recent time has gained much popularity among professionals and armatures alike in studios and clubs respectively.

Salsa basically consists of a sequence of six steps which are performed over a count of eight. An hour of intense salsa practice may lead to burning of up to 700 calorie of energy.



Zumba is the culmination of specific moves from salsa, rumba, merengue and hip-hop. What culminates is a series of movements which are responsible for burning tons of calories in gymnasiums the world over.

This aerobic workout is great for overall fitness and also incorporates, through its aggressively peppy music accompaniments, that much needed fun element into the workout.

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This dance form was founded as early as 1969, and includes strength training as well as muscle toning movements in among its capacities. Apart from incorporating certain old school Pilates and yoga movements, it also includes the use of dumbbells. Hence, through this workout, not only are the muscle strengthened they even become more resilient to injury, through increase in length over time.

The dance form has a vital impact on your cardio limits and overall cardiovascular health as well.



Even though ballet is viewed as a low impact dance form due to the slow movements that it incorporates, yet it could play a vital role in shaping up your body. In reality, the form of dance requires a high degree of flexibility for the student. The slowness of the movements makes this dance form somewhat similar to pilates, which means that the muscles are strengthened through controlled, deliberate elongation.

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8Pole Dance

Pole Dance

A lot many of us may be surprised to know that hanging onto, and rotating around a pole may be very effective in increasing your core strength and flexibility.

High tempo movements at the end of the day, may prove to be as effective as serious working out in the gym.

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