Ways to Apply Lipstick Perfectly


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Apply Lipstick Perfectly

Application of that perfect coat of lipstick is all about clean and adequately moisturized lips. Besides, you may come across a number of advisory ideas, as to how to make your pout look more prominent, or ways in which you may accentuate the curvy definitions of your lips.

Read on ahead and get to know these ways to apply lipstick perfectly and let those lips shimmer and shine.

Tips for Perfect Lipstick Application

1Primer and Preparation

Primer and Preparation

We have mentioned it before, and we shall say it again. Applying that perfect coat of lipstick, may at the end of the day be all about how hygienic and hydrated you lips are. Covering up chapped lips with lipstick, only highlights the crevices and lines on your lips. You may want to gently scrub away the dead skin and apply a thin coat of lip balm on your lips, so as to form a healing base.

2The Matter of Choice

The Matter of Choice

The Lipsticks are very similar to a haircut in may ways. There are styles and patterns which would suit a particular face type, and may just look horrendous on others.

Similarly, in the case of lipsticks, one would have to know the color tone and finish, of the lipstick that may suit their face. It is most certainly not like picking up a smart phone, as one is bound to learn only through experimentation.

3Lip Liners

Lip Liners

Ladies may be divided in their opinions on lip liners. Some may believe that lip liners make them look older, while others think that they give better definition to their lips.

Whichever school of thought of lip liners you may belong to, you might as well, would want to know that lip liners make the colour of your lipstick look more opaque and also makes them last longer.

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4Lip Brushes

Lip Brushes

Once you have settled down on the shades of the lipstick and the liner, then you may want to go ahead with the actual application process.

Some ladies believe that using a brush to apply the product, rather than directly applying it off the tube, gives them better control and results in an even spread. Well ladies are generally correct about such stuff.

5After Blot

After Blot

You may want to use a tissue paper to blot the layer of lipstick which you may have applied. Avoid pressing the tissue in between your lips as it may come off unevenly.

Instead, press the piece of tissue gently over the lips. You may apply a second layer of the same colour to have a lasting effect.

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6Highlight Them

Highlight Them

Once you are done with the application process, you may want to further accentuate the colour that you are wearing.

You may choose to use a highlighter, a creamy concealer, or a white liner, which are sure to brighten up the colour on your lips.

7Avoiding Rubbing Lips Together

Avoiding Rubbing Lips

You may want to avoid rubbing your lips together, which the urban dictionary also calls smooshing. This singular habit may lay waste all the hard work that you may have got done on your lips.

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