Black Tea For Weight Loss- A Super Beverage To Loose Fat


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Black Tea For Weight Loss A Super Beverage To Loose Fat

When you make weight loss goals, you must find the best and proven ways. We are always guided with facts when it is weight loss. Be it diet or workout for weight loss, you must take it and do it right.

As it is weight loss, we must focus on everything that is contributing for effective weight loss. You must have been heard a lot about herbal teas for weight loss. But the most famous and consumed herbal is green tea. These days black tea is setting the good mark for weight loss. Though green tea is widely consumed for weight loss, black tea is no more less. But we needs facts not just words. This is much applicable for health and beauty.

Black tea is famed for various benefits all over the world. The black tea is made from the Camellia sinensis plant. Then it undergoes the drying process in various forms. As our main focus is about black tea for weight loss, here is the gathered information for you-

Is Black Tea Good For Weight Loss?

Is Black Tea Good For Weight Loss

This is a right question that everyone commonly raise. Let our answer be simple for you- Yes, black tea is good for weight loss. But the good or band depends on the way and amount you take. Even healthy food is poisonous for your body when it is excess. Now you are more excited to know about the amount and ways to take black tea. Further information gives you the answers about your triggered questions.

Benefits Of Black Tea- Ditch Coffee And Have Black Tea

Weight loss is only possible when something is in control. And it should set everything right for healthy weight. If you are convinced with goodness of black tea for weight loss, then you must also show some interest in reading the benefits.

Way for less calories consumption

How do you control the calories? It is not that easy to control the calories just to achieve the weight loss goals. So, you must keep looking for a replacement that cut downs your calories. Black tea can be the best replacement as it contains only 2 calories per each cup. With right amount of black tea, you can grab all the benefits of weight loss.

Improves Metabolism

As already mentioned above, black tea consists of more caffeine in it. And this boots metabolism up to 6 percent which is effective for weight loss. To get the right amount of metabolism with black tea, you can consume 400 milligrams and that comes around 5-10 cups a day. These measurements of consuming black tea can be beneficial for weight loss.

Moreover, people who are sensitive to caffeine must be cautious and consume less than above mentioned. It is the same for people with high blood pressure and irregular heart rhythm.

Promotes fat Distribution

Don’t you think fat distribution is important for healthy weight?

Fat distribution is a must for weight loss and healthy weight as well. So, black tea can do it better as it consists of polyphenols known as flavonoids. The mechanism of the molecules that are loaded in black tea.

Adds friendly bacteria to gut

Black tea increases the the good bacteria in your large intestine. As the black tea chemicals stay in large intestine for longer time, there are better chances of increasing good microorganisms in gut microbiome. This leads to liver tissues to burn the settled fat in better way.

When to have black tea?

You can take black tea in the morning along with some toasts. You can also have a warm cups in the afternoon. In regular intervals, you can have black tea. And it is all good until you are able to consume caffeine. You must add black tea in your routine diet which results in weight loss. You cannot expect a sudden change in your weight. You need some patience consuming black tea for weight loss. Also go for some workout and brisk walks. Then black tea can be the best beverage that accompanies workout for weight loss.

How to make black tea for weight loss?

How to make black tea for weight loss

When you get to see all the benefits black tea for weight loss, you will want to know the process of making it. Here it is-

  1. Take enough water and let it boil.
  2. Pour the boiled water into a cup or mug if you are making it with tea bags.
  3. Let the tea in bags steep for 5 minutes.
  4. Remove the tea bags from the cup.
  5. Now you can consume a warm cup of black tea.
  6. If you are using black tea leaves, then put the in the leave in a bowl and let them steep for 5 minutes. Then strain the tea and then drink a warm cup of black tea.

Side Effects Of Black tea- is There A Bad Side Of Black Tea?

Mostly, black tea side effects are caused with the caffeine content. You must know if you are sensitive to caffeine before taking black tea. In case, you are sensitive to caffeine, you better consume decaffeinated black tea for weight loss.

When you exceed the consumption of black tea, you will be effected with nausea, dizziness, irregular heart beat and high blood pressure.

We stress on not to consume more than 5 cups of black tea per day. Pregnant women must be more careful with black tea consumption where there must not exceed more than 2 cups. Also note that black tea is acidic compared to other herbal teas. If you are drinking black tea in exceeding amounts, then it causes stomach upset. It is better if you don’t drink black tea if you are effected with stomach ulcers and other diseases related to stomach acid.

Green tea Vs Black tea

Green tea Vs Black tea

Black tea is effective for weight loss Black tea consists of more caffeine than green tea. It is said that chemicals in green tea are quickly absorbed by small intestine and chemicals in black tea are absorbed by larger intestine. Defining the best tea when comparing green tea and black tea, is completely based on the specific purpose. As both tea are filled with own goodness, we must say both are equally supportive for health and weight loss. But the way and amount you consume matters to gain the benefits of specific tea.

When you choosing a way for weight loss, you must every small element. So, if you are planning to take the help of black tea for weight loss, then you will find this article useful. Not only checking the good and bad about the weight loss methods, but you must practice as it is. Let your weight loss goals be healthy and long lasting with black tea.

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