18 Winter Bridal Makeup Tips- Right Sense Of Makeup


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Winter Bridal Makeup Tips

Did you ever realize your makeup mistakes? The makeup become flaky and makes your skin dry. The touch up is also suffocating sometimes. The sweat messes of mixing with makeup. These are no less than any nightmares. This may also take of the confidence and it can turn into makeup phobia. Before makeup becoming your phobia, what you must do? Do the right makeup!

You don’t where heavy outfits in summer. You keep it light but fashionable and this is recognized as fashion sense. So, you must also have makeup sense, especially being a bride.

The makeup that you are doing is not all right. Hots summers, you will need sweat proof makeup products. In winter, you have some more makeup rules. These rules are very much applicable to the brides. So, you must learn and follow the bridal makeup tips in winter. Here are some of the must follow makeup tips for brides in winter.

Skin Care Tips in Winter


Until your exfoliate your skin, don’t carry on with the bridal makeup. Exfoliate your skin a day before.You know that in winters, you skin becomes dry. You need remove the dead skin layer with the products like sugar scrubs and masks. This will let your makeup glide and slide smoothly on your skin. Otherwise, another bad experience of makeup and nothing else.

Hydrate your skin

Hydrate your body with fluids like fresh juices and water. You can also apply cucumber mask to hydrate your skin. This makes your skin fresh and rejuvenate. You also have the soothing face packs and masks to hydrate your dry skin.


Moisturize your skin everyday. When your skin become dry, you need to immediately retain the moisture. You can apply the natural oils, moisturizers available in the market. Some of the best cleansers also can keeps your skin moisturized.

Use mild moisturizers which don’t break out your skin oily and breakout. Don’t over moisturize your skin on wedding day. Skin becomes slippery and oily when you try to apply makeup if it is over moisturized.

Winter Bridal Makeup Tips

The winter bridal makeup tips is all about the shades and textures you are using. You can let your skin dry out or makes your makeup look unnatural.

1. Smokey Eye makeup with peach lips

Smokey Eye makeup with peach lips

You are a lucky bride as wedding is in winter. Every bride loves to wear the bold and smokey eye makeup. But every wedding is not in winter. So, take the chance of wearing the smokey eye makeup.

More over, you are balancing the makeup with the bold and sobering combinations. Peach lips are for natural looking lips.

You can load your eyes with mascara, liners. The dark eye shadows that make your eye makeup smokey. Make your

2. Glittery eyeshadow with nude lips

Glittery eyeshadow with nude lips

This is not to be said any other time expect in winter. You cannot chill and sizzle in summer and monsoon dashing the glitters on your eyes.

Just remember that it is not the time to put your makeup off with all subtle shades. Dash the glitters and shimmery eye shades. When you come down to do lip makeup, keep it nude. The charismatic eyeshadow and nude lips is all flawless.

3. Highlight your brows

How I highlight my Eyebrows

If you want to lift your face up, then just highlight those dull brows. Darken with your favourite shade. Your eyes also look bigger when you highlight your brows. You can touch of highlighter at the corners of your eyes to add the spark.

Also correct the brow shape with a brow pencil. Even brows play the role in framing your face shape.

4. Thicker and longer lashes

Thicker and longer lashes

Give extra strokes of mascara to your lashes. Let the lashes look longer and thicker. The dark lashes make your eyes look bigger. You get those smokey eyes with the bold lashes.

You also need not use the waterproof or sweat proof makeup. It is your choice of picking the waterproof mascara.

5. Cream based makeup

Cream based makeup

Matte is love! Think of the matte texture making your your skin dry. So, forget the love for matte products. Use the cream based products which doesn’t dry your skin. You can also blend the liquid and powder based makeup products but not only powder based makeup.

Creamy based makeup products keep your bridal makeup look natural. When you she tears on the wedding day, it is also easy to manage the cream based makeup. You can give the touch ups and set it easily.

6. Rosy cheeks

Rosy cheeks

Your natural blush anyways makes your cheeks rosy. Still you need the rosy blush on your cheeks for lasting blush. The blush shade adds the baby glow to your skin. You have shimmer blush which is super pretty for brides on wedding day. If you want to keep your makeup minimal and just classy, then you must go with the subtle peach or baby pink blush shades.

