6 Yoga Mudras For Weight Loss- For Natural Journey Of Fitness


If we decide to discuss about benefits and goodness of yoga, then it becomes a huge list. Never mind, we will be coming up with the types and benefits of yoga in parts. This time, we would like to tell you about yoga mudras for weight loss.

You must have heard that yoga mudras are effective for mental health but it is equally beneficial for weight loss. You have certain mudras which are powerful and show the results in the unwanted fat in your body.

When you are performing mudras for weight, besides you will also gain other health benefits. We can discuss more how yoga mudras can benefit you for weight loss and health vise.

What Are Mudras?


Mudra is a symbolic pose or gesture in Hinduism, Jainism and Buddhism. Mudras are used to show emotions in dance forms using body, hands and fingers. Most of the mudras are shown with hands and fingers.

Mudra in yoga is- the hand gesture passes the energy flow to brain and the specific areas of brain. This way, there are various types of mudras that are beneficial in different ways.

In Ayurveda, each finger of the hand is symbolized for different element. To understand the Mudras better, you must which finger is known for which element. Here you go-

Thumb finger stands for agni- Fire
Index finger stands for vayu- Air
Middle finger stands for aakasha- Sky
Ring finger stands for prithvi- Earth
Small finger stands for jala- water

1. Surya Mudra For Weight Loss


In this mudras, the participating fingers are thumb finger and ring finger. When you are bringing your both thumb finger which stands for fire increases the metabolism in your body. Fire element reduces the earth element which is responsible for unwanted fat.

You can also lose belly fat. You can take out some time to practice this Surya mudra and see the change in your body. Follow the instructions as said.

Know the health benefits

Surya mudra aids in curing common cold, vision problems and digestion problems.

Steps to do

1. Sit comfortably on a yoga mat.
2. Keep your back straight.
3. Let your palms rest on your knees facing the ceiling.
4. Fold your ring finger in order to touch the thumb finger.
5. Keep your other finger open and straight while keeping your ring and thumb finger in the same position.
6. Apply more pressure with your ring finger to increase the fire energy in your body.

2. Linga Mudra For Weight Loss


To lose body weight, you practice the exercises and sweat out. Here, the same reaction happens when you do linga mudra. Linga mudra is to increase in heat in the body. The mudra activate the digestive system.

The practices that activate the body’s metabolism can help you better in weight loss. The increasing toxins in the body results in weight gain. So, the heat generated with mudra prevents the toxins that accumulating fat in the body.

Know the health benefits of ling mudra

This mudra helps in controlling cold, asthma, sinus and cough. It is also a great solution for relieving stress and even eliminates negative powers.

Steps to do

1. Sit with crossed legs and see that you are comfortable in the pose. Make sure you sit on a yoga mat.
2. Close your eyes and push all the distractions away.
3. Lock all the fingers of both the hands except thumb finger. Keep the thumb finger upwards and straight.
4. Press your palms with pressure against each other to increase the effectiveness of the mudra.
5. Continue to meditate for 20-30 minutes.

3. Kapha- Nashak Mudra For Weight Loss


Kapha nashak mudra is also known as pitta-kaarak mudra. The mudra involves the kapha and pitta which represents fire and earth respectively. The pitta element which is fire increases the metabolism in the body.

The aim of this mudra is to reduce earth element which means kapha. While reducing the kapha element it balanced other elements in the body. With this elements reactions and balance, you will lose weight.

Know the health benefits of kapha- Nashak mudra

Kapha-nashak mudra helps in digestion. It also reduces the chronic fatigue. If you are with sleeplessness, then you can practice this mudra.

Steps to do

1. Find a peaceful place and spread a yoga mat to sit.
2. Make yourself feel comfortable in the sitting position.
3. Rest your palms on your knees.
4. Fold your ring finger and little finger and let the thumb finger hold both the folded finger.
5. Keep the rest two fingers(index finger and middle finger) open and straight.
6. Stay in the mudra for 30 minutes to increases the goodness of the mudra.

4. Vaayan Mudra For Weight Loss


Vaayan mudra will helps in gaining self awareness. When you have self awareness to good extent, it will be easy to lose weight. Air and space elements contributes health and when you practice vaayan mudra in right way, it works wonders.

Health Benefits of vaayan mudra

The mudra improves the functionality of nervous system.You can also fight urinary problems practicing kapha nashak mudra. It control excessive menstrual bleeding.

Steps to do

1. Sit a comfortable position on yoga mat.
2. Place both your hands on both of your knees as you need to practice the mudra with two hands.
3. Now, fold your index finger and middle finger and attach the tips to the tip of thumb finger.
4. Keep the ring finger and little finger open straight.
5. Exert little pressure to the fingers to increase the effectiveness of vaayan mudra.
6. You must hold the mudra for 15-20 minutes in the same position.

5. Gyan Mudra For Weight Loss


When you know stress is the cause for your weight gain, you can practice this mudra. Gyan mudra can indirectly help you in losing weight. When you are practicing the mudra, it simulates the air in your body. This positively and highly impacts the nervous system.

Lack sleep can be a cause of weight gain. When you are suffering with lack of sleep, you must practice this mudra. It allows your body to get the needed rest and boost metabolism.

Know the health benefits of gyan mudra

Gyan mudra is to stimulate brain, pituitary gland and nervous system. The mudra aids in preventing insomnia.

Steps to do

1. Spread a yoga mat and sit with legs crossed.
2. Straighten your and then close your eyes.
2. Place your palms o your knees facing upwards.
3. Bend your index finger and let it touch your thumb finger. Keep the other finger straight facing out.
4. Continue to meditate in gyan mudra for 45 minutes a day. You can do three times a day for each time 15 minutes.
5. You can do this mudra anywhere and anytime.

6. Prana Mudra


The word prana refers to “life”. If there is a mudra that to alerts the root chakra of body, this is the one. When the root chakra is stimulated, it raises the energy levels in body and let the organs function efficiently.

Know the health benefits of prana mudra

Prana mudra helps in dealing chronic fatigue and mental tension. It also controls high blood pressure.

Steps to do

1. Sit on yoga mat in a comfortable pose. If you feel all fine sitting in sukhasan pose, then you can.
2. Keep your spine straight and close your eyes to concentrate better.
3. Rest both your hands on your knees.
4. Join your index finger and little finger with thumb finger touching the tips. Hold them together.
5. Continue to hold the mudra for 20-25 minutes.

If you are looking for a way to lose weight loss along with gaining health benefits, then yoga mudras are the best. We have mentioned how every yoga mudra is beneficial for your health. Aiming to be fit is great only when it is natural and all good for body.

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