7. Define the eye crease

Define the eye crease

Applying the shade to your shadows is routine. Whats so new in it? So, define the crease for an outstanding eye makeup. You can define the eye crease with a contrasting shade of the eye shadow.

This is a makeup idea for winter get those decorated eyes. When you do this, you eyes look like the lotus petals that bloom open in winter. So, try your hands on this idea!

8. Coloured eyeliners

Coloured eyeliners

Being a modern bride, just don’t go with the black eyeliner. Get the colour eyeliner and give the clean strokes to your eyeliners. The best suiting eyeliner for brides is navy blue.

You can experiment the other colour eyeliners the before. If you feel any other colour is suiting you, then just go for it. Your eyes look well adorned with the colourful eyeliners.

9. Golden eye makeup

Classic Golden Glitter Eye Makeup Tutorial

Do you want the dazzling eye makeup? Then golden eye makeup is for you. All the spark of gold is not to go with jewelry. Golden eye makeup is perfect for the traditional India bridal look.


10. Go with bold lips

Go with bold lips

Bold lips are pretty on warm skin tone women. It also suits the fair complexion skin. The dark lipsticks are well pigmented and they also tend to last longer. You need not keep giving your lips the touch ups.

11. Browns and nude shades

GloKare 6 nude matte coffee,brown,nude color lipstick

The brown shade with rose undertone is lovely for winter bridal makeup. This can be a shade for lipsticks and eyeshadows as well. If you want to keep your bridal makeup look natural and classy, then go with the nudes shades.

A well adorned bride with these shades with little dewy finishing is all perfect. You makeup look smooth and flawless with the brown and nude shades.

12. Winged eyeliner

Winged eyeliner

As you want the dramatic and expressive eyes on wedding day- you must do the winged eye makeup.You eyes look extended and big with winged eyeliner.The winged eyes also let your eyeshadow stand out. Your total eye makeup goes to next level.

13. Forget SPF products

Forget SPF products

SPF products are always with us. But not when you are a bride. The SPF products goes into your skin and may flush the oil out of your skin. This is a big no for oily skin women.

In outdoor pictures of wedding, it look unnatural with the reflection of light. So, better pick the products without SPF feature.

14. Use a facial mist

How to use Your Facial Mist Properly

You hydrate your skin enough but you never know when your skin will get dehydrated. So, finish your makeup with a facial mist. It helps in hydrating your skin and also makes your makeup lasts longer.Better carry a facial mist with you to hydrate your skin when it becomes dry.

15. Use hairspray

How to Use Hairspray Like a Pro

You are not done with your bridal makeup until you spray your hair. Without hairspray your hair would be a mess. Hairsprays can make your hair stay in place for longer. Not only to keep your hair in place but also to add the shine and sheen look to your hair. It maintains the healthy texture throughout the day. You must choose a best hairspray.

16. Plumped lips

Plumped lips

Do you want to a healthy pout in all your wedding pictures? Then, just don’t leave your lips stay as is. Plump your lips with a plumper. You lip plumpers which can makes your lips become bigger. You can get that healthy pout when your lips are plumped. The lipsticks shades also look extra beautiful on plump lips.

17. Dash some contour

Dash some contour

Contour is one of the important part of bridal makeup. Your beautiful features can be elevated well with contour. You will get that sculpted face with contour. The face framing can be perfect and as desired when you contour your face features.

18. Blend two colours

Blend two colours

The blend of two shades may give you a unique shade. So, simply blend the shades and blend out on your skin. You cannot do this magical makeup trick in summer. The coats make you feel heavy in summer. So, utilize the chance of wearing the beautiful shades for winter bridal makeup.

When you follow all these winter bridal makeup tips, it looks like the brides in fairy tales have come alive. The subtle shade add the natural look and shine over it is for the dolled up look. When you believe that shades and textures matter than anything in makeup, you will not miss any of these tips for winter bridal makeup.

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